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Institute Management System

Institute Management System is meant to automatize
the management method of the Coaching Institute from
student admission to examination management, from
course management to schedule management, from
human resource employment to regular payment
management. This Institute Management System is on
the market on each mode- on-line as well as Offline.
Institute Management System
• Institute Management System is a web based
software designed to automate the management
process of an institute including student admission,
course management, schedule management,
examination management, human resource
employment etc. Our CRM is capable of managing
Enquiry Details, Payment Details, Student Details,
Flexible & Secured 24/7 Support Faculty Details, Accounts Details, Fees Details, etc.
with high efficiency and user friendly manner. This
software is built with a purpose to improve the
way institute is managed. Some major features of
our software are:

1.Flexible & Secured
2. 24/7 Availability
3.Easy to Go
4.Cost Effective
5.Smart Cloud Based Software
Manage Multiple Branches from a Single Computer
Cloud Based Institute Management
Institute Management System
Enquiry Management This
module will help you to make the Student Records This module
enquiry system more efficient by enables you to store all data of personal,
collecting all relevant details of a lead professional and academic history of
such as personal details, contact students.
details and course enquired.

Batch Management Student

Student Admission :Student admissions to various courses are
enrollment or admission involves a lot managed under multiple batches where
all students may not be accommodated
of interrelated processes such as the in one class due to either infrastructure
form fill-up, summarizing total fees limitations or flexibility needed by

Fees Management This module

Attendance Management
Digital Go Market offers real-time and
enables you to maintain a
editable attendance system with
comprehensive fee classification
excellent GUI. This module is very
system for easy analysis of fee
much helpful to manage attendance
defaulters and fee structure available.
of students of all courses & batches.
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Institute Management System

Real Time Reports Our software allows Payment Receipts On every transaction
you to generate a flexible report that helps
of fee payment, the receipt is generated
the institute owners and business
and a copy is sent to student through
managers to take timely decisions and
email. Automatic transaction facility is also
relevant actions on various aspects of the

Certification Management The

student’s certificate and performance
analysis is based on the different types
of examinations, test, and assignments