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A very good morning I bid to the fair judges, teachers and my treasure

Today I am here to enlighten a story
Once upon a time, there was a handful of little plastic pellets called Rustle.
All Rustle longed for was to be useful. He dreamed of being a red umbrella or
a yellow raincoat or a plastic toy… Then, one day, he got a job.
There was a bit of a breeze and it picked Rustle up and he began to dance
along the ground. Then the breeze turned into a wind and soon he was dancing

a little higher… and a little higher… until he was flying above the trees, flying
gracefully in a playful gust of wind.
He began to sing
’I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky,’
I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky
Suddenly, the wind dropped… Rustle fell into the gutter, landing among:
cigarette butts, plastic drink bottles, popper straw wrappers, lolly wrappers,
bits of noodle cups and balloons and even some friends of Rustles from the
factory. Poor old Rustle lived in the gutter for a long time… dreaming of
But one day,a heavy rain washed Rustle along, along and along the gutter then
down, down the drain. From the drain, the water swept Rustle into a storm
water pipe, from the storm water pipe Rustle was washed into a creek, from
the creek Rustle was washed into a river and from the river Rustle got swept
into the Seeeeeeeaaaaaa!

Rustle was floating free further and further out into the Pacific Ocean! As he
floated out he noticed he had company- all his friends and cousins were coming
too: chip packets, lolly wrappers and drink straws…
A bunch of jellyfish swam by. With his body all swollen with water and his
handles hanging upside down like tentacles, Rustle looked just like a jellyfish,
so the jellyfish let him swim with them.:
The Leatherback turtle. Shelley was just returning from a looong journey to
Fiji where she had laid her first eggs. So now –ohh she… was… HUNGRY-
very, very hungry.
Shelley’s very favorite food – was jellyfish tentacles- so she went hunting! She
nibbled the tentacles off Rustles new friends and then she spied the biggest
shiniest jellyfish she’d ever seen…mmm- Rustle!

A current swooshed Rustle away and Shelley missed. She chased him again and
Rustle frantically flapped his handles. She missed again but then on her third
pass she caught Rustle. But when Shelley nibbled on Rustles tentacles, all of
that shiny but strange tasting jellyfish went down into her stomach.

Straight away Shelleys’ tummy felt bad. With Rustle blocking her tummy up,
she couldn’t digest her food. When she needed to let wind out, it couldn’t get
out because Rustle blocked the way. Slowly Shelley got more and more bloated
and more and more sick. She couldn’t dive down to catch food anymore.
Shelley got so ill that barnacles grew on her shell. Then she washed up on the
beach. Shelley lay in the Sun feeling worse and worse. A big human and a
small human were walking on the beach.They came over to see.

Kid: Oh wow Dad it’s a sea turtle. I’ve never seen one up close! It’s so big!
Dad: Yeah, but come to think of it, it doesn’t seem quite right to see a turtle
here in the day time. I don’t think this turtle is well.

The humans soon realized Shelley needed help, so they called the Marine
Rescue Service. Along came the Marine Rescue Workers. The rescue workers
put Shelley to sleep and operated on her to get Rustle out of her stomach,
which made Shelley feel a lot better.

After three months, Shelley was well enough to go back to the Sea. Shelley
had been very, very lucky to survive swallowing Rustle. Many of her cousins
were not so lucky. The rescue workers waved her goodbye calling, “Good luck
Shelley and don’t eat any more plastic will you?!”
As for Rustle, it would be better if we humans didn’t make plastic bags in the
first place. Rustle don’t mean to, but rustle and his friends cause very
serious problems for all the creatures in the Sea.”
So my dear friends,by working together, our choices can help save
animalsand the sea they live in. Our actions can keep plastic trash out of the
ocean. Thank you and have a great day!

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