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“Statement of Purpose”

My name is Mubashir Mukhtar S/O Mukhtar Ahmad. I have completed my undergraduate

studies in Electrical Engineering from “COMSATS Institute of Information Technology”, Attock
in 2018 with CGPA of 3.48 out of 4.00. I was up to the mark and honored among the top seven
students in my undergraduate class. If observed by the meritorious efforts I remain very competent
and have passed all semesters with high achievements and secured good score in my undergraduate
I did my final year project on “Design and Implementation of Automatic Beverage Industrial
System Using PLC AND SCADA. Basically this is an industrial project and I did our best to give
knowledge about the industrial process about beverages and visualization of the industrial process
through this project. The purpose of this project is to automate the mixing of the two or more
beverages with exact/fixed concentration with the most suitable technique to save the human being
from the hygienic products which occurs due to the manual and inaccurate mixing of the beverages
and automatic filling of the bottle is also the part of this project.
This proposed work is an extension to new engineering design technique, a modern and state of
the art technique which will run an industrial process smoothly. In this project, I learned the
functionality and working of different things like Relays, solenoid valve, PLC and SCADA/HMI
hardware and software, stirrer motor Ultrasonic sensor etc. While working on this project I found
myself strongly motivated towards graduate study and research in the area of electric power
I would like to apply for the Master's Degree in “Electrical Power system” because of my final
year project. Concerning the above mention degree. My area of interest is Electrical power system.
I have engaged in different academic projects related to my Electrical Engineering degree. The
basic idea of engagement in various projects is to enhance my skill and to increase my knowledge.
The projects which I have completed during my helps me to improve my understanding of
Electrical Power system. I need to refine my knowledge and skill in my area of interest more
appropriately. So I want to purse Master degree in Electrical power system which is closely related
to my educational back ground as well as long term career interest.
I come to know the vast practical applications of the electrical power system, this caught my
attention and created a thirst of knowledge in me to move forward with my chosen field of study.
I am highly motivated to work in an international field related to Electrical Engineering and its
applications. Therefore, I would like to gain deeper theoretical and practical knowledge being
active and hardworking part of most innovative projects. I am very much looking forward to
conducting some excellent research in this filed under the umbrella of your kind guidance.
I believe that this Master’s Program will provide me a chance to get to know more about Electrical
systems and will affiliate me dedicatedly to the industries, which are working symbols and
standards of Electrical. I hope that I can gain more experience in dealing with any situation,
troubleshooting, people, systems and industrial demands which will be of a great help in my future