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1.Opt for the correct variants. 7.Complete the sentence.

1.We have no any problems to tackle. We wonder............ .

2.She has no other way to opt for. 1.whether she passed the exam or not

3.I haven’t anything to present you. 2.if she will pass the exam
4.You are neither a doctor nor nurse, you are an will she pass the exam
actor. 4.when did she pass the exam
5.We don’t know anything about her background. she passed the exam
A.1,2,3 B.2,4,5 C.3,5
2.Choose the correct sentences in D.1,2,5 E.1,5
the Possessive case of the nouns.

1.Nilay’s and Gular’s news were very shocking. 8.Opt for the incorrect variant.
2.Thomas’ dreams are going to come true. A.Playing the piano is one of my favourite activities.
3.She is my sister’s -in-law friend. B.The soup in these bowls are for our guests.
4.We were at Ali’s last night. C.A group of people are waiting for me outside.
5.These deers’ horns are very beautiful. D.The police are about to reach.
A.2,4 E.Five hours is adequate to complete this work.
C.3,5 9.Find out the correct translation.

D.1,2,4 Aynur kefsiz olduğuna baxmayaraq heç kimin
E.1,3,4 bunu hiss etmeyini istemirdi.
A.Although Aynur was out of sorts,she wanted no
3.Use the appropriate prepositions one feel it.
Aydan is keen__learning __ride a bike. B.Though Aynur was out of sorts,she didn’t want
A.of/to anybody feel it.
B.on/_ C.Although Aynur was out of sorts but she didn’t
C.on/to want anybody to feel it.
D.for/to D.Although Aynur was out of sorts,she didn’t want
E.on/for somebody to feel it.
E.Though Aynur was out of sorts,she didn’t want
4.Complete the sentence by using the anybody to feel it.
appropriate articles. which I live in is full of.....parks,.... 10.Complete the sentence with the
cafes,.....restaurants,....cinemas etc. appropriate prepositions.

A._,_,_,_,_ Although she looked ... everywhere even ...

B.the,_,the,the,_ the table, she couldn’t find the cat.
C.the,the,the,the,the A. up/on B. for/under C. at/on
D.the,_,_,_,_ D. _/under E. for/_
11.Opt for the right variants.
5.Opt for the correct tense forms. 1.What are you listening to?

Elvin____for BP for five years when he___in Baku. 2.Why are you crying for?
A.had worked/lives 3.Who are you laughing?
B.has been working/lives 4.Where are you living in?
C.had been working/lived 5.Who are you going with?
D.worked/lived A.1,5 B.1,2,4 C.2,3,5 D.4,5 E.1,3,5

6.Complete the sentence. 12.Choose the correct sentence in Passive Voice.

Aydan wouldn’t forgive you even if_____. A.Was the child made telling a lie? are sorry for your mistakes. B.Was the cake made by his mom sold late? aren’t sorry for mistakes. C.Is there a book written by Nizami? feel sorry for your mistakes. D.Are the pictures drawn yesterday fantastic? weren’t sorry for your mistakes. E.Is the car repaired by him in order? felt sorry for your mistakes.
13.Match the phrasal verbs with 22.Opt for the synonym of the word
their synonyms. “torture”. take care walk away A.fortune B.gladness C.torment

va yearn for look after D.dejectedness E.tenacity go away meet up get together long for 23.Find out the correct variants.
The flat friend lives in is very spacious and
14.Match the phrasal verbs with their antonyms. beautiful. clean up turn up 1.which 2._ 3 .where switch on give up which 5.that

elo turn down mess up A.1,4 B.1,2 C.1,3,5 keep up switch off D.1,5 E.1,2,5

15.Opt for the same meaning word 24.Choose the appropriate modal verbs.
with the word “industrious”. We work hard to meet the needs.
A.diligent B.lazy 1.ought 2.have 3.should
C.easy going D.affectionate 4.need 5.had better
E.manipulative A.1,2,4 B.2,4,5 C.1,2

D.3,4 E.1,2,5
16.Choose the same meaning word
with the word”to descend”. 25.How many variants are incorrect? ascend rise go down 1.We made her laughing. mix go up 2.She was made leave the meeting.
3.He made a noise to wake everybody up.
17.Choose the correct variant. 4.Aynur made many efforts for learning English.
___of the girls couldn’t answer__ questions. A.2 B.3 C.1 D.4 E.none
B.Each/some 26.Complete the sentence.
C.Neither/any We don'tknow.......... .
D.Either/either A.where she lives in.
E.Each/any B.why she is waiting for.
C.whom she is talking.
18.How many variants are correct? D.what does he need.

__of those umbrellas was broken E.what she is crying for.

therefore she bought a new one.
1.Each 2.Both 3.None 27.Choose the correct variant.
4.Some 5.Either 6.Neither She was...ill that she couldn't got to work yesterday.
A.4 B.2 C.3 D.1 E.5 A.too B.very D.quite E.enough

19.Find out the correct variants. 28.They said:"Our sister was killed in 2005."

1.Such a foggy weather A.They said that their sister had been killed in 2005.
2.So unforgettable year B.They said that our sisiter was killedin 2005.
3.Rather a prodigious day C.They said that their sister killed in 2005.
4.A rather unwillingman D.They said that their sister was killed in 2005.
5.So a lotof wondrous forests. E.They say that their sister was killedin 2005.

20.Opt for the right variant. 29.Choose the correct answer.


She was ....sad that she didn’t want to talk to anyone. 1.Rather a cold weather B.such C.very D.too E.rather 2.A quite bad situation
3.Quite a lot of productive days
21.Opt fpr the synonym of the word “to tuck”. 4.A rather wonderful season keep fold sweep 5.Such beautiful view trust splash A.3,4 B. 1,2,5 C. 3,4,5 D.2,3,5 E.1,2
30.Find out the correct variant. 37.Match the opposite meaning words.
1.a few day's leave 1.responsible a.accurate
2.several months' work 2.watchful b.obesity

3.a week's leave c.mad
4.six hours' flight 4.false d.careless
5.some moment's silence 5.slimness e.irresponsible
A. 1,2,4 B.1, 3,5 C.2,3,4
D. 2,4,5 E.1,3,4 38.Complete the tag question with the
appropriate variant.
31.Choose the correct preposition. Either Elvin or Samir is 17,........

Nobody wanted to object...her decisions. he?
A.about C.for B.isn’t he?
C.don’t they?
32.Choose the correct variant. D.are they? get to the office E.aren’t they? believe miracles arrive at home 39.Complete the sentence . speak to the manager She doesn’t know ........ .

oz enter into the hall A.when they have finished the books.
A.1,4 B.1,4,5 C.2,3 B.about what they are thinking now.
D.2,3,4 E.4,5 C.where they will stay in. use the book.
33.Choose the correct variant. E.when they will leave the party.
If she _____the book which I advised,she_____a lot
of things from that book. 40.How many variants are correct?
A.bought/would have learnt 1.I don't know a reason why he has left me.
B.would buy/learnt 2.I don't know reason he has left me for.
C.had bought/would learn 3.I don't know the reason that he has left me.
D.had bought/would have learnt 4.I don't know a reason he has left me. learn 5.I don't know a reason that he has left me.
6.I don't know the reason why he has left me for.
34. Choose the correct tense forms. A.4 B.2 C.5
They ___their lessons when he___home. D.1 E.6

A.have finished/comes
B.finished/come 41.Match the sentences to the grammatical
C.was finishing/had come points.
D.finished/had come 1.The verbal noun
E.had finished/came 2. Participle I
3.The gerund
35.Opt for the correct sentences. 4.The adjective

1.Playing with toys are children's activity.

2.Four hundred dollars is a reasonable price for this a:She suggested going for a strollafter lunch.
mobile. b:Her sudden coming surprised me.
3.My children and I am at home now. c:She was talking on phone while crossing our
4.Ten kilometres is a long distance for me. street.
5.Half of the given questions was about History. d:Yesterday was a tiring day for me.
e:He had no feeling in his left leg.

36.Match the same meaning words.

1.advantageous a.eggplant A.1-b,e;2-a;3-c;4-d
2.sufficient b.interesting B.1-e;2-c;3-a,b;4-d
3.engrossing c.benefit C.1-e;2-c,b;3-a;4-d
4.aubergine d.beneficial D.1-a,b;2-d;3-e;4-c
5.profit e.adequate E.1-a;2-b,c;3-e;4-d
42.Find out the correct variants. 48.Opt for the correct variants.
1.They prefer living in a flat to living in a house. 1.It is vital that everyone should follow the rules.
2.She prefers to listen to music rather than to read a 2.It is vital that everyone followed the rules.

book in her leisure time. 3.It is vital that everyone follows the rules.
3.My brother prefers English rather than Russian. 4.It is vital that everyone follow the rules.
4.A lot of people in Azerbaijan prefer tea to coffee. 5.It is vital that everyone is following the rules.
5.Some of my friends prefer to read fiction books A.1,4 B.2,3 C.1,3 D.3,5 E.2,5
rather than detective ones.
A.2,4,5 B.1,3,4 C.1,2,3 49.Find out the appropriate
D.1,4,5 E.2,3,5 prepositions.

You can find all the answers ... your questions ....
43.How many variants are right? the group created.....Gunay.
1.A ten-year-old child A._,on,by
2.Two ten-year-olds children,from,from
3.Some ten-years-old children C.for,from,by
4.Many ten-year-old children D._,from,to
5.Five ten-year-old childrens,in,by
A.5 B.3 C.2 D.4 E.1

50.Choose the correct variant.
44.How many variants are incorrect? I know I lent her the rest of money. I clearly
1.The number of unopened messages are 25.
2.A number of people believes that she will enter A.lend B.lent
university. lend D.lending
3.A majority of students intend to studyabroad. E.being lent
4.Some of the given money was forged.
5.The economic consequences of the war were 51.How many variants are right?
unbelievable. -I cut my finger.
A.3 B.1 C.4 D.2 E.5 -........
1.So does he.
45. How many variants are correct? 2.I did too.
.......side of the road was full of people. 3.Do you?
1.Each 2.Every 3.Both 4.She also did
4.Either 5.Neither 6.The other 5.But he doesn’t

A.2 B.6 C.3 D.5 E.4 A.4 B.2 C.5 D.1 E.1

46.Opt for the correct variants. 52.How many variants are correct?
1.She tells a lie never to anyone. -
2.They always can comprehend me in every -But my brothers do.
situation. 1.They never quarrel with each other.
3.He sometimes follows my advice. 2.Anar desires to work in a bank.

4.I usually make many mistakes in my homework. 3.Some friends of mine supports me.
5.Amir meets his friends often. 4.She always tries to speak English.
A.2,3 B.1,4,5 C.2,3,4 5.Teymur believes Ali no more.
D.3,4 E.3,4,5 A.1 B.3 C.4 D.2 E.5

47.Use the appropriate articles. 53.Choose the correct variants. without...challenges is like....soup 1.Aydan’s late coming spoilt our surprise.

without...salt and ....pepper. 2.Gunay’s broken cup was very beautiful.

A._,the,_,_,_ 3.Aynur’s broken the cups at the party.
B.A,_,a,_,_ 4.When I called her,she was at the hairdresser ’s.
C.A,_,_,_,_ 5.Her mother’s-in-law characters were unbearable.
D._,_,_,_,_ A.1,2,4 B.1,3,4 C.2,4,5
E.A,the,_,_,_ D.1,2,5 E.2,3,4
54.Opt for the right ones. 59.Choose the correct Interrogative sentence.
1.My sudden visit to Baku surprised my parents. A.What did happen to you?
2.When the teacher entered the calssroom, all the B.Who you want to go with?

students stoodup and greeted to her. C.How many people died in the car accident?
3.Some students were tired from doing a lot of D.When have you come back?
exercise. E.Where did you lived?
4.They are always ready for help me when I need
help. 60.Choose the correct Interrogative sentence?
5.Unfortunately,I can’t help thinking of him. A.For what did you leave the party?
A.1,3,5 B.1,2,5 C.2,5 D.2,3,4 E.1,5 B.Which club did she join to?

C.What music does he enjoy listening to?
55.Find out the correct translation. D.How they could tell such lies to me?
O,səndən hər şeyi gizlətdiyinə görə özünü E.Who are you talking?
günahkar hiss edir.
A.He feels guilty himself because of hiding 61.Which variants can’t complete the sentence?
everything from you. Sevil wants to know.........
B.He feels guilty because he hideverything from 1.when they have left Baku.
you. 2.when will they leave Baku.

C.Because of hiding everything from you, he is 3.when they left Baku.
guilty. 4.that when they will leave Baku.
D.Because of hiding everything from you, he feels 5.when they will leave Baku.
guilty. A.1,3,5 B.1,2,4
E.As he hideverything from you, he felt guilty. C.3,5 D.1,2
56.Opt for the right translation.
Biz hər şeyi nəzərə alaraq bir qerara gəldik. 62.Choose the incorrect variants.
A.Taking into account everything we made a 1.Aydan together with her colleagues have gone to
decision. the museum.
B.We made a decision taking everything into 2.Some issues in my life was worked out.
account . 3.The rest of the books on the table belongs to these
C.We took everything into account before we made two girls.
a decision. 4.The questions each was very easy.
D.After taking everything into account, we made a 5.All the students who won the competition were

decision. awarded.
E.We made a decision taking into account A.2,5 B.1,4,5 C.2,4,5
everything. D.1,2,3 E.1,3,4

57.Complete the sentence with the appropriate 63.Opt for the incorrect negative sentences.
pronouns. 1.She never wants to keep in touch with him no
Although she knew.....,she didn’t me. more.

A.Everybody,anything 2.We do not like neither listening to the radio nor

B.Everything,nothing playing football.
C.Nothing,anything 3.None people can help me in this situation.
D.Everything,anything 4.He admires not her personality, but also her
E.Something,any appearance.
5.They never underestimate anyone's personality.
58.Choose the correct variant.

.....will help you if you don’t help.... . 64.They hardly understand her,____
A.Anybody,anyone they?
B.Nobody,anything do I.
C.Somebody,anybody 3. Nor do I.
D.Nobody,anybody 4.don't they?
E.Everybody,anyone 5.Neither do I.
65.Nobody can hurt you,___? 72.How many variants are correct?
A.can anybody? The quarrelled with is a friend of mine.
B.can't anybody? 1.that 2.which 3.whom 4.who 5._

C.can he? A.3 B.4 C.2 D.5 E.1
D.can they?
E.can't they? 73.Choose the right variants.
1.They speak fluent English.
66.Choose the appropriate conjunction. 2.We speak Russian frequently.
___it was raining,she left her umbrella at home. 3.Aydan looked angry at me.
A.In case 4.I don’t want to live lonely.

B.Despite 5.My friend thinks high of herself.
C.Although A.1,2,5 B.1,3,4 C1,2 D.2,5 E.3,4,5
D.In spite of
E.Because 74.Opt for the incorrect variant.
A.In the end,they noticed him leaving the wedding
67.Choose the correct modal verbs. early. gain a lotof money to make ends meet. B.Her parents didn’t permit them to marry.
1.need 2.has 3.had C.She wants that her sister to enter university.

4.must D.We wish them to gain their ends.
E.My mother saw my brother reading a book.
68.Choose the appropriate prepositions.
He tends __take a lot of benefits__his cafe. 75.Find out the correct variants
A.for/from 1.A few ripe banana
B._/of 2.A little expensive doll 3.Only few insufferable behaviours
dig 4.A fresh air 5.A good deal of electricity

69.Choose the correct sentences in Passive Voice. 76.Opt for the correct sentence in Complex
1.Are the books bought by him very engrossing? Object.
2.Was he let to study abroad. A.Please,teach me cook delicious meals.
3.Were the clothes brought from England sold B.We asked them speaking to us English.
quickly? C.My parents warned us don’t touch the computer.

4.Are the students called by that organisation D.He suggests me not to stay with him.
talented? E.She didn’t remind me to call her.
5.Was the girl who lost yesterday found?
77.Find out the incorrect variants.
70.Opt for the incorrect sentences in the 1.Some missed opportunity
Possessive Case. 2.Several major events
1.The Alikhanov's car is very expensive . 3.Little broken glass

2.Aytan's and Gunay's advice always makes me 4.Few cheap watches

feel motivated. 5.A good many shopping centers
3.Neither Sabina nor Turkan's advice helped me.
4.They know each others' secrets . 78.Choose the correct Exclamatory sentences.
5.Emin and Emil's eyes are brown. 1.What amazing smell a rose has!
2.What a tranquil life she lived!
71.Find out the right variants. 3.How fast they were talking!

They ... in this building since they ... to Baku. 4.How happily the girl seems!
1.had lived/moved 5.What hazardous driving habits Javid has!
2.lived/have moved A.1,2,4
3.have been living/moved B.2,3,5
4.lived/had moved C.1,4,5 D.1,3,4
79.Find out the correct Exclamatory sentence. 84.Make up a sentence.
A.How alluring this panorama it is! 1.number 2.compared 3.the 4.of

B.What a splendid weather it is! 5.tourists 6.increased 8.year 9.last
C.How quick she answers my questions! A.2,7,3,9,8,1,4,5,6
D.What an inevitable result was! B.1,4,3,5,6,2,7,9,8
E.What a rich vocabulary base she possesses. C.3,1,4,5,6,2,7,9,8
80.Match the words with their definitions. E.2,4,9,8,3,1,7,5,6 avoid

elo alleviate 85.Match the words with their synonyms. slip amass cooperate slide out of the proper position. collaborate astonish stay away from someone or something. amaze gather reduce the pain or trouble of something.
86.Match the words with their synonyms.
81.Match the words with their definitions. 1.starvation a.depiction
1.inappropriate 2.deprivation b.lack

2.insufficient 3.description c.hunger
a.not suitable or safe to eat 87.Match the words with their antonyms.
b.not suitable. 1.furious a.messy
c.not having enough of what is needed. 2.silent b.calm
3.neat c.noisy
82.Make up a sentence.
dig 88.Match the words with their antonyms.
2.there 1.famine a.abundance
3.point 2.equality b.discontent 3.satisfaction c.inequality
6.anything 89.Opt for the correct variant.
7.worrying My little daughter ... to get up at 10 or 10.30. Now she goes to the first grade and it’s very hard to get

A.2,4,1,6,3,8,7,5 up early for my daughter as she ... getting up early.

B.1,3,2,4,8,7,5,6 used to,used to
C.2,4,1,3,5,7,8,6 B.used to,isn’t used to
D.2,4,1,3,8,5,6,7 used to,isn’t used to
E.2,4,1,3,8,7,5,6 D.used to,doesn’t get used to used to,doesn’t get used to
83.Find out the correct translation.

Qiymətlərin qəfil qalxmasi müştəri sayinin 90.Make up a text.

azalmasına səbəb oldu. 1.She thought her parents would congratulate her.
A.A suddenly rise in prices caused the decrease in 2.She felt dejected and cried a lot.
the number of costumers. 3.It was Aydan’s birthday.
B.The number of costumers decreased after a 4.Neither of her parents congratulated her.
sudden rise in prices. 5.In the evening her parents surprised her.
C.Sudden rise in prices caused decrease of the 6.They congratulated her birthday and gave her

number costumers. their presents.

D.A rise in the prices suddenly caused the decrease A.3,1,4,2,5,6
in the number of costumers. B.3,4,2,1,5,6
E.A sudden rise in the prices caused decrease in the C.3,2,4,1,5,6
number of costumers. D.3,5,6,4,2,1
Read the passage and answer questions 91-96. 94.Which word in the passage means:
One of the most captivating natural events of the “repeating something else and therefore
year in many areas throughout North America is the unnecessary.”

turning of the leaves in the fall. Summer leaves are A.captivating
green because they are full of chlorophyll, the B.valuable
molecule that captures sunlight and converts that C.precious
energy into new building materials for the tree. As D.evergreen
fall approaches in the northern hemisphere, the E.redundant
amount of solar energy available declines
considerably. For many-evergreen conifers being an 95.What’s the passage about?

exception - the best strategy is to abandon A.chlorophyll
photosynthesis until the spring. So rather than B.autumn leaves
maintaining the now redundant leaves throughout C.seasons
the winter, the tree saves its precious resources D.different trees
and discards them. But before letting its leaves go, E.evergreen conifers
the tree dismantles their chlorophyll molecules and
ships their valuable nitrogen back into the twigs. 96.Choose the correct variant.
As chlorophyll is depleted, other colours that have They have just....the house...... .

been dominated by it throughout the summer begin A.have,cleaned
to be revealed. This unmasking explains the autumn B.had,clean
colours of yellow and orange, but not the brilliant C.have,clean
reds and purples of trees such as the maple or D.had,cleaned
sumac. E.had to,cleaned

91.Choose the wrong variant. 97.Find out the correct variant.

A.Chlorophyll is a molecule that captures sunlight She ......the room......this week.
and converts that energy into new building A.had,painted
materials for the tree. B.has to,paint
B.Because of being full of chlorophyll summer having,painted
leaves are green. D.has,paint
C.Except evergreen conifiers, for many the best E.had to,painted
strategy is to abandon photosynthesis untilthe
spring 98.Complete the sentence.

D.Turning of the leaves in autumn is one of the They would rather
most captivating natural events of the year only in A.stay stay
North America. C.stayed D.had stayed
E.When autumn comes in the northern E.staying
hemisphere,the amount of solar energy available
falls considerably. 99.Complete the sentence.
It is high time to meet the needs.

92.Opt for the appropriate ending. gain B.gain

Chlorophyll is ... . C.gaining D.gained evergreen plant E.have gained
B.a redundant leaf
C.a molecule 100.Opt for the correct variant. energy It was a bad mistake I made.I wish
E.a natural event A.wouldn’t do

B.didn’t do
93.Which word in the passage means: C.wouldn’t make
“to throw something away because it is useless and D.didn’t make
unwanted.” E.hadn’t made dismantle convert discard abandon decline