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JSON  stand for JavaScript Object Notation is a syntax for storing

and exchanging data. JSON is derived from the Java programming
language, but this format is available for many other languages
including Python, Ruby, PHP, and Java. JSON is an open standard for
exchange data in the form of text by using a simple syntax, it can
store any data, starting from data like numbers, strings, arrays and
objects in text form.

json_endcode json_decode
json_encode functions is to json_decode the opposite of
change the Array shape to JSON json_encode is to change the
JSON format to an Array.
The advantages and
benefits of JSON Form of JSON
 Easy to read or write by computer or human
Almost all programming languages provide libraries or
functions that make it easy to read or create JSON
JSON is easy to map in the data structures used by most
programming languages such as number, string, boolean,
null, array and associative arrays.

Array is a collection of single data used in one array variable whose memory address is
different, called an array element that we can access based on an index.

Auto Increment Form Validation

Auto Increment is a function that operates on Form validation is needed as security from the
numeric data types. It automatically generates website. validation can also prevent things
sequential numeric values every time that a that are not desirable. The form validation is
record is inserted into a table for a field defined required for inputting data like determining the
as auto increment. Rules in auto increment: required form, create password confirmation,
 a. the field must be defined as the primary key etc. Implementing the form validation needs to
b. add the AUTO_INCREMENT keyword to the field create a controller file and view. The controller
definition. file loads the validation library and runs the
c. must be numeric type (TINYINT, INT, FLOAT, validation rules for the form data submitted.
DECIMAL, etc.). The file view holds the XHTML form code.
d. there can only be one field auto increment in a
table, it can't be more.