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Interest Inventory

(Gaming and Entertainment)

Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans Partners

with '100 Thieves'

• Jay Farner (CEO Quicken Loans)
• Neil (Pr0lly)
• Matt Haag (Nadeshot)

• 100 Thieves
• Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans
• H2K
• League of Legends
• Call of Duty

• Coaching
• E-sports
• Entertainment
• Development of skills
• Development of team success.
• Practicing
• Partnerships
• Housing

I feel like the process was helpful because it allowed me to research and

articulate my thoughts to support my argument or claim. I didn’t find it difficult to

gather information because of all the databases and resources we are provided by

being college students. I already had a topic, but this solidifies that it will be what

I’m using as my topic.

The session at Atkins Library was useful because it provided a space to

utilize and learn more about searching key terms and utilizing the resources

provided by the school. I didn’t know that you could condense words with quotes

when searching terms on the Atkins website. Additionally, the more key terms

you use the less amount of results you will be provided because your limiting

what the database is looking for. Another helpful thing about the session was

refreshing some tips I was taught previously such as changing the date, resource

types, and subjects.

I started to formulate my topic proposal based on my interest inventory

and already love for gaming. The process of creating the topic proposal seemed to

be effortless because I enjoy what I’m researching. During class I utilized my free

write time to flood my thoughts and ideas on the topic which made it easier to

condense and convey my messages throughout the paper. I also used my prior

knowledge of E-sports players, and content creators to support my topic. Using

my prior knowledge, I was able to reinforce what I read online and easier explain

the points I’m trying to get across.

Additionally, I took advantage of the time I was given in class to write my

topic proposal. I refused to procrastinate because I know it takes a while to

convey strong messages and articulate one’s thoughts. Creating a strong

foundation such as a topic proposal also makes future assignments easier because

you established a backbone for your future paper. I learned that I searched topics

to broad and needed to narrow down my terms to allow more condensed results.

I also managed to understand how to better utilize resources provided by the


To conclude, I used prior knowledge to reinforce new information to better

articulate my thoughts. I also learned to refine my search’s to specific key words

that will help narrow my results down. I didn’t procrastinate which allowed it to

be a stress-free assignment that was well thought out. Creating this topic

proposal also helped me outline my ideas and create a solid backbone for my

future paper. I hope to continue critically thinking and creating new questions

that will help me in researching my topic in the future.