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Dawn Belanger

TPACK Template

Subject English

Grade Level 12

Learning Objective 12.4 The student will read, comprehend, and analyze the
development of British literature and literature of other

d) Relate literary works and authors to major


themes and issues of their eras.

Complete this sentence:

In this activity, my students are going to use Glogster to create a poster of an

Pedagogy Planning

author of British literature and present themes and issues of the author’s
respective era that have affected their writing.

Activity -Students will read a poem, play, or story.

-In class, we will discuss the themes of the work along with
historical and literary contexts.
-The teacher will show a prepared poster of Glogster. The
teacher will demonstrate how to make a glog. This will
include showing how to find the glog, add wallpaper,
graphics, text, videos, audio, photos, etc. They will also be
shown how to write in the text boxes, move the different
components around on the page, delete a component, see a
preview of the poster, how to save the poster whether the
student is finished or would like to edit later, and how to
post the final poster for others to view it.
-Students will use their Chromebooks to access the internet
to build their poster on Glogster and conduct further
research for their glog. They will create a Glogster poster
applying their knowledge of the specified author and the
themes and contexts associated with the author’s work, and
of the computer skills demonstrated by the teacher.

-The students will be evaluated on their understanding of

the theme of the work, the historical and literary contexts,
and computer skills demonstrated in class. Content must
include: time frame of the work, societal/political concerns,
who influenced the writer, and if the author was part of a
certain movement of writing or form. The computer skills
that will be evaluated will include basic computer
knowledge such as word processing, click/drag ability, add
a photo, video or audio, delete, and evaluating the validity
of research on the internet. This serves as a preassessment
for computer skills when we get to English SOL 12.8 when
students will be writing research papers.

Technology Chromebooks

Internet access

Google search
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