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Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007 Provisions

Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007

Simple Transactions - requests or applications

Types/Classifications of Transactions
submitted by clients which only require ministerial
( Sec 4) actions.

Complex Transactions - requests of applications

submitted by clients which necessitate the use of
discretion in the resolution of complicated issues.

Offices are mandated to regularly undertake time

On Systems and Procedures Review and motion studies, undergo evaluation and
(Sec 5) improvement of their transaction systems and
Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007

Information Billboards must be posted at the main

On Disclosure Boards (Sec 6) entrance of offices or at the most conspicuous place
and in the form of published materials

1. procedure to obtain a service

2. person/s responsible for each step
3. maximum time to conclude the process
On Disclosure Boards details (Sec 6)
4. documents to be presented by customer
5. amount of fees, if necessary

6. procedure for filing complaints

The head of the office or agency shall be primarily

responsible and accountable to the public in
On Accountability (Sec 7) rendereing fast, efficient, convenient and reliable
Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007

As per period stated in the Charter which shall not

be longer than five (5)working days for simple
transactions and ten (10) working days for complex

Depending on the nature of the services requested,

On the Action of Offices (Sec 8(b) the maximum time described above may be

In case of disapproved request, a formal notice shall

be sent within five (5) working days from the
receipt, stating the reason for disapproval including
list of specific requirement/s which the client failed
to submit.

1. Implementation of the provisions/mandate of the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007.

2. Review and updating of the Office Citizens Charter specifying the processing time.
3. Development and installation of a feedback system (comments/suggestions box, feedback form, EDTS feedback)
4. EDTS Reports generation for evaluation, monitoring and planning.
5. Posting of uniform Information Billboards.

Existing Office's Citizens Charter

No Classifications of transactions
whether Simple or Complex.

No record of review and evaluation

as per copies secured from HRMO
Existing Office's Citizens Charter

No uniform Information Billboards

(as to format and design)

No uniform details included in the

Information Billboards

No exisitng feedback mechanism

Existing Office's Citizens Charter

x, feedback form, EDTS feedback)