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Free English test: Result

Thank you for taking the Kaplan International English test.

What’s next?
Now you know your level of English, let’s look at the ways that Kaplan can help you improve and become fluent. These results can help you decide
which course you want to take, and how long you want to study for.
If you want to take one of our exam preparation courses or Business English, you will need an intermediate or higher intermediate level, depending on
the course.
If you have a lower level of English, such as beginner or elementary, a long term course might be a good option for you, as it gives you the time to
build confidence over several months.
Contact one of our student advisors and find out which course is best for improving your English.

English levels
To make the most of your studies and help you learn English effectively, you will be given a proficiency test when you arrive at school. This will allow
you to study with students of a similar ability.
You can compare your score from our practise test you have just taken to where you fit in on our progress chart. You can also read more about our
English levels.

You are very close to native speaker fluency and can handle all complex written and spoken language. This
level is equivalent to:


CEFR C2 TOEFL 92+ IELTS 7.5+ Cambridge CPE ALTE Level5 PTE 85+

You communicate confidently and fluently, but may lack specialist vocabulary and make some errors with
complex language. This level is equivalent to:
CEFR C1 TOEFL 75-91 IELTS 6.5-7.0 Cambridge CAE ALTE Level4 PTE 76-84

You are competent with grammar and can understand and contribute to most conversation on familiar
topics, but may make some mistakes. This level is equivalent to:


CEFR B2 TOEFL 55-74 IELTS 5.5-6.0 Cambridge FCE ALTE Level3 PTE 59-75

You can talk about everyday matter, but with a limited range of style and expression. You read and write
fluently about familiar topics. This level is equivalent to:


CEFR B1 TOEFL 37-54 IELTS 4.5-5.0 Cambridge PET ALTE Level2 PTE 43-58

You can write and speak in familiar situations and have a fair knowledge of grammar, but your vocabulary is
limited. This level is equivalent to:


CEFR A2 TOEFL 13-36 IELTS 3.5-4.0 Cambridge KET ALTE Level1

You can use and recognise common words, greetings, and simple instructions, but you have limited
grammatical knowledge. This level is equivalent to:


CEFR A1 TOEFL 0-12 IELTS 3.0 ALTE Breakthrough