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Reading comprehension is the ability to read a text, process it and try

to comprehend the meaning. Reading is an important skill in our daily life

because it can give so many advantages for us. Through reading, pupils can

obtain plenty of information which can expand their knowledge and learning.

Besides, in learning, being able to comprehend reading passage is a must.

When the teacher gives text for the pupils to answer some questions, they

possibly cannot answer it well if they do not comprehend reading passage

well. It is like two aspects which cannot be separated. It is like fire and fume

two things that is inseparable. That is a fact in comprehending text that is

absolutely needed. Related with the present study, reading comprehension is

not as simple as people’s imagination to achieve. There are aspects that must

be considered if the teacher wants to successfully conduct the teaching

learning process. Reading comprehension is an effort to understand, evaluate

and also recognize the author’s ideas of reading text (Mc Whorter,2005:3). It

is very important to be mastered by the students because in reading

comprehension, the students are expected to get the main ideas and the detail

information from the text. Reading skill is very important in taking a test.

Therefore, pupils must have a good reading comprehension if they really want

to pass the exams and then graduate. Meanwhile, Pressley describes that

reading focuses on fire literacy domains as essential to successful reading

development, phonemes, awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and

comprehension. Pupils can get many vocabularies that they need by reading.

Moreover, it can be applied in speaking and writing as well, however, reading


is not simply a process of getting the meaning of what the readers read

because the readers have to interpret what they have read and comprehend.

In addition, Johnson (2008:109) states that reading is the act of

creating meaning with the text. This process will require the use of

background knowledge, Vocabulary, experience of the readers to help them in

comprehending the written text. In reading comprehension, almost all of the

pupils have difficulties in comprehending the contents and the components in

reading such as 3 topic of the material is really new for the pupils and they do

not know what actually the text tells about such as getting the main idea,

finding the meaning of a word, phrase or sentence, and textual reference in a

text. Reading was the major problem that was found in the society today. They

had law motivation in reading.They were popssibly aware if the teacher

always remind and motivate them that reading could train their comprehension

besides, expanding their insight.



The objective of this study is to examine the reasons that affects the reading

and comprehension of Grade IV Pupils.

Reading means many things to many people. It can be one of the most

rewarding, preoccupation of the individual. His horizons and making it possible to

partake of means accumulated experience and achievement through the ages. It is

an active dialogue between the author and the reader and it is the role on one’s

success in school. Reading is one of the most important skills in English than an

individual must need to master. It is a toll subject for it is prerequisite of all

learning areas. It serves as a gateway to every child to learn the different subject

because a child has a difficulty in reading, he may encounter also difficulties in all

subject areas. At the same time, where the technology becomes an advance pupils

have become addicted to the modern facilities and gadgets. Many of them prefer

to play online games, text, chat in the internet rather than read a book. Too much

engagement caused pupils to have poor level of reading and comprehension.

Comprehension is reading with understanding. It is decoding meaning from

the printed text not only in single words or sentences but also of the inter

relationships among the sentences in discourse.

One of the many problems of our pupils today is how to improve their reading

speed and comprehension skills. Pupils cannot answer questions about the topic he

has read. The reading process requires continues practice, development, and

refinement. In addition, reading, requires creativity and critical analysis.

This study focus on the reading comprehension of the pupils on their levels of

achieving good communication skills in reading. The study of reading


comprehension of Grade IV pupils can determine how far their learning is now

upgraded for the preparation to the next level of their learning process.

Throughout time, advancements in technology have changed the course of

history. Computers, Televisions, Cellular Phones and Tablets continue to change

the way we receive and send information. Over the years, Cellphones have been a

great influence to Filipinos and especially to the students. The explosion of cell

phone use in the last few decades has been astounding; In most school, most

students own a cellphone whatever the rules are at their school about cellphone,

students use them. Sometimes they are caught by their teachers, the rules are at

their school about cellphones, pupils use them.

This distracts students to understand their lessons and find it difficult when it

comes to reading comprehension. Most of the times pupils spend time texting,

chatting and playing games. Because of these, They don’t have time to read and

make studies as a hobbit.



This research is designed to focus in finding out the reasons that affect

pupils reading and comprehension of grade IV level.

Specially, this study aims to answer the following questions:

1. What are the reasons affecting pupils reading and


2. How can cellphones and gadgets affect reading


3. How to improve reading comprehension?


The study sought to find out the reasons affecting pupils reading and

comprehension of grade IV level. This is limited to Salay Central School in

Salay District of Misamis Oriental Division. The respondents of the study will

be 43 pupils of Grade IV-HOPE in the said school.



This part deals with the methods used in the study. It includes the

following sections. Sampling, Data Collection and Plan for data analysis of the



The population of this study will be the Grade IV Hope of Salay

Central School,Salay District consisting of 43 pupils for school year 2017-

2018 with that population the sample size will be 43 pupils-respondents

and they will be selected using the random sampling.


The questionnaires will be distributed to the respondents in

Grade IV Hope-Salay Central School-Salay District. The researcher

will personally distribute the questionnaires so that the doubt from the

respondents will be derived immediately.


In Order for data to be presented in real situations, respondents

should be aware that they will be involved in a research study . In this

research project, respondents will be informed of the details of the

objectives of the researcher and they will be asked to fill in questionnaire.


Research questionnaires will be scored. The scoring method

will be applied in each item using the following scale values.


A score of 4.0 - 5.0 – Always

2.0 – 3.0 – Sometime

0 - 1.0 – Never

The above scaling will be applied to determine the level in each item indicated

in the questionnaire. The result will be presented in tabular form readability and easy


The frequency count and percentage will be used in the presentation of

respondents profile. The weighted mean will determine the level of weigh of each item in the



Activities June July August September October

1. To ask permit to
conduct Basic

2. To conduct
dissemination and

3. To submit
Basic Research

4. To administer
questionnaire to 43

5. To tabulate the
data gathered

6. Finalize the
research study

7. Presentation of

8. Submission of soft
bound copy


Research is an important part of the lives of the teachers. Teacher do research

as part of their function. The researcher believes that research associated with

gathering information, analyzing and interpreting the data collected. Reliably when

this research be done estimating the cost of starting and operating will be given


Cost estimates for research project proposal was made by the research before

the project started and it should presented under each specific subheading, each

representing a group of related expenditure items.

This research proposal presented the budget thru a line item (tabular)

representation of the expenses associated with the proposal activities. This research

study need cost estimates which are needed to be as accurate as possible to cover the

expenses proposed in the research project.

Table 1
Proposed Budget for the Research Project
Activities/Items Notes Unit Rate July August September October Total
1. To ask permit to conduct Basic
a. Bond paper 5 1.00 5.00 5.00
b. Folder 1 7.00 7.00 7.00
c. Paper Fastener 1 2.00 2.00 2.00
2. To conduct dissemination and
a. Bond paper 50 1.00 50 50.00
b. Ink (4 Colors) 4 295 1,180 1,180.00
c. Snacks 43 20.00 860 860.00
3. To submit Basic Research Proposal
a. Bond paper 50 1.00 50.00 50.00
b. Ring bound 1 50.00 50.00 50.00

4. To administer research questionnaire

to 43 Respondents
a. Bond paper 50 1.00 50.00 50.00
b. Ink (Black) 1 10.00 10.00 10.00

5. To tabulate the data gathered

a. Bond paper 10 1.00 10.00 10.00
b. Ballpen 1 7.00 7.00 7.00
6. Finalize the research study
a. Bond paper 30 1.00 30.00 30.00
b. ink
7. Presentation of completed Research
8. Submission of soft bound copy
a. Bond paper
b. Soft bound 50 1.00 50.00 50.00
3 50.00 150.00 150.00
Total P 2,502.00


Creating a sound dissemination and advocacy strategy for a research project
will lead to increase awareness of the research and therefore, maximize the impact
that the research can have in informing the quality education in Salay Central School.
Regardless of how innovative or transformational research is, it will make an impact
unless it is communicated in a timely manner to the audience that can directly benefit
from it who are the grade IV Ho[e pupils of Salay Central School.

The researcher at the same time the school principal of Salay Central School
will aim that after the dissemination and advocacy, all the grade IV Hope pupils
improved their reading and comprehension ability. The researcher believe that
effective principal work relentlessly to improve achievement by focusing on the
quality of instructions. She helps define and promote high expectations, attach pupil’s
vocabulary and fragmented effort, and connects directly with learners and the

These are some of the important considerations in developing a dissemination

and advocacy plan of the researcher.

 Goal:
Result of the research may pave the way for quality of instruction that the
respondents improve their reading comprehension ability.

 Barriers to Dissemination
For research project will lead to increase awareness of the researcher and
therefore, maximize the impact that the research can have in informing how
the innovative or transformational research will make an impact unless it is
communicated in a timely manner to the audiences that can directly benefit
from it who are the learners of Grade IV Hope of Salay Central School.

Negative acceptance due to effects of Reading and Comprehension

 Audience
Grade IV Hope pupils of Salay Central School

 Budget
Refers to the Estimate Budget Page

 Evaluation
Create a committee that evaluates the effectiveness of the dissemination and

Table 2
Timelines for Dissemination and Advocacy
Activity Dates Person Responsible
1. Plan for the schedule of
dissemination and July 20,2017 Principal
2. Preparation of the Key Principal
messages for the July 21,2017
Dissemination and
Advocacy Plan
3. Distribute invitation Principal
Letter to the concern July 28,2017
4. Proper Dissemination and Principal
advocacy August 4,2017
5. Evaluation of the
effectiveness of the plan August 18,2017 Committee of Evaluation


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