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Activity PED 101 ( Erckson’s Psycho-social Theory )

Indicate how often each of these statements applies to you by using the Following scale:

Trust Vs Mistrust Score

_______1. I feel pessimistic about the future of humankind

_______2. I feel the world’s mojor problem can be solved

_______3. I am filled with admiration for humankind

_______4. People can be trusted

_______5. I feel optimistic about my future

Total Score Stage 1

Autonomy VS Shame and Doubt Score

_______6. When people try to persuade me to do something I don’t want
to do

_______7. After I have made a decision, I feel I have made a mistake

_______8. I am unnecessarily apologetic

_______9. I worry that my friends will find fault in me

_______10. When I disagree with someone, I tell them

Total Score Stage 2

Initiative VS Guilt Score

_______11. I am prepared to take a risk to get what I want

_______12. I feel hesitant to try out a new way of doing something

_______13. I am confident in carrying out my plans to a successful


_______14 I feel what happens to me is the result of what I have done

_______15. When I have difficulty in getting something right, I give up

Total Score Stage 3

Industry VS Inferiority Score

_______16. When people look at something I have done, I feel

_______17. I get a great deal of pleasure from working

_______18. I feel too competent to do what I would really like to do

_______19. I avoid doing something difficult because I feel I would fail

_______20 I feel competent

Total Score Stage 4