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Final Report: Writing Improvement

Alex Mukensturm

Writing in The Professions

Capital University


Writing in the professions is a course at Capital University and the purpose is to
work and improve our writing skills. Through-out the semester I have drafted, and
turned-in assignments based off of topics given in class. My most interesting work has
been through my critical autobiography and career-related project. The reason for this is
because I found a way to connect myself and relate it back on paper. Professor Rybas
promoted us to add a little design to our paper which I found interesting because all of
the papers and projects I have done it the past was more of a “professional” approach. I
enjoyed sparking my documents and projects with my own creative design.
I have been improving my writing skills since third grade English class. I have
never had an issue writing a paper because I enjoy the challenge of a deep, emotional
paper. The career-related project was based on our major and how the product or
service relates to it. The skills I have gained from this class will help me perform in the
real-world because all of my projects and reports may help me find a job. They explain
all of the skills I have gained from this course.

Table of Contents

Summary 2

Introduction 4

Writing Skills 4
Skills I Have Learned

Project Overview 5
Project’s Benefit
Description of the Project

Conclusion 6

References 7

I have improved and gained new skills that will be used in the
professional field. This course improved my peer-editing and audience
skills because of our group work, facilitating the activity, and draft day. Our
group project was based on my two classmate’s idea of owning their first
business together. We worked on a business plan that would benefit them
in the future. The facilitating activity was something that everyone had to
do, and it was about the homework readings that were due before class
started. This assignment improved my audience skills because it was over
the course of about thirty-minutes. I presented my fellow students with a
power-point of the key points and topics. I also used an online quiz game to
test my audience on the information they have received. Draft day was for
the students to bring in a draft of the corresponding project that it due for
that week. We edited each other’s reports and projects to gain insight on
how to improve our work. I found this very helpful throughout the semester
because having students’ insight is a different form of communication.

Writing Skills
Group Work
Peer-editing skills are important to have in the writing world because
they do not only improve their work, but also my work. Reading my fellow
students’ papers helps me get a better understanding of how I should
construct my paper. It mainly benefits the paper itself because it is another
set of eyes that point out any issues that the author has made. According to
the University of Waterloo, group work is an effective method to encourage
active learning, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. Our group
activities worked best together if we know and trust one another. At first, it
is weird because we may not be familiar with each other but that feeling
goes away as easily as introducing yourself.

There were many times during class that facilitating events were
happening because each student had to give the class an overview of the
homework readings. I found this beneficial because facilitating improves
the audience skills because the facilitator must prove that the audience is
understanding the key points. The key responsibility as a facilitator is to
create the group process and an environment that is comfortable. The goal
is to help the audience reach a successful decision, solution, or conclusion.
(Mind Tools Content Team) This assignment improved my audience skills
because it was over the course of about thirty-minutes. I presented my
fellow students with a power-point of the key points and topics. I also used
an online quiz game to test my audience on the information they have

Draft Day
During the semester, the class had to bring in a draft of the week that
the assignment is due. Throughout my writing life, I have endured many
hours of peer-editing which was setting me up to be a better writer. This
class is way more than just benefiting myself because it sets us up to help
one another. Having someone else read my paper improves the content
involved because it is another set of eyes to read over any mistakes that I
have missed. Editing is the process of reviewing a paper or project that
consist of any errors. (Clarke, C.) These errors could be as simple as
spelling or grammar mistakes, or they could be as complex as the flow and
clarity of your writing. Asking a peer to edit your work can be much more
valuable, even if you're a good editor yourself.

Project Overview
One of our first assignments involved one of the most important parts
of attaining an occupation. The resume is a short summary of all the
accomplishments that have been obtained and the benefit that the
employer would receive. I have created plenty of versions of my resume
throughout the years at Capital University. Every single professor that I
have worked on my resume with said that this document should be as
professional and clean as possible. Professor Rybas told the class that
having a little spice is fine because it brings out who you are. Filling the four
quadrants with evenly distributed content is also important so the page fills
out evenly.

Career-Related Project
I arrived at Capital university with the understanding that I would
pursue in the environmental science field. Following my first year, I decided
to change my major to business management in the idea of attaining my
family bar. This career-related project involved the sports side of myself.
Since I have been involved in sports I have realized that it is more of a
business than say a hobby. Athletes get paid to play a child sport, but at a
higher level. My website was formatted to help people understand why the
Major League of Baseball should lose the luxury tax and incorporate a
salary cap just like the three other sports leagues. I discussed why the
salary cap should be used and distributed the understanding of why it
would be beneficial. I used a blog format to pursue each description and
the benefit of the posts.

Earlier in the semester, we worked on our autobiography in the
description of explaining our story. I discussed my family history because
they are one of the most important people in my life. I talked about the
problems we have faced and the accomplishments we have celebrated.
This paper also included a description of my step-brother and the impacted
he made on my life. This paper was difficult to have other people read
because of how sensitive the topics were included. I also knew the
importance of having someone peer-edit my rough draft. The
autobiography is something that took time to write about because I knew
that I would have to leave somethings out. The benefit behind writing this
paper is for the students to understand that everyone has started
somewhere, and do not be afraid of any obstacles that are in the way.

When I signed up for this course, I had an idea that it would consist of
many papers. What I did not know was the benefit that I would attain from
this class. I received a better understanding of how to be a good writer and
the ways I could benefit myself in the real world. Group work, facilitating,
and the draft day has improved my reports and projects. I also found
different ways to connect to my papers emotionally. This helps the format
and the sound of each project and paper the content made.


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