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Mandatory Optional
• Orientation • Horizon
• System • Near Shading
• Detailed losses • Module Layout
• Economic eval.
• Miscellaneous tools
Location details Technical details
1. Coordinates: Latitude (N or S) & Longitude (E or W)
1.Type of system : On Grid /Off grid
2. PV Module technology : Mono/Poly/Thin-film
2. Pin code ,State & Country 3.Module Capacity :Wp or make

4. Inverter : Type ,Capacity, Make

latitude(N or S) /Longitude(E or W) & Altitude(in Meter )
(0° = South Reference
(+ Angle for Clock wise
(- Angle for Anti clock wise

Don’t go any where, Just use this feature in PVSYST 6

Follow the steps

How it looks
Go to
Choose new Map section
option •Enter your
Click on Location
Databases site
Go to
Choose Geographical
Click on
Interactive Map Coordinate
Click on & Enter section & Verify
Go to New Monthly meteo
Database geographical location /lat details ,choose
option section ,click on
site long on address Meteodata
OK button Save
bar then click on source i.e
the file
Import Meteonorm6 or
Tilt Loss by respect Global radiation on
angle to Optimum(%) collector plane (kWh/m²)

29 -0.1 2224
30 -0.1 2226
31 0 2227
32 0 2227
Fixed tilted Plane 33 0 2227
34 0 2227
Loss by respected to optimum should be 0%
35 -0.1 2226
Global radiation on collector plane
• The shading losses should be in limit ≤1.40%

Module Placement on tilted plane

If module mounting is Portrait : Enter the (L)length (in meter)
If module mounting is landscape : Enter the (W)width (in meter)
(check out these dimension from Module sheet )
Show Optimization Shading loss %> Change the Pitch value till the
shading losses limit up to 1.40% >Exit from orientation
string ,Central or micro based on economics(investment/Wp) , ease of
installation and efficiency ,No of mppt , make ,% loading on inverter (oversized or under size )
Go to DC circuit: ohmic losses for the array > click on loss fraction at STC > Enter the value in between 1.10% -1.30%
(these losses computed considering ohmic losses of array to String combiner box and String combiner boxes to Inverter)
These loses occur due to resistance of DC wire in the Module strings to String combiner box/String Monitoring box and
string combiner box to Inverter DC input.
Go to AC circuit: Inverter to injection point> click on loss fraction at STC > Enter the value in between 0.50% -0.80%
(these losses occur at Inverter output to Point of injection of energy in to the grid (switch yard). The losses include Ohmic loss in
Inverter output to LT panel ,LT panel , HT panel .)

*Transmission line losses are not included on this because it depends upon the point of injection /Joint metering panel as per PPA
& respective state regulations.

The voltage drop should be below 2.1%