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Growth and development are two life activities that cannot be separated, because the process runs

together. Growth begins with the appearance of sprouts. The beginning of germination begins with
the end of the dormancy period which is marked by the entry of water into the seeds of a plant,
which is called the imbibition process. Germination is the initial process of the growth of new
individuals in plants which begins with the emergence of radicals on the seeds. The tools and
materials used are mortars, pastels, test tubes, analytical scales, spectrophotometers, soybeans,
kidney beans, peanuts, green beans and long beans. The purpose of this practicum is to determine
the effect of drying on the differentiation of germination and chlorophyll content in the sample. The
method carried out in this lab is the sample soaked for 6 hours. Then the sample is peeled. Then,
each sample was given a different treatment. Then, the treated sample was smoothed using a
blender. After that, weigh as much as 2 grams. Then, the sample is given 10 ml of acetone. Then, the
sample is filtered to produce a filtrate. After that, the filtrate is measured by its absorbance with λ =
425-625 nm. The conclusions of this practice are the effect of drying on the differentiation of
germination is to analyze the chlorophyll content in the sample which is reduced or increased if
exposed to sunlight and to reduce the water content in the sample.

Keywords: seeds, chlorophyll, germination