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APA Citation Worksheet – Answer Key

Give the in-text citation and reference page citation for the following resources. You should give the citation for a
direct quote without integrating it into your writing. An example quote is given so that all you must do is give the
citation afterward.

1. Author(s): Lynn Smith Year: 2010

Title: A Study of Undergraduate Students Page number: article pgs. 170-191; quote pg. 172
Journal: Collegiate Learning Review

In-Text: “… out of every five students feels unprepared for writing classes” __(Smith, 2010, p. 172)___.

Reference: ___Smith, L. (2010). “A study of undergraduate students.” Collegiate Learning Review, 170-191._____

2. Author(s): Allen Jameison and Susan Plette Volume: 4

Title: A Quick Look at the Symptoms of Adult-Onset Cardiac Disease in Diabetics Issue: 2
Journal: Journal of Medical Practices Page number: article pgs. 80-85; quote on pg. 83
Year: 2013

In-Text: “…showed few symptoms after two weeks of treatment” ___(Jameison & Plette, 2013, p. 83)___.

Reference: __Jameison, A. & Plette, S. (2013). “A quick look at symptoms of adult-onset cardiac disease in
diabetes.” Journal of Medical Practices 4(2), 80-85.__

3. Author(s): Steven Marisol Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing

Title: Mathematical Concepts for Non-Math Majors City of Publication: New York City, New York
Year: 2008 Page number: quote pg. 214

In-Text: “…to show the matrices’ values” ____(Marisol, 2008, p. 214)___.

Reference: _Marisol, S. (2008). Mathematical concepts for non-math majors. New York City, NY: McGraw-Hill.___

4. Author(s): Jan Plumm and Carol Neischke Publisher: Harley Publishing, Inc.
Title: A Creationist View of Sexuality City of Publication: New Brunswick, New Jersey
Year: 2008 Page number: quote pg. 113-114

In-Text: “…sexual habits leading to cohabitation” __(Plumm & Neischke, 2008, p. 113-114)___.
Reference: __Plumm, J. & Neischke, C. (2008). A creationist view of sexuality. New Brunswick, NJ: Harley
5. Author(s): John P. Ackran Date of Publication: September 21, 2013
Title of webpage: Statistics of Insurance Coverage of Elderly Date of Access: April 3, 2014
Sponsoring Organization: Organization for Medical Reform

In-Text: “…no coverage available” ___(Ackran, 2013)__.

Reference: __Ackran, J. P. (2013). Statistics of Insurance Coverage of Elderly. Retreived from

6. Author(s): No specific author Date of Publication: May 3, 2011

Title: Coordinating Grassroot Campaigns for Liberal Conservatives Date of Access: June 28, 2014
Main Page Title: Grassroot Strategies
Sponsoring Organization: Grassroots of America

In-Text: “…by building on previous voters” __(Grassroots of America, 2011)__.

Reference: ___Grassroots of America. (2011). Coordinating Grassroot Campaigns for Liberal Conservatives.
Grassroot Strategies. Retrieved from
campaigns/0012/abd. __