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SAP Technical Consultant

Experience Summary

 Having around 3 years of experience as ABAP programmer with PP, SD and MM Modules.
 Technical expertise includes Reports, Screen programming, Conversion Programs, Business
Forms, Enhancements, Interfaces, OOPS and Webdynpro.

SAP ABAP Experience

 DATA DICTIONARY: Data repositories, customer maintained reference tables, structures,

views, data elements, domains, table maintenance generator.

 REPORTS: Extensively worked on Classical, interactive, ALV reports.

 SCREEN PROGRAMMING: Experience in screens such as Selection Screen and


 FORMS: Experience in developing custom scripts and smartforms of developing logos,

watermark images, drawing tables.

 CONVERSION: Experience in developing BDC (batch data communication) programs using

both session, call transaction.

 ENHANCEMENT AND MODIFICATIONS: User Exits, Screen Exits, and Menu Exits.

 PERFORMANCE TOOLS: Have used Runtime Analysis, SLIN and Debugging to improve
the performance of applications.

 Worked and understood exceptionally ABAP OOPS concepts of Data Encapsulation,

Inheritance, Polymorphism, Method Overriding, Interfaces and Constructors.

 Worked on different types of classes like Final, Abstract, Persistence in Global class builder
and to display reports using container methods.

 Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture.

 Creation of Views, Windows, Plugs, Nodes, OVS, Providing Navigation between Views, and
designing Views according to requirement by placing UI elements on Views Etc.

 Creation of reports with logo and header.

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Project Details

Client :
Duration :

 Developed smartforms for the item order details from AUFK for the particular order number
or company code or plant along with the details of goods movements for order from AUFM
table for particular material number or vendor number.
 Developed ALV for the item order details from AUFK for the particular order number or
company code or plant also created an interactive report for the particular order number from
AUFM table using DOUBLE-CLICK event.
 Developed an ALV for displaying return order material details and download the reports to
excel file.
 Developed an ALV for displaying the log collector details and download the reports to excel
 Create production order details using transaction CO01 using BAPI.
 New fields added to existing sales order screen for sales order processing as per the
 Created a search help for the input field using OVS search help using webdyn pro.

Project Details

Client :
Duration :

 Modified the description of the standard SAP field ‘Telebox’ as ‘Mobile No.’
 Modified Script layout set of Purchase order to add company logo and changed the layout of
address window
 Developed an ALV Grid Report to list out customers who have been flagged for deletion.
 Developed an ALV report program to display and compare sales for selected fiscal years.
 Developed Due Billing Report in ALV. The output contains the details of services provided to
the customer for specific Item Categories, which are to be approved by the customer for
creating the Invoices.
 Implemented BADI to copy header text from Purchase Requisition to a PO.
 Developed ALV report for Displaying Invoice with missing details and duplicate records.
 Designed conversion program to upload the Goods Movement data into SAP system using
standard BAPI.
 Involved in code review for increasing the performance of the program.

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Project Details

Client :
Duration :


 Modified the layout set of Invoice verification for complaint to change the location and
format of document information window.
 Developed a report to display the routing details of all the materials.

 Created a Hierarchical ALV Report to display Customer Details and corresponding Aadhaar
details for each delivery.
 Shipment details report: This ALV report gives the details about order quantity, open
quantity, shipped quantity for given input parameters and download the report in excel
 Developed a Report for Goods movements as per movement types for inbound and outbound
 Enhanced Purchase Requisition to add and remove fields as per the requirement.
 Involved in finding the root cause for the issue.
 Prepared the technical specification for the particular client and also created the unit-testing.
 Updated the address of the particular vendor using the standard BAPI.

Project Details

Client :
Duration :

 Developed a BDC Program to upload Customer Master Data or to modify existing data from
legacy system.
 Created the vendor details using BDC and captured the error records in a separate excel
 Created OOALV for the created vendor details for the internal use using
 Developed Objects and Executing Unit Tests on all objects prior to formaldelivery.
 Enhanced BADI to change the material description using ‘BADI_MATERIAL_CHECK’.
 Created smartform for the vendor details with the display of company layout as a watermark.

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