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Product Context- Acceptance?

Product Context- F. Gary Gray Production, Distribution and Circulation

o Controversy with lyrics
o Directed the film which was o Second global trailer was released before the screening of ‘Furious 7’ which
o Received a letter from the FBI
released in 2015 turned out to be the sixth-highest grossing opening of all time
advising the rappers that ‘advocating
o Born in 1969 and is an o First trailer was originally rated the ‘red band’ card, this was in February
violence and assault is wrong and we
American film director, o ‘Straight Outta…’ campaign- 6 million downloads before the film’s opening day
in the law enforcement community
producer, music film director o Britain- 28th August 2015, USA- 11th August 2015
don’t take exception to such action’,
and actor
Regulatory framework this letter only spread more
Historical Context o Rated a 15 but local councils can override the BBFC and awareness
o Set in the mid-1980s California and wanted it at a 15 o Banned from playing on mainstream
reflects event from that time period o MPAA rated the film ‘R’ (under 17s cannot attend) radios in USA but still sold over 10
o Portrays the racial tension in o Ratings vary across countries e.g. banned in Malaysia and million units
America at that time was rated an 11 in Sweden o Focused on political music due to

o Possible that the LA riots during their experiences with racism and
199s may have impacted the excessive policing
creation of the film o Known for their deep hatred towards
o During the riots a video was the police
o Received a nomination for the

released of Rodney King being
beaten and arrested, this casued Academy Award for the Best Original
further uprising and commotion Screenplay
o Movie soundtrack reached number 1
Economic and Political Context
in multiple charts
o Co-produced by two
o Controversy during casting due to the
members of NWA (Ice Cube
A-D ranking scale wanting B-D girls to
and Dr. Dre)
have a darker skin tone
o Made over $200 million with
a $50 million budget Media ownership Cultural Context
o Fans of NWA
o Produced by Legendary Pictures who are in partnership with o Fans of o Produced songs
Theoretical perspectives
Universal with is a Comcast company rap/gangster rap surrounding the racism
o Hesmondhalgh:
o Have a well-known, positive reputation o Fans of biopic they experienced
o Film’s soundtrack debuted at no, 1
o ‘Straight Outta Compton’ is atypical for their usual genre films o Were significant for
on the Rap Albums chart and the
o Legendary Pictures- sci-fi and fantasy, Universal- wide range o Fans of the film social change and free
Top R&B/ Hip-Hop Albums chart
o Produced by both so film was not resting solely on one studios/producers speech
o Inspired Dr. Dre’s album
company 3 o Many songs are
‘Comptom’ which debuted at no.2 Product Context- NWA
on the US Billboard 200 album disrespectful towards
o NWA (Niggaz Wit Attitudes) is an American hip-hop group from LA
chart a week prior to the film’s women
o Consisted of MC Ren (joined later than the others), Ice Cube, Eazy-E, DJ Yella
release o Film conveys what
and Dr. Dre
o Producers being past members of experiencing racism was
o Experienced controversy due to their lyrics- glorification of drugs, crime and
NWA like
disrespecting women