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Summer Internship Report
Submitted by
Register No: 11MBA24



In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree

Master of Business Administration

Anna University, Chennai


I, MAHMOOD NOUFAL K.M hereby declare that this summer internship report entitled “
Overall Organization Study” at “MUSLIM PRINTING & PUBLISHING COMPANY
LIMITED”, Submitted by me under the guidance of Mrs.SREEJA MOL K.S, faculty member, in a
partial fulfillment of the requirements of the award of degree of Master of Business Administration, is
my original work.

This report is prepared on the data collected by me and has not been submitted elsewhere for
the award of any degree, diploma, title or recognition.

Signature of the student

Place: Coimbatore


Signature of the Guide Signature of the Guide



It is great pleasure to express my heartily thanks, while presenting this project report to all those
who helped us in making this study successful, First of all, I thank God the Almighty for having showered
all the choicest blessings to complete the work successfully.

I proudly utilize the privilege to express my thanks and sincere gratitude to the principal Dr. C
KANAGHARAJ, and my HOD DR. T BINA, Happy Valley Business School, Coimbatore, and my special
thanks to our class tutor Prof. VISHAL KUMAR.

I express my deep sense of gratitude and indebtedness to Mrs.SREEJA MOL K.S , my project
guide, for her valuable guidance, suggestions and encouragements which helped me to bring this project
to completion.

A special word of thanks to Mr.MURALIDHARAN of Personnel Department, CHANDRIKA DAILY,

CALICUT for the guidance and tremendous, support extended to me during the course of organization

Finally I extend my immense gratitude to my parents and friends for their help and co-operation
for the successful completion of this project.









It is a brave New World for the publishing industry as it attempt to keep pace with the arrival
of the digital age. An industry the began in 15th century Germany with Johannes Guttenberg’s
printing of the Bible is now grappling with electronic book imprints, digital articles archives,
and online version of publications. The world industry includes publishers and printers of
news paper, book magazines and other materials.

Newspaper remains the biggest segments of the publishing world, accounting for nearly 40%
of the industry’s revenue. Traditional newspapers Like all traditional publications are
entering a new era. Most conventional newspaper boasts online content on their own websites
or those of partners. That’s undercut their core products. Why should someone subscribe to a
newspaper when the articles are easily accessible online? Yet some insiders even foresee
personalized news service in which customers will subscribes to waiting by particular

In some says the publishing and journalism landscape is strangely unchanged. A free press
remains the back bone of government, books, news paper, and periodical continue certain,
educate and bring us the news we need to be informed citizens. They are an outlet for critical
thinking – informed and otherwise.

Daily newspaper circulation has been decreasing for about a decade. All the root of troubles,
people like picture and sound better than newsprint. In era of short attention spans why slog
through a newspaper article, magazines, or heaven forbid , a book when u can get your news
and entertainment from television, radio or the internet with the press of a button.

The stagnating readership has prompted advertisers to spend their dollars with electronic outlets.
That has hurt their financial performance and stock prices. For a while, it also led to mass
layoffs. Many newspapers are still operating with pared down news stuffs. Some people say
that’s hurt the quality of news overage. While the industries financial performed hasstabilized
lately, the quest for larger audience remains difficult.Mass-market book publishing resides in s
decreasing number of large corporations some of them parts of giant worldwide entertainment
conglomerates. Each of them publishers under many prints, the publishing world’s term for
brands. Academic and scholarly publishing is performed by publishing houses connected to
universities. There is also a huge market for technical books for almost all occupation, from
bricklayers to software engineers.


The term newspaper became common in the seventeenth century; however in Germany,
publication that we would today consider to be newspaper publications were appearing as
easily as the sixteenth century. They were discernibly news paper for the following reasons:
they where printed, dated, appeared at regular and frequent publication intervals, and
included a variety of news items (unlike single item news mentioned above).

The first newspaper however was said to be the Strasbourg relation, in the early seventeenth
century. German newspapers, like avis is, were organized by the location from which they
came, and by date. They differed from avisis in the following manners: they employed a
distinct and highly illustrated title page, and they applied an overall date to each issue.


Newspaper publications, under the name of corantos, came to the Dutch Repuplic in the
seventeenth century, first to Amsterdam, which was a centre of trade and travelers, an
obvious local for new publication. The term coranto differed from the german newspapers
before it in format.

The coranto dropped the highly- illustrated Germen title page, instead including a title on the
upper first page of the publication- the masthead common in today’s periodicals. Corantos
also adopted a two-column format, unlike the previous single column format, and were issue
on half sheets.

British Newspaper

The coranto from went on to prove influential in landon, and in 1660, The Landon Gazette
(first called The Oxford Gazette) bagan publication. It is considered to be the newspaper that
decisively changed the look of English news printing, echoing the coranto format of two
columns, a clear title, and a clear date. It was issued on a biweekly basis. Other English
papers began issuance on a triweekly basis, and eventually dailies began, partially because of
a change in the postal system between Dover and London.

In the eighteenth century, British newspapers were issued on a biweekly and triweekly basis.
Newspaper in general included short article, ephemeral topics, some illustration, service
articles (classifieds), dates, they were printed, were unbound, were often written by multiple

authors (although the authors identities were often obscured), they began to contain some
advertisements, and they did not yet include section. Mass market papers emerged, including
Sunday papers for workers to read in their leisure time. The times adopted new technologies, and
set the standards for other newspaper. This newspaper covered major wars, among other
major events.

English Newspapers in India & Pakisthan Subcontinent

A British man William Bolts in 1766 offered his country fellows in Calcutta to help them for
establishing printing press because there was no press before He was against the east India
company’s government so after two years he was send to England back by company. He
published a book of 400 to 500 pages which was full with facts about corruption of east India
Company and hardships of India people due to corruption.

After that in 1980 a man james Augustus Hickey published with the name of Bengal
Gazette/General Calcutta Adviser. Size of that pepar was 12” x 8” only with 4 pages. Hickey
was against the government, he published internal news of the employee of company. So
sooner Government snatched the facility of post for that paper as a consequence of news
against them.

Then he appointed 20 men for delivering that paper. Once he published news against the
chief missionary of main church jan Zakriya. Jan complained to Government for that faked
news. He also suited a defamation petition against Hickey. So Hickey was fined 500 rupees
and 4 months of jail. After that ha was fined again result into the end that paper so we can say
that it was the first ever printed English newspaper of subcontinent. In November 1781 a
news paper with name of “India Gazette” was also introduced which was pro government
and against the Hockey.

Newspaper of that time was in English language and they used to publish news only related
to British and the reader was also British men local population was not the target of
newspaper of the era. Company was feared to reach those papers to England which would
cause defamation of company in England. Newspaper of England had reached to India after 9
months or more.

Present status of the Industry

a) Job prospect

Publishing is one of the bright and shining career options for humanities majors and
people, who love to read, think and discuss their ideas, but it will continue to be one of
the more difficult professions to break into. An internship or apprenticeship in media is
often the best idea for recent graduates. Seasoned reporters concede that whatever one’s
education, on-the-job experience is where most skill are cultivated.

The diversification of the media giants has had interesting repercussion on the job
markets. As recently as15 year’s age, if we began life as print reporters. We did not
generally end up in television or book publishing. If we covered hard news stories, we did
not moon light in PR and other promotional copy. The mix is much more fluid now. And
although a fee old school journalists decry these developments they make your job
prospects more interesting than they once would have been.

Publishing has been marked by massive mergers, consolidation, decreased circulation,

and lower advertising revenues. Those going to work at newspaper and magazines fined
the job opportunities rising and falling with advertising revenues. And increasingly, new
papers and magazines are managing costs by hiring reporters, writers, and editors on a
freelance basis.

b) Magazines

Newspaper and magazines were (and still are) connected in the circumstance of
periodicity, and three types of early magazines: miscellanies, single item magazines, and
book review journals. The journal des scavans came out in France in the mid seventeenth
century. Features that were noteworthy included its inclusion of book reviews, as well as
its inclusion of the reader as contributor. The Nouvellers de la republique des letters was
another French periodical that came out in the late seventeenth century. This periodical
was said to have spread that enlightenment, and to have censored certain ideas. French
periodical censorship was a large issue (as it was in other countries as well).

The demand for reading was increasing among the population, and as a result, magazines
were becoming more specialized. The number of women who were able to read was
increasing, and miscellanies found a ready market in these women. Periodicals which
where targeted specifically to woman began around the mid-eighteen century.

c) Online information

This is an ever-expanding universe. A quick brose in the web will produce a spectrum of
publication, including encyclopedias, political web logs, interactive newspapers and even
novels. The rapid dissemination rate and global reach of this medium exceeds those of
traditional media, with the added benefits that websites can be easily updated. Revenue is
generated by advertisement, subscription and e- commerce partnership, but long – term
profitability is yet to be determined. The biggest players are well – established
publications that support an online presents, such as the Well Street Journal Edition, and
focused content- based sites such as CNET.

d) Web logs and journalism

Web logs- blocks, for short- are kind of online diary, in which the author, writes regular
posting about whatever interests him or her often including hyper links to other web
pages with information about the topic at hand web log have changed journalism. They
have broken a number of major stories because of their looser standards about attributes
information than reputable print and other media require. They have kept other stories on
the front burner that might have fizzled out for lack attention. A number of top columnists
are keeping blousing addition to write regular articles. There is no doubt that bog that gets
news in front of readers in a hurry and is proliferating.

e) Consolidation

At the same time as the web is making it easier for unique journalist’s voices to be heard,
the companies at the top of the head in the industry are getting ever larger. Often this
M&A activity is accomplished by a lowering of costs (read; layoffs)-so be aware that in
publishing, as in most any other industry there days, these days, these are very few jobs
whose future is 100% secure.

Leading Players

The main leading players in the field of newspaper industry in kerala

 Malayala Manorama
 Madhyamam

 Matrubhumi
 Mangalam
 Deepika
 Indian express
 The Hindu
 Varthamanam
 Kowmudhi
 Janmabumi
 Thejas
 Deshabimani

Future Prospects of the industry

In the future, press mailroom and distribution control systems will be linked to form and
integrated newspaper production management system focusing on customer to customer
satisfaction. Now is the time for newspaper to involve them in, and implement business
wide computer- based management system.

The modernization of newspaper companies with computerized pre-press departments

and highly automated printing presses and mailrooms is today one of the biggest
revolutions in the newspaper industry however, total production management using
computer- based tracking and active process control is still almost absent from newspaper

To secure the investment and to guarantee an open system, we need to agree on a

standard interchange mechanism for status and management information. We needed
standard post script for management systems.


History of the Organization

Chandrika daily has carved out the niche for in self in the field of journalism with its accent
on a moral values and unbiased reporting. It has become the voice of minority in the society
with a span short of decade and half.

Chandrika Daily began its journey in 1934 at Thallessry, Kannur, Kerala as weekly
newspaper. The person who took initiative to start was Mr.K M Swidi Sayid, he was the
lawyer in Cochin high court. He came to Thallessry to work for the benefit of the muslims.

Muslim Printing and Publishing co. Ltd

Chandrika daily is run by the muslim printing and publishing co. Ltd , which aims at the
benefits of the muslim community as well as for the minorities in the society.

The opening of the paper was a land mark in Malayalam journalism. Chandrika daily set new
trends new contact, advertising, visual social commitment. It can boast the achievements that
are not small. It was a lot of hope greater application that chandrika daily set out on courses
that appeared too ambitious to scale. Hope because a need for value based journalism was
keenly felt in kerala, there were a great number of Readers who want something more than
incomplete and prejudiced half-truths that normally get touted as news in much of the main
stream media.

Chandrika daily has in its in own small way molded reading habits of the discerning
Malayalam readers, setting the agenda for serious debates through editorial, features and its

Values that Inspire

Journalism in kerala is that besed with the vices it faces it else where too. The press is rapidly
getting commercialized; the papers cater to vested interests, shameful tendencies and all-out
dependence on advertisement that become more vicious by the day. But chandrika daily has
been able to prove that a paper can be financially viable, that it can flourish without
sentimental sob stuff or the lure of profit cards or insurance schemes or encroachments on a
women’s honor. Marketing strategies like this presume that readers are an easy target and can be

When chandrika daily offered is none of these, but share value of unbiased news, that
credibility its content and intgrety of its stand. When the media ponder to the aristocrat or
ruling class, they forfeit their credibility. their over influence in power politics makes them
vulnerable to vicious influence. When they mix news with views the educated readers have
reason distrust there news industry. A profit-driven media vitiates both itself and the society.

The society certainly needs a paper that will as chandrika daily have endeared to do stand up
to the evils in the society even at the coast of cores of rupees in advertisement revenue.
Chandrika daily runs by muslim printing and publishing co. Ltd. where their aim is the
benefits of the society not profit as it is known as the paper of the minority. The main motto
of chandrika daily is upliftment of the minority, “The voice for minority”.

Chandrika daily belives that journalism like any other human endeavor, must distinguish
between right and wrong. A news paper must also give generous space to dissenting voice
and holds aloft the model of values based journalism. God willing it will continue to trend the
same path. It has proved turning point Malayalam journalism. It has survived as the voice of
the voiceless. It has fought the divisive tendencies in the society and exposed the
superstitions that keep the door open for exploitative forces.

Growth and development of the industry

The growth of chandrika daily in quantitative terms and in qualitative terms has been
impressive. In early 1940s chandrika daily has shifted to Calicut. Then after making Calicut
as its head office. Chandrika daily started its sub units in different parts of the state. It opened
its sub units in kannur,cochin,malappuram and trivandram. Later they opened in Bahrain,
Dubai and Riyadh. Early managing director of chandrika daily was A K Kunhi mohammed
Haji, C P Mamuka, and K sahib.fristly they where printing news paper only presently
chandrika daily prints news paper, Weekly journals, Mahila chandrika, varantha pathippu,
chandrika literacy. Chandrika daily is a leading Malayalam news paper run by Indian union
muslim league, kerala. It is published from Kozhikode and was the first attempt to have a
news paper from Malabar muslim to support the political party. It was established on 1930s
and it has recently celebrated its silver jubilee.

Chandrika Daily is among the most influential periodicals in kerala, providing in the depth
reports of social issues. It has brought into focus many political, cultural and literacy issues
that concern the society. It has rushed the reading habits of the malayali by focusing on real
issues that instead of the sectional sob stuff and soft porn carried by the mainstream media.

Achievements and Awards

Chandrika Daily has achieved a lot of awards in varies level like regional

 Best sports editor

 Best photographer
 Best reporter
 Best journalist


Journalism is the best with the vices it faces elsewhere too. The press is rapidly getting
commercialized, the paper cater to vested interests, shameful tendencies and an all- out
dependence on advertisements that become more vicious by the day. But Chandrika Daily has
been able to prove that a paper can be financially viable, that it can flourish without
sentimental sob stuff or the lure of profit cards or insurance schemes or encroachments on
women’s honors. Marketing strategies like this presume that readers are an easy target and
can be manipulated. What Chandrika Daily offered to the reader is none of these, but the
sheer value unbiased news, the credibility of its contents and the integrity of its stand. When
the media pander to the aristocratic or ruling class, they forfeit their credibility. Their over
indulgence in power politics makes them vulnerable to vicious influences.


The profit- driven media culture vitiates both itself and the society. Chandrika Daily means
the medium and the medium is the message itself. Chandrika daily started as the voice of

minority. They started with the following visions ‘ to recognize the evil in the society point it
to the people and be the voice of minority, and to be loved by all clients and staff, and to be
showered accolades and bonus checks.’

Ownership Pattern

The ownership pattern is in the form of Director Board. In totally there are four director’s
one managing director and three directors.

Organization Structure of Chandrika Daily

Board of


Editorial Managerial
Section Section

Editorial Personal Circulation Production Finance Marketing

Departmen and Departmen Departmen Departmen Departmen
t administra t t t t
tion Dept.

Manager Manager Manager

Marketing Section
Section Head

Area of operations

Chandrika daily has developing their areas of operation from regional to global. During the
decades their operation was only in regional, after that they have been started to develop their
areas gulf countries also. Now they have units in countries like U.A.E, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi
Arabia, and Kuwait.

USP of the firm

The unique selling propositions of this organization are;

 It is a political party’s news paper.
 More community related news is included.
 More local news is included.
 Different font style comparing to other news paper.

Product Mix

A product mix is the set of all products offered by the company. The principal products of the
Muslim Printing and publishing Ltd. are classified into two i.e., Newspaper, periodicals.
Apart from the principal products there are some special products like calendar, Dairy,
Yearbook etc.


Products Rate (RUPEES)

 News paper 5.00

 Sunday News paper 5.50
 Mahila Chandrika 12.00
 Ramzan Special 12.00
 Onam Special 12.00
 X mas Special 12.00
 Free Quick 12.00
 Chandrika Diary 75.00
 Chandrika Calendar 18.00

HR Policy

H R policy guide action. They offer the general standards or parameters based on which
decisions are reached. They serve a road map for managers on a number of issues such as
recruitment, selection, promotion and compensation. Important features of an effective
personal policy can be broadly outlined as:

It is generally derived from the personal objectives of an organization.

It summarizes past experience in the form of useful guidelines that help managers to
speed up the decision making process. It helps the managers as well as subordinates
to dispose of repetitive problems in a constituent manner getting into treble. It serves

as a standing plan that can be put to use repeatedly while solving problems of
recurring nature.

As a guide to executive thinking it permits managers to transfer some of the recurring
problems to subordinates. In a way, a personal policy is an important management
tool that facilitates some transfer of decision making to lower levels of organization.

It helps to achieving coordination of organization members and help predict more
accurately the action and decision of others.

Quality Policy

Chandrika Daily aims at providing non-partisan and value journalists service beyond
consideration of profit and demanding compulsions of the market. Its policy emphasizes the
need for the media to rise above sectarianism and the market- driven profiteering pressure



Human resource and administration department play a major role in every organization. The
successful running of an organization mainly depends upon the efficiency and effectiveness
of the department to provide and delegate quality manpower. Human resource and
administration department performs a lot of functions.

The main functions of the department are;

To identify the man power recruitments and make recruitments accordingly.
To provide effective training to the recruited staffs.
To carry on periodical analysis of the performance of the employees.
To ensure that promotions are provided according to the performance report.
To maintain good and harmonious relationship between the management and the
To handle the grievances of the employees.


Personal and Administration


Asst. Personal and Administration


Duties and responsibilities of Personal and administration Manager

Employee’s welfare is the utmost responsibilities of this department.
It has to recruit right people required by the organization for the right job to ensure the
right standard of quill.
There has to be job security and adequate remuneration.
Conclusive working environment and increased job satisfaction should be provided.
The employee should be opportunities for advancement and development through
training program and workshops.
To carry out the performance appraisal of the employee.
Promotion of the employees and their transfer is also looked after by this department.


The editorial department is considered to be the nucleus of all the newspaper industry. The department
plays a vital important roil in every activity from gathering the news from all part till it is composed and
printed. A various group of officials work together for the above function, the copy desk handle the
general news a local to handle the local news. The news is gathered from sources like from bureau office
outside the sate and from abroad. There are also agents, part- time reporters, and part- time
correspondents etc to provide various news. In every unit, news editor is in charge of editorial
department. The area or district where unit office is maintained and is under the control of special
correspondent. There will be reporters and photographers under news editor and special
correspondent. The reporter gathers variousnews and is submitted to the news editor or special
correspondent. The editor or S C check the report and forward them to the chief desk editor where they
understand the news content and story is written according to the importance of the news. These
stories are then sending to the respective work division where it is fed into the computer. These are
then composed in the photo composing section and reading is done. After composing, a process called
page nation takes place in the presence of the sub editor. Page nation is done on dummy received from
the advertising department. A dummy is a miniature from of actual newspaper, which is prepared by the
advertisement department, which contains the respective column for news and advertisement. The
dummy are then send to the news imaging section to print with approval of the deputy chief editor.

The day’s work starts with a meeting conducted by the deputy chief editor with the sub editor and the
chief reporters to formulate a précis of the work. The news is collected through the paper channel and
ensure its truthiness before it is accepted. Different sub-editor is in change of different pages. The news
forwarded to the respective sub-editor from the news desks for editing and is paginated according to
the importance of the news and space and for composing and proof reading. The sub- editor read the
module thoroughly and check the heading, caption and pictures and make corrections if required and
send for printing at the schedule time. The schedule time for first page is 8 pm. For all other pages,
common time is between 7-10 pm. And should be made available before 11 pm for printing.

Editorial department chart

Printer and

Executive Resident Associate Assistant

Desk bureo
Editor Editor Editor Editor

News Chief Sub Chief of

Editor Editor Bureo

Duties and responsibilities of News Editor:

He is in charge of the editorial department in each unit.
He has to co- ordinate the efforts of all the sub- editors and special correspondents in
the bureau offices.
He is responsible for the administration of the editorial department.
He has to ensure that the company policies are rightly maintained.
He has to verify and ensure the sincerity of the news.
He has the right to decide whether the particular news has to be included or not.
He is responsible for the conduct of the sub-editor in the respect of news published.
He has the right to formulate the day’s work and delegate the authority.
He has to support and provide instructions and advise to his subordinates.
He is responsible to implement the order from the management.


Circulation Department is regarded as central department in a Newspaper industry since it is

confident with the responsibilities of circulation of daily and publications. It is the most
crucial department that decides the future growth of the company. It is this department that
act as a catalyst to increase readership. It has to co- ordinate the efforts of the staffs to
achieve the set target. It also has the change of circulation of bureau office in taluks and sub
offices in the districts where there is no unit.

These departments collect the market feed back and take remedial steps to boost the
circulation. This department monitors the work of the agents and find out the area where the
circulation is week or less and take corrective steps to improve circulation by giving needful
support to the agents. It should ensure that the required number of daily and publications are
supplied to the right time and right place. It also makes the follow up of the collection from
the agents and ensures that the agents make their payment promptly.

It also has the duty to redress the grievances from the customers and agents regarding the
circulation of daily and publication. It also makes market research, prepares statistical report
to monitor the current position of their circulation. It also undertakes promotional activities.
Circulation departments are marketing executives to meet the clients and agents. It has zonal
inspectors to do field work and report to the manager. It has agents supervisors to undertake
the supervision of the agents and sales Organizer to increase sales.

Circulation department chart



Section Head


The sales are done in various methods;

Through agents on contract basis.
Through retail shop and book stalls.
Direct marketing through sales executives.
Through other agency services.

Duties and responsibilities of circulation department are:

To co-ordinate the efforts of office staffs and field staffs to undertake the circulation
of daily and publication.
To make the follow up of the collections from the agents and customers.
To maintain and increase the circulation.
To achieve the target set by the company.
To undertakes the promotional activity.
To provide the required help to the agents where circulation is weak or less and
takes remedial steps to improve circulation.
To appoint agents according to the geographical area.
To carry on market researchers timely and prepare statistical reports for management
decision making.
To prepare performance appraisal of the subordinates.


In a news print industry like Chandrika, the most important function of production
department is printing of daily and magazines. Pre0press and printing, Machinery working
and maintenance and packing are also carried out in the production department. Material
handling is also an impotent function of production department.
The work of the production department starts at the disposal of the photocomposing section.
The production department is a sensitive department since any stoppage will affect the whole
functioning of the organization.

Important Raw Materials:

Newsprint or paper
Printing ink
Film rolls
Aluminum Plates
Machinery spares
Strapping roll and Weeping film for packing
Power supply
Dampening solution (Acid)

Machinery Specifications:

Chandrika make use of offset printing heart technology.

Machinery Name : Orient Super offset cut- off 545 mm
Printing speed : 30,000 Copies / Hr
Number of Units : 3 Black & White units +2 Color satellites

Total : 16 pages Black and white/12 page color
Machinery is able to print both color and black and white pages. For color printing, it makes
use of three colors- Magenta for red, Cyan for blue, Yellow and Black.
The production starts at 11.30 pm and is completed by 4.00 am. The production of
supplements and weekly is in the morning.




Desk to


Marketing Section

Advertisement Section



Plate Making


Bundling and dispatching

Duties and responsibilities of production Manager

Employee control of each shift in the production department.
Printing work is done on the correct time and correct date.
Maintain the machinery properly.
Give proper instruction to the workers.
Maintain the raw material for ready to producing the output.


Marketing is the business process by which products are matching with the marketing and
through which transfer of ownership are affected.
Marketing is the term used to describe collectively those business functions most directly
concerned with the demand – stimulating and demand – fulfilling activities of the business

Promotional activities of Marketing Department are:

Contest- World Cup Cricket, World Cup Football.
Publishing various special issues – Tourism, industrial and business Agriculture,
Sports etc.
Advertising through channels.
Party campaigning. Hording and sticking I many city centers.
Advertising tariffs are prepared by the Marketing Department.


News Papers Circulation

Malayala Manorama

Mathrubhumi 8,73,671

4, 14,940

The Chandrika press is currently not a member of ABC survey. The above
information is

according to the survey of ABC ON 2005. Now the press is a member of


Marketing Manager

Assistant marketing manager


Duties and responsibilities of Marketing Manager

Initiate action for evolving market strategy.
Visit the Trade to learn their business requirement.
To control the assistant’s of the marketing department.
He has the over all charge like sales promotion advertisement.
He has to canvas the advertisement from various sources.
He has to fixing the advertisement rates.


The successful running of an organization is mainly depending on the efficient and power
functioning. The effective management of accounts department is very important because it is
this department that decides when to spend and what to spend.

This department is vested with the responsibility of preparing the annual budgets, payment of
salaries to the office and management staffs, payment of all the material purchases, preparing
the balance sheet and profit and loss accounts, to conduct internal auditing etc. The
department also should take care of the government procedures like payments of taxes, filling
of returns. The department also should maintain the P.F accounts, ESI, Gratuity, and pension
of the employees.

The department is under the control of accounts officer. The department looks the collection
from the advertisement, daily and publication. It also makes the overtime wages, provides
traveling allowances.

The units maintain two types of books- Trade customers Ledger control Accounts which
deals with the payments receipts of advertisement and commission and agents Ledger control
Accounts which deals with the accounts of agents.

The main Functions of Accounts of department are:

The function considered being the most important of this department is to forecast the
financial needs of the company.
Marketing the investment policy of the company.
To costly monitor the requirement of cash, cash flow and credit management.
Constantly checking the financial performance of the company.
To prepare balance sheet and other day to day financial statements.

To interact with the kerala government to arrangement for funds as and when
To closely monitor and control financial matters related to employee’s vendors and
principal customers.

Sources of finance

Company earns revenue mainly three ways..

Circulation Revenue: Company earns money through by selling its newspaper and
Space advertisement revenue: through advertisement company gets money. It is one
of the important sources of income newspaper concern.
Scrap: Aluminum plates, printed waste, container of chemicals and used photographic
chemical are main scrap. Through getting this scrap company earn money.


Accounts Manager

Section Head


Duties and responsibilities of Finance Manager

He has to mange the investment.
Effective handling of cases pertaining to previous years on Income Tax.
He has to control the finance.
He is conducting the internal audit.
Currant year income tax and sales tax preparation.
Taking care of the various financial needs of the other department.
Preparing the different budgets required by the company.


Human Resource and administration department or personal and administration department

come under the managerial section of the organization. This department is headed by
personal manager. Human resource and administration department play a major role in every
organization. The successful running of an organization mainly depends upon the efficiency
and effectiveness of the department to provide and delegate quality manpower.

The functions of human resource department include;

Recruiting, selecting, Training and motivation employees to perform the job
Office administration
Dealing of leagal and personal matter of the organization.
Formulate the procedure of disciplinary action.
To appoint bottom level employees
To maintain an overall idea about the employees in chandrika daily.
To deal with employees salary wages fixing leaves and attendance.
To make an arrangement for setting the problems and grievances among employees.
To carry on periodical analysis of the performance of the employees.
To ensure that promotions are provide according to the performance report.
To maintain good and harmonious relationship between the management and the

Recruitment and selection

When a vacancy arises, an advertisement is published in the newspaper; applications are

invited and are called for a written test and a direct preliminary interview. Thereafter
candidates who are short-listed and a direct preliminary interview are called for a final round
interview and appropriate candidates are selected and posted as probationary officer for 2
years. Some times direct recruitment is done from the department’s existing data bank.
After appointing as probationary officer, it is the duty of the Human Resource and
Administration department to provide training to the staff. In Chandrika, the method of
training adopted is both on the job and off the job training. This enables to have a thorough
knowledge about the job and work environment.

These training enable the employee to be more focused about various aspects like selfmotivation,
self-confidence and relationship qualities. It is the responsibility of Human
Resource and Administration Department to identify the strength and weakness of the
employee and provide training accordingly and enable to suit for the respective job. The
department also provides training to the existing employees to the changing work
environment and to prepare them to the new techniques. There training also enable them to be
rehabilitated to the new surroundings and get them introduce to the practices, policies and
purpose of the concern.

The department also makes the performance appraisal of the staffs. Each department heads
are required to prepare a performance report of the employees and submit it to the personal
and administration department. The Human resource and administration department after
studying the report provides rewards and promotion to the eligible employees.


The recruited persons are given two year training and one year probation if the performance
satisfactory, permanent appointment may be given.

Normal working hour of employees

7 hour a day. All days are working days and each employee gets a day off every week in this

Wages and salary Administration

Salary to the employee are payable according to the manushyavakasa Commission Report.
The other benefits to the employees are also paid as per the rule.


Direct recruitment based on the merit, seniority, and ability of the employee. The selection
board submits recommendation of promotion to the managing director.


Transfer of the employee is quit common in chandrika, transfer is movement employee from
one job to another with out involving any substantial change in this duties and responsibility
and status and competition. Transfer have number of objective such as moving of employee
to position with higher priority in terms of organization goal, placing employee in position
more appropriate to their interest or ability. Employees are transferred to new unit where
experienced personnel are required. chandrika consider the employee request to transfer.
Labour welfare activity

Labour welfare society stands for provide more benefit for the employees, and provide for
more facility for the employee such as canteen and medical benefit and social security
scheme such as provident fund, Esi and gratuity and also festival allowance.


It is paid to the employee as per the gratuity for this purpose company established a tie up
with the life insurance corporation and introduced new insurance scheme.


The company gives salary advance while giving the salary at the time of the opening school.
This helps the employee a lot.

Safety measures

During the training time slippers shoe and uniform is given and also washing allowance and
stitching charges also given.


The retirement age is limited to 58

Fringe benefit

Ex gratis:- Ex gratis is given to the employees once in a year, it is 8.33% of the total salary
drawn in a year.
Tour allowances:- it is paid once in two years. The employee gets half of his monthly salary
as tour allowance.

Performance appraisal

From the three department one person earn is related on the basis of his overall performance
during a year and is given cash price and performance appraisal certificate.

Personnel Development

From the personnel development, employee is given frequent training in different subject
such information. Tahnobby, jifty, modern journalism, scientific management etc…

Shift System

Company use 7 shift in a day classification based on nature of work

Under editorial department: - three shift.

9 am to 5 pm (including one hour lunch break.)
2 pm to 9 am
9pm to 4 am

Under production department: - three shift

9 am to 5 pm (including one hour lunch break.)
3 pm to 10 pm
10 pm to 5 am

Under managerial department: - one shift

10 am to 6 pm (including one hour lunch break.)


A person is given additional benefit if he is asked to work extra time other than his normal
hour or on his off day. The benefit is double the normal wage.
(In chandrika there are a total 150 employees working at present.)

Unions in chandrika

There are two union in chandrika press which is not affiliated to any party they are;
Chandrika press employees.

Work force

125 permanent employees and 25 contract based employees are at Calicut branch.


The press providing both statutory and voluntary welfare measures to the employee very well
as the other companies does. This helps to motivate them and giving more out put. Some of

welfare measures are

Washing facilities
Refreshing facility
ESI for the employees who are earning below RS 10,000 per month as salary

Rs 150 as medical aids every month for the employees who are earning more than Rs
10,000 per month as salary. These employees has no ESI (Employees state
Exgratia are provided to the employees is rupees 3500 per year.
Over time allowances.


Personal and Administration


Asst. Personal and Administration



Duties and Responsibilities

Personal and administration Manager

Employee’s welfare is the utmost responsibilities of this department.
It has to recruit right people required by the organization for the right job to ensure the
right standard of quill.
There has to be job security and adequate remuneration.
Conclusive working environment and increased job satisfaction should be provided.
The employee should be opportunities for advancement and development through
training program and workshops.
To carry out the performance appraisal of the employee.
Promotion of the employees and their transfer is also looked after by this department.

Board of directors

To make appointment of new directors
They have a major say in the policies of the organization
They in association with the chairman share the power to make purchase of other

Managing Director

He is directly in charge of the entire operations of the company.
He has to intimate the board of director abut the financial matters and all other
business undertakings if the company.
He has the properly manage the entire business of the company in close coordination
with the entire team of the organization headed by the general manager.

General Manger

He is the sole person responsible for the daily operation of the entire organization.
Departmental heads report to him matters covering their respective departments.
He directly and control the total operation of the departments.

SWOT analysis

Strength of the organization

 Third largest news paper circulation in Kerala.

 Dedicated employees.
 Employee oriented management.
 Quality of the News publishing.
 Dedicated reporters throughout the world.

Weekness of the organization

 Community image of News paper.

 Political image of News paper.
 Low paper quality.
 Low printing quality.
 Less promotional activities.

Opportunities of the organization

 More concern to online news paper.

 More reporters all over the world.
 Increasing online news paper subscribers.
 Increasing advertisement trends.

Threats to the organization

 Competition from other players.

 Competitors’ strategy.
 Political pressures.
 Changing concepts of the readers.


 Chandrika has good sports news reporters compared to other players.

 Chandrika is using low quality news papers.
 Chandrika consists of more political and community based new.
 Printing quality is wek compared to other players.
 Promotional activities are less in the firm.
 Ethics of a news paper industry is followed by the firm.


 Paper quality can be increased.

 Printing technology can be updated.
 Promotional activities can be increased.
 Circulation can be increased through various promotional activities.


The study reveals the various aspects related to the readers’ buying habits and tastes and
suggestions to improve the circulation of newspaper.
Malayalam newspapers play a vital role in the life of keralites. This study identifies the
reason for reading or subscribing a particular newspaper’ which may mainly be attributed to
reliability of local news and reason for reading more than a paper is for knowing more
national news.

It has clearly been established that malayala manorama is the market leader in kerala.
Chandrika daily comes in third position. Majority of buyers or subscribers (95%) gets
newspaper from news agents. Late delivery and non delivery were the main reason of
dissatisfaction of buyers. Readers think newspaper ads useful, especially general ads and
educational ads. Cartoons and comics are the most preferred special articles. Most of
respondents were very much interested in special type of features. Majorities are of the
opinion that use of colors in printing. Some of readers prefer local news were found to be
important function of newspaper. Printing, layout and photos are to be maintain in a

Circulation can be increased with the help of newsagents. Out of local agents interviewed,
suggest and campaign to be the effective method for improving circulation. Most of
respondents suggested television as the effective media for advertising news paper. The study
underlines the importance of promotional schemes for news agents. Some other respondents’
opinion that electronic media is seen as influencing newspaper. Frequent price hike is found
to be effecting circulation badly. Impartial approach towards news is the main suggestion by

Any way, the researcher does not claim that the findings and suggestions in the report are
perfect and final. The study may be used as a foundation for further study.