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Representation Narratives

I feel like, especially in the US conservative media, women are portrayed in a different light than
men. I find that women and women’s issues are a lot of the times ignored. I feel like the first step
in being portrayed positively is taking women’s rights and issues seriously. I think that the first
step in being portrayed positively is to have news treat news stories the same way regardless of
the gender identity of the subject.

I think the media could portray various races and genders better by not using stereotypes or bias.
There’s two sides to the same coin, while some media portrays white males as important and
positive etc, some media actively attempts to shoot that idea and counter it with how terrible
white males are
Their responsibility convey truth to the public. They should examine what they are telling is not
skewed or one sided.

There are some white males that bring us down through their horrible actions
I’m jewish and i often see a very large negative portrayal of jews in the media and in tv.
However I also am white and i do reep the benefits of that. so i answered neutral. as a woman
however i often feel sexualized and objectified by the media.

I feel like women are constantly objectified in the media. I feel like women should be portrayed
more as individuals. I hate the generalizing. Asians are portrayed as having to be smart and that
comes with the expectation that all Asians are abnormally intelligent in subjects such as math. I
wish they would also be portrayed more as individuals.

Not use stereotypes for Latinos and show that we are different and come from different regions.
I feel like most females are portrait two ways, the bitch or the loving woman. There isn’t much in
Women aren't just sexual objects and believe it or not there are more than two personalities
women can have.

I don't know I feel like African Americans are looked down on and I just think maybe if the
media didn't really focus on the stereotypes and recognize us as humans and treated us and other
races who don't really get treated us like we should be treated equal.
I think the media could portray us more positively is by giving us a chance to show who we are
I just feel like equality overall. Let’s portray everyone equally.

I think there is still lack of Asian representation and the media doesn’t care about or what Asians
The reason why I said negatively is because in the news and stuff you see how black people are
the criminals of society but I also see a negative light when it comes to my white side because a
lot of people are saying how white people are inferior or racist I guess.

I feel like as a woman and Native American we can be pushovers portrayed in media sometimes.
Maybe not having that outlook towards them.
Put more stories due to culture rather than headlines with the race included.

I feel like males are judged very harshly and are stereotyped very quickly and some women feel
they're in the right to be rude and harsh to men because they've taken the definition of a feminist
wrongly. I don’t know something along the lines that some men don't necessarily get a fair
judgement in society.

Since I'm Asian, they may be some stereotypes that go with Asian. I don't experience that much
but maybe when I was younger. Since little don't know anything, they sometimes joke around
with what race/ethnicity you are. Nowadays, people would make joke on the ethnicity of a
person and sometimes it can be offending but they might not know it.

Getting rid of stereotyping based off of of gender/ race.

I think white people have a bad stigma now.

By not sexualizing women like myself.

Well it seems white people are always portrayed as racist, yes there are some, but we're grouped
together with those people. Like we've become the enemies of people just because the media
says we're racist and have white privilege when there are whites who don't fit that role at all.
Depending upon which media sources you subscribe to, “straight white cis men” are either
despised at a generalized and oversimplified view—or they are treated like “normal people.” In
fact, the later media sources tend to glorify and exonerate “straight white cis men.” While other
sources tend to use people who look like me as some type of straw man that serves as some type
of scapegoat to eschew and blame for the many politics that exist within the United states’
Complex cultural, political, race, gender, socioeconomic, and sexual politics.

I feel as if the media contributes to a lot of slut shaming and misogyny, and more often supports
the male point of view as opposed to a female’s side of the story.

By showing that females are not all crazy, misogynistic people that think everything is about

I think Latinos in general find a lack of representation in the media. The men are all portrayed as
criminals or immigrants doing whatever to help their families. The women are all stereotypes to
be hard headed and very intense. You rarely see Latinas portrayed as anything else. I just wish
people controlling the media would become more educated in different cultures instead of
staying in the circle of white media. Even in film and tv shows, I wish writers would stop
stereotyping everyone.

I think my people are often portrayed as the stereotypical cholo gang members from movies and
TV shows. I think that showing the true colors of my ethnicity and the rich culture we have.
Hispanics are portrayed in a bad form. People say hispanics come to our country to do illegal
things. Media should portray hispanics as hard workers and good people who just come here for
the best for their families. To give them a better life & better education. Media should portray

I feel like there is a lot of talk about getting away from the white male stereotype of America.
While I don’t see that as bad I see it as good even I feel like some people may take that as an
opportunity to hate on white males.

I don't worry much about how my demographic is portrayed in the media. I'm more concerned
about how cultural plurality is portrayed and I find that the most common portrayals are either
negative or filled with faulty assumptions and characterizations of other cultures. My family is
from Brasil and my demographic, aside from my being white, isn't even covered in the choices
on this survey. I'm not finding fault with the survey because this is typical. Members of my
culture are typically portrayed by Spanish speakers and often Brasillians are portrayed speaking

Start treating all people equally and addressing social issues.

More representation of positive accomplishments.

Just by applying females more in a independent yet normal way. When portrayed as independent
they always seem to be stand-off ish when in reality females are just normal.

I think sexism is rampant in the media and that women are described in bizarre ways. For
example, if a woman is speaking directly, she may be labeled as 'aggressive' instead of 'direct.'

Women need to be in more roles of strength. There still is too much sexism in the media.
less objectification of women.

Please do not demonize or sexualize Latino/Hispanic culture. Don’t see us as dirty, horrible,
imbecilic people; our culture is rich and there’s of course flaws in everything, but we aren’t
jokes, we’re smart cultured and caring people. // Non-binary get made fun of and get joke
pronouns which sucks. I use they/them and I don’t feel great hearing trans jokes or “attack
helicopter” jokes. I don’t know what else to say but that, but thank you. I do plan to contributing
positive light to these things in my career though! So that’s good.

They make my race seem like they are the worst thing. They only talk about a very small
percentage of what we do. They don’t know what we do in this country.

I have never personally thought about it.

Trying to avoid stereotypes about women in power or women in leadership. They are discredited
quite a lot and aren’t well represented at all.

I think that men are looked down on in the media.

Have more races shown. Show more positive role models for girls.

We are always shown as the bad guy...In that we don't care enough about other races or cultures.
Or we are trashy, or snobby, or too much of all the wrong things. We are singled out for all we
do wrong rather than seen for what we do right. Isn't this how people from all races feel? We are
no different!

I think they way Africa and African people are portrayed is pretty bad and I think they should
look more on the positive side because yes Africa has war but every place has its dark side and
that shouldn’t be the only side people look at. For my gender I think it’s getting better with how
women are being portrayed but I think that there should be more types of women who are strong
in media.

If we were portrayed as more like a human and not an object. Put us in positive roles that are
important and seen as the hero.