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Alondra Hernandez

Health 1020

Paul Roberts

April 19, 2019

Reflection Paper

Walking into this class, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I have never taken a class like

this and the only knowledge I had previously, was from personal research. I actually enjoy being

active, but the food choices I make is what makes it hard for me to be at my normal and desired

weight. I learn a lot in this class from vitamins and minerals, pregnancy, to health factors I could

relate to my own life right now. I especially like to learn about the things I had questions about. I

feel I was able to have a better understand of why and what my body does when I do certain

activities to it.

Growing up we never had sugary cereals, chips, soda, or any other unhealthy snacks

around. It probably had a lot to do with our economic health, but I’m very grateful for the way I

grew up. It allowed me to never really crave sugary treats, so that was never really an issue for

me. All the way into high school I was actually very healthy and exercised vigorously at least

once a day. My unhealthy habits occurred once I got out of High school and got my first job

because I was able to have time to spend my money and I wasn’t on a team anymore where even

if I didn’t want to be active, I was obligated to do so. I enjoyed fast food with my own money

because my mother never spend her money on that. It never really caught up to me until 4 years

out. My body started to change shape, size and I was getting fatigued when I would do activities

I could do in the past with ease. This is something I learned about in class and it is truly
fascinating that your body is set a preset weight and it maintains it until you get to a point when

you exhaust it. When we got to that chapter in class I was impacted because things started to

make sense. I felt like all those years nothing had change and then all of a sudden things were

completely different.

The whole semester was actually really interesting and I felt like I was actually getting

something out of the class every day when I reflected, as I walked out. There wasn’t a day where

I didn’t learn anything new and something that is actually useful to my everyday life. There is

nothing worse than getting out of a challenging class and asking yourself if it’s worth it, or is you

are ever going to need to know the information you had just learned about. I think this a class

that would be helpful to many students because our eating habits can be very out of order.

Whether it is money, scheduling, or just laziness, many of us don’t realize how important it is. I

think that if a lot of the student had the knowledge I have now, they would be making more

educated decisions when it comes to their health. Many of my friends believe that by not eating,

they won’t gain weight. I ended up finding out in class, that it’s actually the opposite. I also

really enjoyed how the professor related a lot of the class topics to personal experiences. I was

especially impacted by the class on alcohol and how it majorly changed his life. If anyone is

planning to take this class, I can assure you, you will get a lot out of that one class.

When I signed up for this class it was because it was one of my requirements to graduate,

but over all I really do think I learned a lot during this semester. The tests were a bit challenging

at times, but I am glad the professor gave us what we needed to have the grade I wanted. He was

always willing to go over information and get us ready for what to expect on the test. Taking

another class with this professor is something I will definitely take into consideration.