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Quiz # 1

Part I: Choose the best answer on the following questions. Write your answers on your quiz notebook.
1. Which of the following statements about Catastrophic Hypothesis is TRUE.
a. Solar System formed through a long process.
b. Solar System formed because of Collision among heavenly bodies.
c. Due to collision with sun and a star, planets were made.
d. Improbable events such as creation of the sun god Rah, created the Solar System.
2. Planets formed from a rotating disks of gas and dust around proto-stars. This was according to which of the following theory/hypothesis?
a. Evolutionary Hypothesis c. Catastrophic Hypothesis
b. Solar Nebular Theory d. Encounter Theory
3. Steady state model of the origin of the universe posits that as the universe expands, new matter was created thereby maintaining its density. Which of the following
events led to the rejection of this theory?
a. The discovery of microscope and telescope.
b. predictions of Mayan calendar that the world will end at the year 2017.
c. Cosmic microwave background was discovered and tested
d. Archeologist discovered that the Ancient Egyptians was able to foresee the origin of the universe.
4. Which of the following statements suggest the origin of the universe according to the belief of Indians?
a. Gods Sacrificed Purusha, the primal man whose body parts became the heavenly bodies.
b. It is their belief that Prishsha’s body parts were used by the gods to create the heaven, earth and etc.
c. The sun god, Amun Rah, traveled from dawn to dusk which created everything.
d. The gods, created the sun and earth through the use of dead skin cells.
5. Which of the following statements tells us about the creation of the universe according to Kuba people of Central Africa?
I. Mbombo felt an intense stomach pain, excreting the sun, stars and moon.
II. Mbombo felt that he must excrete something, which put the sun stars and moon to existence.
III. The creator god, Mbombo was alone in the dark water - covered earth.
a. I and II c. I and III
b. II and III d. I, II and III
6. According to Big bang Theory, the universe expanded from a tiny, dense and hot mass to present size and much cooler state. All of this starts from?
a. 13.7 Billion years ago c. 13.7 Million years ago
b. 13.8 Million years ago d. 13 Billion years ago
7. Which of the following statements are TRUE about the Solar Nebular Theory?
a. All planets except sun was formed out of dust and materials.
b. Planets were formed along with the sun.
c. Planets emerged from collision of sun and another star.
d. Hard collision made the planets we have right now.
8. Sun is to all planets in the solar system while massive black hole is to:
a. Stars in Milky Way Galaxy c. Planets in the Solar Nebula theory
b. Universe itself d. Stars in the sky
9. When nucleosynthesis stops due to sufficient cooling, matter dominated the universe up to how many years?
a. 38,000 c. 3,800,000
b. 380,000 d. 33,800,000
10. When the universe entered a dark matter dominating period, it underwent in what particular change?
a. accelerating expansion c. maximum nucleosynthesis
b. expanding d. climatic changes.
11. The following are the large scale feature of the solar system EXCEPT?
a. All Planets revolve around the sun
b. Orbits of the planet are elliptical and are on the same plane
c. All planets are located at regular intervals around the sun.
d. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are gas giants.
12. In explaining the origin of our solar system, there are rival theories that were formulated. These are:
a. Nebular and Encounter Hypothesis. c. Nebular and Solar Nebular Hypothesis
b. Sun – comet and Sun – Star Hypothesis. d. Solar Nebular and Encounter Hypothesis
13. Proto – planet hypothesis implies that as most of the mass move to the center, the remaining materials that will eventually become the planets forms a disk and
the momentum was transferred in which direction?
a. Upward c. Outward
b. Sideward d. Downward
14. Which of the following explains why Venus was put in a retrograde rotation?
a. Because it was made this way. c. Because of high speed impingement with large object.
b. Because of the collision of large objects. d. Because of its distance from the sun.
15. Analysis of water from 67P/Churyumov – Gerasimenko suggests that its isotopic composition is different from earth. This means that?
a. The water from earth surface was brought by comets.
b. Water surface on earth came from somewhere else.
c. A new hypothesis will form about the origin of water on earth.
d. Studies will continue to prove this claim.
Part II: Modified TRUE or FALSE. Write on your quiz notebook ERTANDLYF if the statement is TRUE while EARTHANDLIFE If the statement is FALSE.
_______________1. Matter was sent to form planets according to Sun – Comet encounter hypothesis.
_______________2. Irregular intervals are present as we locate the planets around the sun.
_______________3. Most of the mass of the Solar System are concentrated at the center while angular momentum was held by the Sun.
_______________4. According to James Jeans, a star passing by the sun drawn matter from it, which was condensed to form the planets.
_______________5. Otto Schmidt’s proposed that an interstellar cloud passed by the sun and the matter from it became the planets.
_______________6. Collision with a larger object formed the moon based on the same composition of earth’s mantle and moon’s surface.
_______________7. According to the Nebular Hypothesis, self-gravity contracts a gas cloud to form the Sun itself.
_______________8. Encounter hypothesis was rejected due to lack of possibility that the encounter might happen.
_______________9. The study on Martian Surface found out that liquid water was flowing just recently.
_______________10. New Horizon aimed to study the comet 67P/Churyumov – Gerasimenko for the origin of life on earth.

Part III: ESSAY. (5 points) In your perspective, can we find another solar system similar to our own? How?