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1.1 Background Of Study

There are many accidents that happen until today that involve
many of people’s life. The accident occurred when some of driver
careless on the road that cause the other driver lost control when driving.
Sometimes the driver behavior also be the factor of the accident
happened. They ignoring the safety and the rule while on the road that
causing the deadly accident.

The factor of accident happened is caused by the driving

distracted. Many drivers usually make a call and chatting when driving.
That also have driver see the application in phone like Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter and the others. Second factor is always drive in high
speed. Mostly driver like to speeding up their vehicle because its look
like fun and satisfy them to finish up their throttle. Other than that, driving
in drowsiness, wrong way, do not stop when traffic light is red, unsafe
change lane, do not give a signal light and others.
There are also many cases of driver and passenger die because
of smell the harmful gas. The harmful gas killed many people either
young or old. It happens because the people like to sleep in the car and
turn on the air conditioner in the car and not open the window a little bit.
The situation is very dangerous because if we turn on the air conditioner
and close the window, it will cause driver less oxygen and of shortness
of breath.

1.2 Statement Of Problem

Many people die because of the smell to much harmful gas such
as Carbon Monoxide ( CO ). The gas is harmful because it contains
substances that are harmful to health. All vehicle must have safety
device that can overcome the problem of harmful gases found in the car
when involved with accident. Sometimes, the vehicle which involved in
the accident is difficult to track for example when it drops off the cliffs
and many more. There must have an alert system when an accident
happened so that easy to identify the location of the vehicle involved in
the accident such as it flies into the jungle.

1.3 Research Objective

The main objective of this study is:

i. To develop safety device for use in automotive industry

ii. To propose another safety device for vehicle
1.4 Scope of Study

The scope of study stated as below:

i. The safety device will operate when detect crash

ii. It created to detect the location of accident occur
iii. It save time for victims from wait the rescue

1.5 Expected Result

This product is based on safety for used in automotive industry.

This safety device will widely use in vehicle electrical system to help
victim in the car which involved in accident will get help immediately.
This device will increase the safety statistic in Malaysia and to make
sure everyone take part to develop the safety awareness.

The device is to introduced as new safety product and to support the

safety for the vehicle in automotive industry. We must take serious for
the safety for driver and passenger to keep they comfortable.