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Difference Between Tim Cook and Steve Jobs Leadership

and Management Style

No. Tim Cook Steve Jobs

1. He has democratic He had autocratic

leadership style leadership style

2. Deciding the goals and Decided the goals and

objectives of the company objectives of the company
with participation of without participation of
the employees the

3. More-­­delegation of the Less-­­delegation of the

authority authority

4. Calm and polite personality Arrogant and dictatorial


5. At the time of his At the time of his

leadership, there was no leadership, there was many
conflict arisen in conflicts raised in
management management

6. Less-­­involved in product More-­­involved in product

engineering engineering

7. Great focus over existing Delayed products if the

products products didn’t reach the
level of his perfection
and acceptance

8. Focused more on operation Focused more on

than innovation innovation
9. Improving the employee Not focusing on the
relationship Improving or building
employee relationship

10. Slow decision making Fast decision making

process process

11. Not afraid to make big Not very fond of big

acquisitions and thinks acquisitions and thinks
that major acquisitions can that acquisitions are a
propel a company forward sign of failure

12. Less emotional and more More emotional

professional manager