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I have completed the application for FFE scholarship and confirm that all the information
provided in the application is true and correct.
I give consent to FFE for sharing of data or other information (non-personal) for purposes
such as grants, fund raising, newsletter and media/press releases, etc.
I agree to respond to all FFE communication via email and phone in a timely manner.
I agree to participate in events/classes (online/classroom) and other preparatory or other
courses that may be offered by FFE as a requirement of the Scholarship Program as and
when they are introduced.
I also recognize that FFE has raised funds year after year from donors in India and US to
provide scholarships to students like me towards completing their professional degree.
I further understand that FFE will need more funds in future years to support more students.
Once I complete my degree, I expect to start on a job and grow in my career and income.
For the timely support I am receiving from FFE, and recognizing the value of donations for
such a cause, I pledge to support the vision of FFE in one of the following ways:
1. I will contribute funds to support at least two FFE scholars in my life time, AND/OR
2. I will raise private or corporate funds to support two FFE scholars, AND/OR
3. I will help organize a group of former FFE scholars to conduct group fund raising.
I agree to submit copies of my final marks sheet along with the degree certificate obtained to
FFE upon my graduation.
I further pledge that I will keep FFE informed of any changes in my address and employment
and occupational status in future years.
I also understand that for receiving the scholarship, I need to maintain regular contact with
my facilitator (on at least three or four occasions in a year), keep him/her informed of my
progress and seek his/her advice and counsel at all times.

Name of Applicant Signature of Applicant Date


I hereby declare that the information provided in this application by my son/daughter/ward is

true and correct. For the support that my son/daughter/ward is receiving from FFE, I undertake
and pledge that my son/daughter/ward will support the mission of FFE by contributing in one or
more of the three ways identified in the Pledge signed by my son/daughter/ward.

I also undertake to keep FFE informed about the address and employment status of my
son/daughter/ward at all times.

Name of Parent/Guardian Signature of Parent/Guardian Date