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Lesson Sketch for EDT 313/317 Lesson Sketch Template

Individuals completing this plan: Caelin Micks & Kelley Malewitz

Lesson title: Matching footprints to animal Topic: What animal matches the foot print?

2 Early Learning & Development Standards:

1. Focus on an activity with deliberate concentration despite distractions.

2. Use drawings or other visuals to add details to verbal descriptions.

Instructional objectives: list 2- 3 observable/measurable objectives for this lesson. Use precise language w/ action verbs.
The student will:
1. The student will be able to match animals to their specific footprint.
2. The student will be able to use the visuals and the writing on the cards to aid their learning during
the matching game.

Experience(s): Describe authentic (real life, hands-on not representational) materials and enticing/ creative experiences in
which children are actively engaged. Experiences will encourage experimentation, use of creativity, problem solving and
language development. Experiences will directly relate to the learning objectives and ELDS. How will the experience(s) inform
you on the children’s prior knowledge and interest in the topic? How will you ensure your learning objectives and assessment
strategies align?

During this activity the students will play a matching game. During the animal size content unit this
will be one of the later days in the unit. This will be a helpful way for the students to review what footprint
matches with what animal. This could be played in several ways. Students that prefer to work on their own
could match each one up alone and ask for you to check their work. If students prefer to work in pairs or
groups they can play matching like a game. If they play matching like a game it will be important to
emphasize checking each others answers and having them talk as a group for what is the correct answer.
This also if you have time each student can create their own matching game by cutting out the picture and
footprints. They can do it to help improve their fine motor skills. Overall this activity can be used in a
variety of ways and can be done as a quick activity or a longer review game.

Assessment of student learning:

1. Data to be collected-
- Monitoring that the students are all participating
- Monitor their accuracy during the matching game
2. Method used to record/aggregate data-
- Take notes
- Capture pictures of the students doing the matching
- Hang pictures up around the room after the activity
3. Interpretation of assessment data-
- At least 80% of the students will be able to do the activity successful and stay focused throughout
the activity.
Lesson Sketch Scoring Guide for EDT 313/317

Individual completing this lesson plan:

Lesson title: Date that lesson was taught:

Criteria Comments Points
Possible Earned

1. ELDS domain, strand, topic, and 5

standard statements from at least 2
content areas were integrated into the
lesson. 1 creative standard, 1 other
2. Instructional objectives for the lesson 5
used precise, observable, and
measurable action verbs that provided a
clear sense of what the children would
be able to do.
3. The lesson experiences taught the 15
instructional objectives and were
creative, developmentally appropriate
and included enticing, engaging and
authentic materials. The lesson
accurately introduced an art concept
and included opportunities for creative
expression, peer interaction, and/or
4. Assessment strategies were used to 10
evaluate what the children learned as a
result of the learning experience and
were related to the instructional
objective and ELDS. Data, method/s
used to record/aggregate data were
described and an interpretation of the
data was included.
5. A 1 page, double-spaced, professionally 15
written, error free reflection describing
why the instructional objectives,
experiences and materials were chosen
as well as a description of how well the
children learned/achieved the
instructional objectives. Finally, the
reflection should include a description
of how modifications were made so all
children could participate.
Total Points Possible/Earned