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Philosophy of Teaching

Jeremia Vergara

Raritan Valley Community College

Professor Kimberly Schirner

March 24, 2019


Education is the base of a successful life, and every student has the right to be taught to
their fullest potential by highly qualified teachers. Each child is unique and need an environment
that promotes growth physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. I desire to create this
environment for the benefit of my students. As a teacher, I am always learning something from
students, colleagues, parents, and the community. I will fully encourage my students to use their
abilities and effort to the furthest extent.
Some people believe that a teacher’s role isn’t a crucial need in a child’s life. This just
isn’t the case. A teacher is there to be the child’s role model. Teachers know that children are the
future of any nation. We are the children’s planner, developer, and even a surrogate parent.
Using Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development, I can create an environment that allows the
child to comfortably learn by discovering. Piaget’s theory believed problem-solving skills
revolved around the child learning it by himself/herself. As a teacher, I will dedicate myself to
focus on the learning process rather than the outcomes.
The role of the child is to be an active learner. As mentioned before, children deserve to
be educated to their fullest potential. It is important to note that not all children are the same.
Each one learns at a different rate. The children should be active in learning by being involved
and dedicating themselves with the best effort they can bring forward.
Much like the student, a teacher must learn to adapt to his/her environment. The
environment I create should be the push that my students need to learn. I want my students to
share and express themselves so that the environment can serve as a comfortable space for them.
Students must have a strong attendance and attention in order to achieve their best work.
Developing a curriculum around their interests and motivation stimulates the will to learn.
There is always room for improvement. This goes for the teacher and the student. One
hope as an educator is to implant a love of learning into my students. Today’s world is all about
competition. It is important that a good education is received and to work with others who show
compassion to the individual needs of others. As an educator, it is my job to ensure that I can
always improve to do the best of my ability to teach.