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Whereas my son named Yusuf Ali has been selected for admission in class Pre-Nursery (Tulip
Section / Star Group) at Kohsar Children’s Academy, Mansehra.
Now therefore, I, Nawazish Ali S/O Muhammad Zubair, resident of Dub No.2, Pakhwal Road,
Mansehra, through this indemnity bond hereby bind myself as under:

i. That, I agree that my son will have to abide by all the rules and regulations pertaining to
discipline as applicable to the students of Kohsar Children’s Academy and he is liable to
be relegated or expelled from the School on account of misconduct, misbehavior with
other students, staff and poor academic performance.
ii. That, I will have objection to any action/decision which may be taken by the
Management of Kohsar Children’s Academy regarding relegation or expulsion of my son
from the School and I will not contest/challenge the decision of the Management in any
court of law nor claim any compensation/damages from the Management of Kohsar
Children’s Academy.
iii. That, I will not claim any compensation in case of any injury/disability of my son during
school hours.
iv. That, I will compensate the School Management for any loss/damage caused to the
property of Kohsar Children’s Academy by my son deliberately, negligently or through
v. That, this bond will be binding on my legal heirs/successors and assignees.
vi. That, I agree that the Surety Bond is ongoing and will be effective till the child is on
School roll.
vii. That, I will not object to the detention of student for Board Exams if the performance of
the student is not up to the required level of the institution. Also I will not claim any
damages for academic or financial loss in this case.

1. Name : Nawazish Ali

2. CNIC No. : 42101-1687220-3

3. Relationship with student : Father

4. Signature of Father: : ________________

Witness No. 1 Witness No.

1. Name: Abbas Niaz 1. Name: Muhammad Zubair

2. CNIC No: 13503-4972037-3 2. CNIC No: 42101-1708302-7

3. Address: Dub. No.1, Mansehra 3. Address: Dub. No.2, Mansehra

4. Signature: _________________ 4. Signature: ________________