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Music 7

Session Guide in Music

Grade 7 - Melody

Session Title : Session Guide in Music -MELODY Grade 7

No. of Participants : ___________ Male : ______ Female : _____
Participants Profile : ______________________________________________
Duration : 2 hours

I. Objectives : The 2-hour session guide is designed to help the participants understand Melody as an element of music in
order to understand the songs of the Philippine Music appropriate for the target learners of grades 7.
The participants should be able to :
A. Demonstrate understanding of Melody as an element in music.
B. Introduce the importance of Melody in Philippine Music.
 Indigenous Philippine Music
 Folk Song
 Philippine Art Song-Kundiman
 Western Music or Contemporary Musical Style
C. Identify melody through its
 Pitch, direction, range, key signature, intervals
 Scales-Major, minor
 Melodic Notation
 solfege
D. Perform folk songs and other examples of song genre in Philippine music.

Expected Output : Participants must be able to ensure understanding of the session guide to answer our concern on the
critical content of Grade 7 Music curriculum.

II. Key Understanding/ Content : In this activity , participants will :

A. Recognize the musical terms and symbols in Melody.
B. Identify the different vocal music of the following:
DepEd Session Guide | Music 7(MELODY)

 Indigenous Philippine Music

 Folk Song
 Philippine Art Song - Kundiman
 Western Music or Contemporary

C. Explore the pitch and theme of the songs in Philippine Music.

D. Analyse the scales, melodic contour, and key signatures of the songs.
E. Listen and sing simple songs in Philippine Music.
F. Watch Video presentation about the topic.
G. Sing songs like folk songs, indigenous, art song among others in Philippine Music.

III. References :
1.DepEd K to 12 Curriculum Guide in Music (Grade 7)
2.Learning Material in Music and Arts for Grade 7
3.Teacher’s Guide in Music and Arts for Grade 7

Videos – You Tube

1.Liturgical Music -
2. Ragragsakan -
3.Bangi Chant-Mindoro -
4.Ayug Ti Amianan UST Singers -
5. ohoy alibangbang-
6.atin cu pung sing -

Google – for research

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Music 7
DepEd Session Guide | Music 7(MELODY)

Session Guide in Music

Grade 7 - Melody

Objectives: Key Learning Points Methodology/Activity Materials/ Slide No. Time/

The participant should be able to: In this activity , participants will :

1. Demonstrate 1. Recognize the musical Introduction. The participant must

understanding of Melody terms and symbols in be ready to participate in all Start of the Power
as an element in music. Melody. activities suited for the topic in this point Presentation
a. Grand Staff Session Guide. Participants must
b. Clef have the necessary materials
c. Time Signature needed for the activity.
d. Notes
e. Rest DO : Greet the participants and
f. Bar Line/Measure welcome them for a very interesting
music lesson…MELODY in
Philippine Music

Set the mood of the participants

that since the topic is about singing,
then give them simple instructions
or house rules for their participants
to remember always.
 Simple relaxing exercises
 Proper Breathing
 Simple vocalization

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DepEd Session Guide | Music 7(MELODY)

2. Introduce the importance 2. Identify the different vocal Let’s Review:

of Melody in Philippine music of the following: Warm Up.
Music. a. Indigenous Philippine 1. Speak the Sol-fa syllables in any
Music order.
b. Folk Song
c. Philippine Art Song –
d. Western Music or

Review :
3. Identify melody through 3. Explore the pitch and Sing the Sol-fa syllables with
its theme of the songs in Kodaly Hand Sign.
a. Pitch, direction, range, Philippine Music. DO : Introduce the Zoltan Kodaly
key signature,intervals 4. Analyse the scales, and the Kodaly Hand Signal in class.
b. Scales-Major, minor melodic contour, and key
c. Melodic Notation signatures of the songs.
d. solfege
4. Perform folk songs and
other examples of song
genre in Philippine music.

SAY: Let’s try the Kodaly Hand


Sing the melodic intervals.

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DepEd Session Guide | Music 7(MELODY)

Remember This : 2nd -Dr rm-mf-fs-sl-lt-td’

Melody , an element of music 3rd-dm-rf-ms-fl-st-ld’-tr’-d’m’
also known as the tune, the voice
or the line ; a horizontal
presentation of pitch that goes SAY : What did we sing? Can you
up or down either by step, skip, consider it Melody?
constant or on stationary motion ,
derived from the various scales; Discuss the Grand Staff, Key
described as conjunct or signatures.
disjunct in motion.
Using the song Si Filemon,and Ili-Ili
Pitch –highness or lowness of Tulog Anay. Write the letter names.
musical sound
Sing Si Filemon and Ili Ili …sing
Range – distance between the using the letter names
high tone and the low tone
Explain home tone or key note.
Scales – organized melodies Major and minor scale
arranged in
ascending/descending order Read using the movable do system

Major Scale – most commonly

used musical scale with Western Discuss melodic range.
Influence. You may know because
most of the songs sound bright or
happy. Usually, it rest on a major
chord and it is written using a
capital letter.
minor scale – a scale that may
sound dark and gloomy with a
sad , somber character

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DepEd Session Guide | Music 7(MELODY)

Pentatonic Scale –a scale with Activity No. 1: I know my Folksong

five notes per octave. Usually So Well!
used in creating folksongs around Let’s play a game. You may use a
the world. piece of paper to answer. Guess the
Sample Folksong : Key signature of the songs.
1. Naraniag A Bulan
2. Atin Cu Pung Singsing
3. Paru-Parong Bukid Title Key
4. Sarung Banggi Atin cu pung D
5. Pamulinawen Santa Clara G
Sample Art Songs : Si Filemon F
1. Ang Maya Manang Biday C
2. Bituing Marikit Ili-ili e minor
3. Pakiusap Sarung Banggi Minor-major
Sample Ethnic Song :
1. Ragragsakan Group Activity.
2. Chua -ay Philippine Folksongs are songs
3. Salidommay handed down from one generation
Song Literature : to another.
1. Atin Cu Pung Singsing – a
Kapampangan song about Enumerate 5 folksongs and analyse
a lost ring and how he in terms of Key signature and range.
longed to find it
2. Santa Clara-a song SAY: There are many kinds of vocal
offered to a saint for the music found in the Philippines.
gift of bearing a child. Folksong is just one of them. Would
3. Pamulinawen-an Ilocano you like to discover more of our
song asking a girl for songs? Write down the different
forgiveness liturgical songs discussed in the
4. Ili-Ili Tulog Anay- an video.
Ilonggo song to put a baby

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DepEd Session Guide | Music 7(MELODY)

to sleep SAY: How important are these

5. Sarung Banggi – A liturgical songs to us Filipinos ? Do
Bicolano Song that talks you think we can sing this?
about one evening,
thinking of how lovely a
face of a love one is.

5. Listen and sing simple

songs in Philippine Music.
6. Watch Video presentation
about the topic. Activity No. 4
7. Sing songs like folk songs, Let’s try singing the Pasyon. Now we
indigenous, art song will divide the group into two. The
among others in girls will sing the melody while the
Philippine Music boys will sing the second line or
harmony. You may use the song in
Remember This. the LM of Grade 7.
In the Philippines , we were DO: Ask the participants, what
influence by the Spaniards so we happens to the tone of the music?
have liturgical songs such as
Pastores, Senakulo, Pasyon,
Salubong, Flores de Mayo and
Santa Cruzan.
Examples of Sacred Music
Pastores –a form of sacred

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DepEd Session Guide | Music 7(MELODY)

musical composition that sets the

invariable/constant portions of
the Eucharistic liturgy.
Senakulo- is a Lenten play that
depicts events from the Old
Testaments related to the life ,
sufferings, and death of Christ.
Pasyon- is a Philippine epic
narrative of the life of Jesus
Christ, focused on his Passion,
Death, and Resurrection. With Introduce Secular song
stanzas compose of 5 lines with
eight syllables each. Sample song for Balitaw
Salubong – a traditional Filipino ( Narrative)
devotion that re-enacts the 1.Sa Libis ng Nayon
encounter of the Risen Christ 2.Baya Mo, Neneng
with his mother. 3.Arimunding-munding
4. Inday sa Balitaw
Remember This :
If Sacred Music promotes Sample songs for Harana-
devotion and faith to us Filipinos, (Serenade)
Secular Music is for non- 1. Dungawin Mo, Hirang
religious purposes. 2. Ang Tangi Kong Pag-ibig
Examples of Secular Music 3. O, Ilaw
Harana-a serenade traditionally
sung by a man to express his love Sample song for Kumintang(Love
to a lady. Usually accompanied by Song/ War)
a guitar. With a danza menor or 1.Mutya ng Pasig
habanera tempo usually in duple
or quadruple meter. Sample for Kundiman(love Song)
Pandanggo –a variation of 1.Pilipinas Kong Mahal

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DepEd Session Guide | Music 7(MELODY)

Spanish word Fandango.a type of -Francisco Santiago

song to entertain the farmers in 2.Nasaan Ka, Irog and Huling Awit
the rice field. The singers are -Nicanor Abelardo
called Pandanggeros and 3.Jocelynang Baliwag
Pandanggeras. -Unknown , inspired by
Polka-performed in elegant Revolutionaries in Bulacan
evening gatherings at the height during 1896 revolution
of its popularity during the 4.Sa Sariling Bayan – V. Tolentino
Spanish colonization. Quick, 5.Iyo, Kailan pa Man – Angel Peña
duple meter with melodic line by
diatonic chord. Sample song for
Balitaw-Dialogue or courtship Pandanggo(Dance)
song in triple meter in 2 or 3 part 1.Pandangguhan
forms arranged with counter
melodies. Sample song for Polka(Dance)
Kumintang-originated in 2.Magtanim ay di Biro
Balayan, Batangas, in triple meter 3.Leron, Leron SInta
with themes of love and
Kundiman-came from the words
Kung Hindi Man.

Sample Songs for listening :

1. Ragragsakan
2. Owi-wi- Kalinga Lullaby
3. Ibaloi Badiw – a style of
singing without prior
preparation or practice in

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DepEd Session Guide | Music 7(MELODY)

leader chorus form.

1. Bayok lullaby
2. Lugu

Remember This.
Hudhud is a long tale from the
Ifugao chanted during Harvest or
special occasions. The Tale of
Hudhud Aliguyon is about the
heroism of two warriors who
later became good friends.
Ambahan is vocal music from
Mindoro composed of seven
syllable line ending in rhymes.
Use often by parents for teaching
their children, in courtship and
also by visitors to ask for food.
Usually, the texts are written
Sung chanted with accompanying
Kulial is a lyrical poem from
Palawan expressing love.
Accompanied by kudyapi (Two-
stringed lute) played by man ,
and a bamboo zither called
pagang, played by a woman.
Lugu is a chant by the Yakans in
Mindanao on the readings of
their Qur’an and other religious

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DepEd Session Guide | Music 7(MELODY)

Bayok is from Maranao , a term
for lyrical rendition of different
improvised text used for
courtship, wedding rites, etc.

Remember This.
Philippine Festivals – a
celebration or series of events
and performances in
commemoration of a person,
religious events, history or

Theater Arts – it has been alive

since 1600’s in the Philippines.
Komedya /Moro Moro – played
an active role in converting the
early Filipinos to Christianity
Sarswela – Lyric theatre drama ,
comical in nature, incorporated
with singing, dancing and
dialogue. It originated in Spain
and became popular in the
Philippines o 1800’s
Bodabil – or Vaudaville
Is a stage show that became
popular during the Japanese
period. Popular from 1910 to mid
1960’s in theU.S. Was introduced
to the Philippines around the turn of

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DepEd Session Guide | Music 7(MELODY)

the 20th century.Shows featured

comedic, and dramatic skits,
musical numbers and even magic

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DepEd Session Guide | Music 7(MELODY)

Suggested Activity : Melody is the most important part
of any song. Because it is the basis of
Perform a Mini Concert called other elements, the foundation and
Kantahan at Sayawan sa Aming the structure. Why? Because before
Bayan. we learn to love the lyrics, we first
learn the tune. There is melody
Kundiman Festival when we laugh, when we knock,
whistle, etc…So when we sing,
words became so easy to remember
because we hear a melodious tune.

Composing a melody may seem so

hard but you may start by listening
to good melodies that will give the
inspiration to start writing. If you
cannot play, you may hum the tune
and sing it with your words.

Because each melody composed

comes the heart.
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