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Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Product Support Section of QA Department

CLASSIFICATION : Technical Information Authorized Issued

Issue Date : October 16, 2007

Bulletin No. : S030-60-K009
Subject : X-Mode, New Starting Mode.
Applicable Area : All
Applicable Model : SK210(LC)-8, SK330-8
Applicable Spec : N&B, Rotative N&B
Applicable S/No. : See Below List

1. Background of this issue.

Currently, S-mode start is the standard setting at factory.
From below applicable serial numbers, X-mode will be the standard setting.
With X-mode, mode setting when machine start is the same as one previously used.
(If you switch off the engine with B-mode, next start will be with B-mode.)

Background of this change is to protect the machine from oil cooler damage caused by
miss mode selection like a breaker drive with S-mode. When miss mode selection was
detected during foot pedal operation, mode display on monitor will blink as alarm.

2. Countermeasure.
No retrofit such as software download is applied.
Units with X-mode are as below list.
Model Serial number cut-in
SK210-8 YN11-47432, YQ11-06216
SK330-8 LC10-07213, YC10-03645

3. Warranty claim.
Not applicable.

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