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Ground key valve

D. Non-rising stem globe valve
1. Which of the following types of fixtures can be served by
a combination waste and vent system? 13. Cast Iron piping 10 ft in lengths installed horizontally,
Sinks shall be supported at intervals not more
10 ft
2. Increasing vents by one pipe size will:
allow vents of longer lengths 14. A residence with 12 family members requires 3.6 cu.
meters of cold water daily with peak demand. What is the
3. _____________ may be used either for the collection of maximum hot water probable hourly demand?
water without consideration of pressure, or for storing (3600÷24hrs= 150L/h x 80% DF = 120L/h)
water under air pressure or under a static head for future
distribution by pneumatic or gravity means. Materials are 15. A reservoir, tank or vessel for storing or holding water
PVC, G.I., reinforced concrete, stainless steel or plain steel. or other liquids

4. How much is the plumbing permit fee for one lavatory 16. The best solder for brazing/soldering joints
in excess of the one unit minimum 95-5 tin antimony
required? Follow the National Building Code.
A. 6.00 17. The most common type of PVC and steel type based on
B. 4.00 their wall thickness is rated as.
C. 2.00 schedule 40
D. 1.00
18. Flux can only be used in brazing process when
5. A valve known as a stop is a: Brazing copper to brass
A. full port valve
B. restrictive port design 19. Plumbing pipe color coded in Aqua-Blue stripe or band
C. non directional valve is identified as
D. rising stem design potable water pipe

6. A kind of plastic pipe which has excellent chemical, crush 20. Water for domestic use comes from these source
and fire resistance, high impact and tensile strength and is except
nontoxic; used for hot and cold water applications. sea water
Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride
21. A male adapter is
7. A 4” diameter stainless steel pipe is 26.5 m (86.9 feet) in external thread
length and requires hangers to be placed at 1.6 m (5.25
feet) intervals. How many hangers are required to support 22. Every exposed trap must
the pipe with hangers at both ends of the run? be self-cleaning
23. What do you call this valve installed at the solution line
8. What will be the result when a 4" pipe will be reduced in of a pump to prevent the loss of prime of the pump?
size in the direction of flow? foot valve
This could cause blockage to build up at the reduction point
24. Turbidity may be associated with what characteristic of
9. This pumps are used in applications where excess water water?
must be pumped away from a particular area. A pump used physical
to remove water that has accumulated in a water collecting
sump pit, 25. The effective thread length of a 3/4" diameter screwed
SUMP PUMP steel pipe is.
A. 1 1/4" long
10. What procedure is used to determine if additional PPE B. 1/2" long
is required for a specific task on a jobsite? C. 1" long
Complete a hazard assessment. D. 3/4" long

11. Advantage of Using Rain water is? 26. Plays an important part in the plumbing system,
Water is soft & pure and is suitable for the hot water supply providing this is the most critical utility requirement, and
system also known as a "Universal Solvent"
12. The valve for controlling two or more outlet in a cold
water supply line maybe a: 27. Acidity is one of the most problems in water distribution
A. Rising stem gate valve and water purification, which can cause corrosion of non-
B. Heavy duty globe valve
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ferrous pipes and Rusting & clogging of steel pipes, which is upfeed & gravity distribution system
the best solution for this problem?
Passing the water through a bed of crushed marble or 41. What is the principal function of the expansion tank in
limestone to achieve alkalinity, or adding sodium silicate a hot water system?
It allows the volume of the water in the system to change
28. In back to back fixture connection, the following maybe to maintain working pressure.
used except ____.
double tapped tee 42. What is the length of pipe to be removed when cutting
out a section of an existing cast iron building drain to insert
29. When silt and dirt is removed from water, the process an MJ wye?
is called 1/4 to 1/2 in. longer than the wye.
43. How is ABS pipe cut?
30. The minimum quantity for flushing urinal Square to provide full joining surface.
2 gallons
44. What is required when installing long, straight
31. To complete a PEX, PEX connection, the fitting is horizontal or vertical runs of copper domestic hot water
inserted into the PEX tubing and piping?
crimped Expansion joints

32. An operating gate valve 45. What determines the minimum size of the suction pipe
A. uses a rubber washer of a well pump?
B. uses a lever handle Size of the inlet opening of the pump
C. makes it acceptable for gas
D. none of the above are correct 46. Water cycle is consists of 3 stages of process, which is
not included
33. A tapered pipe thread used in the plumbing industry Hydration
complies with
A. national pipe thread standards 47. The other physical properties of water is ability to climb
B. straight pipe thread standards up a surface against the pull of gravity
C. standard pipe threads standards CAPILLARITY
D. beveled pipe thread standards
48. A toilet seat used in a public washroom must be
elongated type
34. These are dug with earth augers are usually less than 30
meters (100 ft) deep. The diameter ranges from 2 to 30
49. A vent pipe connecting upward from a soil or waste
inches. The well is lined with metal, vitrified tile or concrete.
stack to a vent stack to prevent pressure changes in the
stacks is a:
yoke vent
35. What is the best fixture for a public comfort room?

36. What would happen if there were no air supply from the
vent on the roof?
Waste water would not flow out.

37. What would be the result of a partially plugged bypass

orifice in a flushometer?
Long flush cycle.

38. Six equally spaced lav’s are to be installed along a wall

that is 530 cm long and will be vented with dual vents.
Determine the center to center distance between vents if
the fixtures are each 51 cm wide. 50. The abbreviation NPS refers to:
(1 vent serving 2 lavs, 6 lavs = 3 vents. 530/3=177) pipe size (Nominal Pipe Size)

39. On a private domestic water system, what would the 51. When installing glass piping; if one end needs to be field
usual cut-in and cut-out pressures be set at? cut, the ends should be joined
207 kPa and 345 kPa / 30 psi and 50 psi bead to plain

40. What is the common type of water distribution 52. A material not listed in the code for use in water piping
system? This method is dependent on the pressure is?
provided by the water main & involves a minimum and aluminum
type of components such as overhead tank & pressure
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53. Which one of these fixtures has the highest fixture unit
Water closet

54. The most common and widely used gate valve?

Solid Wedge

55. An air conditioner that discharges 0.05 L/s of

condensate into a floor drain, would equate to how many
fixture units?
2 (1 FU = 0.025 L/s)

56. Use extreme water pressure so as not to affect existing

foundation in the vicinity. It makes use of a suction pump
above, while casing acts as the pump riser.

57. When using a Hilti powder actuated fastening tool, the

device fails to fire when the trigger is pulled. The first thing
you should do is?
keep the tool in position and wait 30 seconds

58. A sewer ditch is to be 148 feet long, the pipe is to be

installed with a 2% grade. What would
the total amount of fall be?
35-1/2 in.
(2%=×/148*12" × = 35.52")

59. The two most common sizes of pipe wrenches used by

plumbers today
18" and 24"

60. Copper pipes are sized..

1/8 bigger than their inside diameter

61. Expiration of plumbing permit if suspended or

abandoned for period of..
120 days (4 months)

62. A 4” cast iron pipe with 1” insulation is to pass through

a wall. How large a diameter hole is required to be cut?
(pipe diameter+thickness+insulation)


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