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Ken Loach Product context- acceptance?

Cultural Context
o English director for television and o Rotten Tomatoes- 93% approval based on 166 o Won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes
independent films reviews and an average rating of 8/10 film festival in 2016
o Born 17th June 1939 o Won the Palme d’Or 2016 Cannes film festival o One of the most prestigious awards in
o Known for socially critical directing style and o And the Prix du public 2016 Locarno the film industry and at a festival
socialist ideals International Film Festival o Began in 1932
o Also directed: ‘Kes’, ‘Looking for Eric’ and o And the 2017 BAFTA for Outstanding British Film o ‘The Wind that Shakes the Barley’ has
‘The Wind that Shakes the Barley’ o Politicians have described it as unfair also won
o ‘I, Daniel Blake’ became his highest grossing
film in the box office taking over $8 million Historical Context
o The Jobcentre system helps
people return to jobs
Regulatory framework o The Jobseekers allowance is an
o Rated a 15 by the unemployment benefit offered by
o The BBCF (British
Board of Film
began in 1912
I Daniel the Government
o Intended to cover living expenses
o The Unemployment Insurance Act
of March 1921 introduced a
‘seeking work’ test- had to be

Economic and political context

o Focuses on issues such as
poverty, the welfare system
and the Work Capability
Blake seeking work and willing to accept
employment as a fair page

Media ownership
o Funded by the BBC
Production, distribution and circulation o And the BFI
o Portrays a clear left wing
political message and
criticises specific government
o Low budget- mostly on location and
featured lesser known actors and did
not rely on special effects
o Distributed with hashtag
o Trailer- shown in independent
o Trailer was
released October
18th 2016
o Addresses issues such as
poverty, the welfare system and
o Ken Loach is known for his o Film was released
cinemas and Youtube the Work Capability Assessment
socialist political views and as 21st October 2016
o Won several awards o Clear left-wing policy
a social campaigner
o Received theatrical release in Britain o idanielblake was o Trailer and poster- older people
o Politicians have described the promoted during
and a few other countries e.g. o Hashtag- younger audience
film as unfair and aimed the trailer
France, Spain, Brazil and Japan o Rated 15
criticism at the portrayal of o Poster campaign
o Not released in the USA o Fans of Ken Loach would watch
the Job Centre staff the film
o Later resealed for digital download
o Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
and DVD
praised the film on Facebook

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