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Bitcoin Wallet Recovery Data Sheet

This document holds the information and instructions required for you to
recover your BTC Wallet should anything happen.
Print it out and keep it in a safe location; if you lose these details you
will never be able to recover your wallet.

Wallet Identifier (v3)


Backup Info
Encrypted Primary Seed
library fee six polar suspect february extra fan wild amount abandon absent undo
pottery horror venture when screen horror clever electric help can voice evoke
frequent trigger wave page long hospital zebra arrive climb bright sphere absorb
fortune special live scene gossip weather company adult orchard arch afford apology
control put access army dilemma wing hole chest example wait scan

Backup Seed
case salmon rule control evil danger liar either unknown vanish solar lucky kangaroo
custom spread tackle before leaf cricket control radio filter rookie barely

Encrypted Recovery Secret

library extra smart fine marine planet blush ensure reward session abandon ability
dream mix unlock dynamic random current identify digital decline rookie minimum own
liquid vendor harbor baby man tumble thing enlist afford heart sorry stay fence
armed wealth real prison shift balance power office toast leisure peanut noble faith
puzzle amount rug erode slim meat thank affair add multiply
BTC Wallet Public Keys
2 in total

KeyIndex: 0 Path: M/0’ KeyIndex: 9999 Path: M/9999’


Support Secret
this can be shared with helpdesk to proof ownership of backup document

Backup Info - part 2
This page needs to be replaced / updated when wallet password is changed!

Password Encrypted Secret

library fish animal dignity gas tackle one father cute session abandon absorb stereo
embody connect crew fruit vote erosion ride wise tuition voyage student route stone
yard toe wheel grass erupt song total river permit coconut trust swarm tuna maximum
waste move receive hire desert skin bottom one acid brand seven erupt artist okay
load exile wrong weather federal high

Wallet Recovery Instructions

You can recover the bitcoins in your wallet on
using this backup sheet.
For a more technical aproach on how to recover your wallet yourself, see the
’wallet_recovery_example.php’ script in the examples folder of the Blocktrail