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Aimer: Veronica Bonilla March-April Newsletter

Made Strong in Our

While ministering in Japanese/
English worship and youth services
at Global Impact Center, God poured
out emotional and physical healing
and we thank God for seeing
breakthroughs. Two-thousand
Easter Sunday pamphlets were
prayed for and distributed around to
the local community.

Welcome the Spring Season

At the Southern Regional Conference in Okinawa, God made promises of
the Spring season bringing new birth and growth into the JUPC. Local
leadership, missionaries, and Aimers received the order to fight in the
Spirit for Japan. Saints and leaders prayed for one another. There were
several reports of healings occurred in our healing service.
Aimer: Veronica Bonilla March-April Newsletter

From the bottom of my
heart, thank you.
Each day I am watching as lost
souls in Japan hear the Gospel
and receive the love of Jesus
Christ. You have given me the
opportunity to pray on Japanese
soil for souls and for the church.
Every chance I have to lift a
burden from the missionaries
here, I want to take that
opportunity to encourage them.

Deep Calls to Deep Tomo ‘Friend' Group

Daily, the addicted, broken souls of This is a weekly Bible study where we
Okinawa gather to drink in the park. pray, worship, teach and fellowship.
As we sang and prayed for them, it
was clear that God's presence
moved on them. One of the women
began to cry and hold my hand as if
asking me to not go away. Another
man eagerly testified that God had
healed him after requesting prayer.
The eyes of the men lit up as they
felt the joy of worship.

Prayer Requests:
• Pray that God strengthens the church body
• Pray that God connects the hungry, unsaved souls in Japan to the church
• Pray for provision so the missionaries and Aimers can continue their work
• Pray that God adds labourers to this field
• Pray for love, peace and purpose to fill the hearts of the Japanese