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Why Adults Have Fallen in Love with

When you first think of coloring, you might think of children excitedly coloring in books
with their favorite cartoon characters. But there’s a growing trend of adults that enjoy
coloring. This has caused the release of more complex coloring sheets and books that
were designed exclusively for adults.

Many adults have discovered that not only is coloring fun, it also has health benefits,
too. If you’ve been thinking about adding coloring books to your line of products, here
are some of the ways this hobby can help your clients.

Adult Coloring Relieves Stress

When your client is stressed, her body produces cortisol. In small doses, this hormone
is beneficial to her body. It helps your client get through that nerve-wracking speech she
has to give and boosts her energy when she’s in the middle of a crisis, like a car

But too much cortisol over time can lead to health problems like type 2 diabetes,
obesity, high blood pressure, and anxiety.

While coloring doesn’t prevent your client from producing cortisol, it’s believed that it
may help lower your cortisol levels. One reason that this might be possible is because
coloring allows your client to get into the creative zone and focus on something
enjoyable, rather than worrying about her problems. This can help her relax and release
the tension in her body.

Adult Coloring Improves Focus

Another advantage of coloring is that it improves your client’s focus. Many people find
that coloring while listening to webinars or lectures makes it easier to absorb the
information. This might be because your client’s hands stay busy so her mind is less
likely to wander.

Because coloring gives her better focus and more clarity, it can also be a good activity
to do before she sets goals or develops strategies. The creativity required for coloring
can help your client think of new ways to tackle her goals and get the results she’s

Adult Coloring Lifts Your Client’s Mood

Besides easing her stress and improving her focus, coloring can also lift your client’s
mood. This could be due in part to the fact that there’s no right or wrong way to color
and no one is judging her art. In many ways, coloring is a freeing experience for clients.

This may have to do with the fact that certain colors are known to boost mood. For
example, if your client is having a down day, encourage her to use the color yellow
since it can make her feel better. If your client is looking to calm her busy mind, inspire
her to focus on adding blue to her coloring page.

Adult Coloring Helps Your Client Cope

During painful situations, coloring can help your client cope. Some people have used
coloring to deal with the grief that comes from losing a loved one. Other people have
found coloring therapeutic when they were diagnosed with a serious disease. Still some
have used coloring to get through a breakup or divorce.

However, coloring is not a replacement for art therapy, where highly trained
professionals help patients release, understand and deal with emotions. Coloring can
be a useful tool for healing your clients but remember it’s not a replacement for therapy.

Adult coloring is a popular trend that can be enjoyable for your clients. You can help
your clients by offering coloring worksheets or linking to coloring books that they might

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