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Ednas School of San Carlos

San Carlos City, Pangasinan

Junior High School Department

S. Y. 2018 - 2019

ECONOMICS: Business Proposal

Presented by:

Mark Stephen C. De Venecia

Maxine Angelie S. Manuel

Presented to:

Ronie B. Soriano, LPT

Group Work
Assume that you have a common business interest, and you wish to put up a
partnership. To get started, you need to do first the following:

1. Decide on

a. The type or nature of business

- Partnership

b. The product you will produce

- Korean stationary products and merchandises

c. The type of market you will cater to

- Perfect market

d. The place where you will put up the business

- Commercial-bound sites, malls, etc.

e. Initial capitalization
- Php 750,000.00

2. Conceptualize the name of your business

- Honey Bunch Inc.

3. Formulate its mission and vision.

i. Mission:
- The Honey Bunch Company aims to provide the society with
well-manufactured products that will sustain the needs and
wants of each and every one. It formulates reasonable and
fine prices with high quality products to reach the
expectations of consumers and earn their trust from the
goods and services of the company.

ii. Vision:
- A company that allows the citizens to experience delight
through finely-served goods and services that include
comforting merchandises. It inspires the people to actually
expose their undying passion for Korean environments that
will lead to the elevation of Honey Bunch Inc.. Honey Bunch
Inc. let’s consumers bargain their needs with satisfaction as
they purchase the product that they need.
4. Create a company logo

5. Construct an organizational flow chart

Mark Stephen C. De Venecia Maxine Angelie S.

Owner Manuel Owner



Receptionist Employee 1 Janitor

Sales Janitor
Worker Employee 2

Employee 3 Facilitator

Employee 4