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We guide Student Pride

Education enlightens life and enriches the beauty of learning and prospering. An individual
development is more important when compared to any other so called society development, nation
development etc.The fruits of education must be endeavoured equally by all the students. But, when
examined thoroughly, We found that the there are many students out there restricting their own
capacity of grasping power due to continuous failures and lack of confidence. Hence we came up with
a solution which minimizes the number of failure students per year in academic results by value
added subject knowledge and also boosts up their self confidence and makes them to stand out among
Who are We??
We are the face of CithaKomala publications. Our mission is to achieve 100% academic results by
2020 with no failure students.
What do We do?
We guide the students to learn the subject knowledge easily by implementing the ancient learning
methods listed by the great Chanakya and help them to achieve the goals easily.
Why do We do?
Generations have changed, Syllabus have been changed through the course of years but not the
mindset of student. Though we have the same teacher teaching the entire class, we find variations in
the student’s ability of understanding the concept. In-spite of attending the school regularly,
listening to classes, attending the tuition's etc... Still we can see no improvement in a particular
student in academic results in most of the cases. Our aim is to uplift the talent of such students.

How do We do?
We tie up with all the interested educational institutions and work closely with all the students by
following our learning principles and motivate the students to learn better.
Vision of our Mission?
We educate the students the importance of implementing the traditional methods of learning through
which a student can be highly successful by practicing simple methods. It all depends upon the mental
ability which gives the immense strength to tackle the life situations. A strong mental health makes a
person powerful in his thoughts and actions. Hence we are campaigning to stop the stress imposed on
a child’s mental ability and should start nourishing them with optimism instead.

Kindly add Recognition to our Mission by your Evaluation

Note: Please answer the questions from students perspective.

1. I was able to completely concentrate on my classes which are not in my interest list.
2. I was able to complete my homework on time. YES/NO
3. I was good in all the subjects. YES/NO
4. I was able to dedicate enough time on the subjects I lack. YES/NO
5. I used to help myself to get better day by day in my studies. YES/NO
6. I used to work on my mistakes after discussing them with my teachers. YES/NO
7. I used to have a proper study plan. YES/NO
8. I used to dedicate the entire allocated time for studying only. YES/NO
9. I was aware of the concepts before being taught in the class. YES/NO
10. I used to skip reading the question clearly before learning the answer. YES/NO
11. I used to forget all my preparation before the exam starts. YES/NO
12. I knew my mistakes when I failed in a particular exam. YES/NO
13. I used to change the preparation pattern from one exam to the other. YES/NO
14. I used to prefer____________________ during the exams
15. I used to______________ if I feet boredom during my preparation
16. I was weak in ______________ Subject
17. I used to feel__________ when the exam time comes( Fear, Happy, Challenging)
18. I used to ___________ my mistakes for next exams (Repeat, Avoid)
19. Comparing my academic results used to ___________ me (Discourage, Encourage)
20. I used to feel happy when my effort is recognized. YES/NO

Your support is our prosperity and your feedback is our improvement.

Thank you !!