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Program / Semester ​M.

Tech-Engineering Management/II semester

Course name ​Project Management
Course Code ​HUM 5202
Activity/Assignment No.
Type Last date for
Submission Format ​Submission ​2. Application January 3, 2019 Soft Copy through LMS
/E-Mail ​Assignment [6 marks]
The objective of this assignment is to apply the concept of project management that has been
discussed during
the coursework.
You are a Project Manager in a highly project-oriented organization. You have been
managing an application development project, and have recently completed its
execution. The Resource Manager in your organization is planning to disband your
project team for a different project. Would he be correct in disbanding and assigning the
project team to a different project at this point? Justify your answer.
a. ​Yes, because in a project-oriented organization, it is not necessary to close projects
after their execution is complete. ​b. ​No, because in a project-oriented organization, the
Project Manager has more
authority than the Resource Manager. ​c. ​Yes, because the execution of the project is
complete. ​d. ​No, because the project is not yet closed.
Your project spans the entire organization. You would like to assess the risk of the
project, but you are worried that some managers involved in the project could affect the
outcome of any risk identification meeting and also some employees would not want to
publicly identify risk events that could make their supervisors look bad. You would like to
implement a method that will allow participants to anonymously identify risk events.
Which risk identification method could you use? Justify your answer. ​a. Expert
Judgement b. Delphi Technique c. SWOT Analysis d. Root cause Analysis
You're preparing a status report for your project stakeholders, based on the
performance of your project till date. The project has a budget of $567,000 and is sixty
percent complete. However, the project should have been 75 percent complete. The
costs of the project till date are ten percent more than what was planned to reach this
sixty percent milestone. What is the cost performance index that you should include in
your status report?