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Comparative Narrative 1


Philosophy and Dispositions Tab

IDC – 201

L. Noelle Murphy

April 2019
Comparative Narrative 2

For my professional qualities inventory, I had asked Dr. Deanna Reinard to watch

over me and to take notes on how well I may be doing or on the things I still may have to work

on. I decided to choose Dr. Reinard because in the Spring 2019 semester I had been scheduled

in three of her classes. I had been scheduled in all three of these classes in order to graduate

from the AAT program in the summer and get into the cohort teaching program in the fall, on

time. I have been blessed to have had these classes with Dr. Reinard, she has made me grow

more in the last four months than I have ever seen myself grow before.

Dr. Reinard stated that I showed “regular evidence” of almost every profession quality,

excluding leadership skills. Just to name a few, self-directed learner, tolerance of ambiguity,

diversity consciousness, and etc. Leadership skills on the other hand, Dr. Reinard stated that I

showed “some evidence” in this professional quality. Dr. Reinard then makes a statement, “Ms.

Murphy displays a positive ongoing commitment to the AAT Program at Chesapeake College;

she completes assignments on time with due diligence to scholarly work. She displays

wonderful dispositions commensurate with the type of teacher we hope to produce in the 21 st

century; it is my belief that she will become an asset to the field as she will continue to develop

her leadership skills over time.”

Now, when I did my self-reflection of my professional qualities inventory, I believe I was

a little hard on myself. As most of us are. I also believe that even from the time I completed this

inventory, I believe I have grown and would say that I show more regular evidence in some of

the qualities. I stated that I showed “some evidence” in persistency, participates in scholarly

discussions, leadership skills and work habits. As far as the remaining qualities, I believed that I

showed regular evidence. I would say that I only show “some evidence” in persistency, only
Comparative Narrative 3

because I definitely get embarrassed or very disappointed in myself if I fail or don’t get the best

grade on an assignment. Although this is true, I would not count this as a weakness but as a

strength. This is because I know that I will always strive to do my best. As far as scholarly

discussions go in Dr. Reinards’ classes, there was no way to avoid them. Which for me, caused

so much anxiety at the beginning of the semester but now I actually can’t wait to get in a circle

with the class to have discussions. For leadership skills, I am going to have to agree with Dr.

Reinards comments on having to work on and develop these skills over time in order to be an

asset to the teaching field. I definitely follow the crowd and will avoid any chance of being put

in the spotlight. I know I will have to continue to work on this skill while in the teaching

program, in order to become the teacher that I strive to be. Lastly, I stated that I only show

“some evidence” in my work habits being prepared, on time, and etc. I only put this because

lately I have been so overwhelmed and have started procrastinating majorly. I am not normally

the one to push things off and not care about my grades, so I wanted to remind myself that in

order to do good and to get where I want to be as a teacher that I need to be timely, efficient,

responsible and respect of myself and to others.

Like I have stated many times before, I have been so very lucky to have Dr. Reinard as

one of my professors this semester. She has changed my appearance and behaviors in the best

way possible. I am so happy to see how much I have grown from her classes, and it means so

much to me that she believes that I will be a great asset to the teaching field, as a 21 st century

teacher. From this I have learned what I have been doing really well at, as well as what I need to

work on in order to get to where I want to be as a teacher.