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AutoCAD Course Objectives Object Construction  Inserting Layouts, Blocks, DWG References, Raster
 Line, Multi-Line, Ray, Point Construction Images, Fields
AutoCAD Certified User course includes both academic and Drawing Objects  Tool Pallets
industry requirements designed to confirm that AutoCAD  Circle  Design Center
users have the skills necessary to continue their design
 Polygon  Inquiry
careers. Standardization
 Rectangle
 Ellipse  Single Drawing & Batch Drawing
User Interface
 UI Navigation/Interaction  Donut Drawing Layouts
Arc  Model & Layout Spaces
 Circular & Elliptical Arc  Viewports
Working Modes
 Polyline, Spline  Layout Wizard
 Command Line
 Revision Control  Layout Toolbar
 Toolbars
Creating Regions  Layout Commands
 Menu Options
Hatching  Page Setup Manager
 Keyboard Shortcuts
Color Gradients  Plotting
Toolbars Introduction to Blocks
 Standard Tool Bar Polyline Edit
Text Management  Creating
 Draw Tool Bar
 Inserting
 Modify Tool Bar Tables
 Attributes - non-graphical information
 Properties Tool Bar Modifying Objects
 Creating a title block with attributes
File Formats  Line Type Control
Parametric constraints
Interface Customization  Line Color Control
 Line Weight Control
Elevation drawings
Setting Drawing Limits AutoCAD 3D
Open & Save Drawings  Text Editing
 Dimension Style Tools Introduction to 3-D
The X-Y Coordinate System  Working in 3 Dimensions
Linear & Angular Measurement  Table Style Tools
Modification Commands  Viewing 3-D objects
Entering Points in AutoCAD  Basic wireframe models
AutoCAD Terminology  Erase, Copy, Mirror, Offset, Move
 Array, Rotate, Scale, Stretch, Trim, Extend  Line thickness
Coordinate Entry  Regions and 3-D faces
 Break, Break at Point, Join, Chamfer, Fillet
Object Selection Methods
 Direct Distance Entry  Extruding & lofting
 Remove, Last, Previous, Fence, Cycling  Revolved objects
Object Tracking
 Crossing polygon & Window  Adding materials
 Direct distance entry
Display control  Primitive solids
 Polar tracking
Undo & Redo  Boolean operations
 Object snap tracking
Erase Objects  Changing from the WCS to the UCS
 Dynamic input
Editing with Grips  Mapping materials
Orthographic Projection
Zoom  Creating new materials
 Isometric
Aerial View  Model a building
 DSViewer Layer Status
 Introduction to rendering and lighting
Pan Properties Practical Approach
Quick Menu  Linear, Aligned, Radius, Diameter etc
A real-time example will be given throughout the
Object Properties Libraries lectures, starting from design basics to expert level.
UCS & WCS  Object Libraries
Object Referencing  External references
Status Bar  Tools