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ge) 1s) iB et Siqnificators of the & oth House By a a Ashok Upadhaya 5 Fn Indian Astrology Significator is called as AGU Karaka’ ence, we would use the word Karaka’ <> —intermitiently in our article so that western astrology adepisalso understand The 10th house signifies ones Karma. It is very difficult to describe Karma’ ina sentence yet one can say it is the concept of ‘action’ or ‘deed’ as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and, effect described in variouseastern philosophies Theother significations of the 10th House as described by Sage Parasara are:~ BPHS Chp: 11 verse 11 ‘ndications of Karma house, royalty (authority), I} slace, profession (livelihood), honor, father’, living in foreign lands and debts are to be understood fromKarmaBhava (house). The significator of the 10th house are Jupiter, Sun, Merenny & Saturn Letusaskthe questionastowhatisthe logic behind allotting these 4 planets as significators of the 10th House of Career & Karma. {st Principle: Qnd lord and 12th lord where he sits he will, giveresultsof thosehouses wherehesits.-LaghuParasari Chy:l Verse8 Which means these lords (planets) will behave as per the house it is situated in, if in 10H it will give results asperthe 10th House. ‘Qnd Principle: To understand karaka place the concerned planetsin thesaid house. So in Natural Zodiac of Aries Asc (Naisargika chart), as the 10th house karakes are Mercury, Sun, Jupiter & Saturn,thusimaginethese4 planetsin the 10H. Jupiter & Saturn as Karaka for 10H The 2nd House shows the sustenance, wealth of Asc & 12th House shows the loss, both factors are crucial for our ter ocala atin ie bel Mery let Fre}! ah g ae = 2 Attitude of the Karakas: - S ‘Sun: When the Sun is the karaka of the 10H it is indication of Past Karma Continuity ~ Predestiny, as the 5H is the houseofPastKarma/Predestiny, Mercury: When Mercury is the karaka of the 10H then, ‘New Karma is established by Sel! Effort as the 3H of a chartisthehouseof Self Efforts. Jupiter: When Jupiter is the karaka of tho 10H then Persons own karma gets a different tangent’ he takes his, karma of the OH (he is L) to his other sign Pisces (12th House) towards Mokhsa 2H of Liberation). Satura: When Saturn becomes karaka of the 10H, then he carcer. Take 10H as Asc, thon 2nd lord from it would be becomesambitious,asSoturnisthe Ithlordof gains Saturn and 2th lord would be Jupiter (in natural zodiac), these twoplacedin the 10H will make them giveresultsof 1] Karakas are always under the influence of 6th, 8th, the 1OH,note this point. Qnd ond 12th, this principle will be enumerated in detail Thus Saturn & Jupiter become kareka or the 10th House: tafuturewriie ups The ascendant is the indication of the self/bixth. The end of birth is death; this is the 8H from the Ascendant. Significantly, the 8H is also referred to as the House of Transformation /Extreme/Changes. We will use this 8th ‘From’ & To’ principle to find out the karakas of the 10th House. This is s0, as we are locking at identifying significatoss, which effect (transform) the 10H matters hencewesee the8H fromortoit. ‘Another View Point Sunas Karaka of 10th House IHis Intemal Life! and the 7H is the External Life. 1H is the ‘Introvert/Selfish’ area whereas 7H is the In this context of extreme/ end / transformation, the8th _ Extrovert/Other Self area of our life. [His the One Side from the 10H, which would be the 3H of Predestiny' In oftheCoin€ THis the OtherSide of the Coin.Keep these the natural zodiac chart the 5H is represented by Leo, _ *Wohousesinmind. whose lordis Sun. Thus Sun isthe Predestiny and Centerol esse SEE te [esse olfeaits thos do earaia ou DH is the ‘Cause of Destiny (Past), & OH is the ‘Destiny’ eae tel ea Asceedlct (I) tae aataal DG Oh =e eo hhonse lordships are Sun & Jupiter, which re the kerakes ‘This entails Sun to bea karaka of the 10H. ofthe 10H. Ng fale Tiles fee center point frombere wets SH ol Mercury as Karaka for 10th House ot dedtiay apd Ol Goat as he destiny oils External Life. In Naisargik Chart, it becomes {1H & 3H From 3H, to.see the ‘extreme/end/transformation’ take lords, which are Saturn and Mercury, these both, become the 8th from it and thus we get [0H.In the natural zodiac _karakasforthe 10H. chart SHisGomiat Vhaalod ebiamuiny Therefore, the combination of Internal Life (Introvert) & External Life (Extrovert) is what makes a Man's life in *Thax Mercy" becomes Sigaificaler ol tes 10th House! Totality, His destiny & cause of destiny asseen from IHG TH, contributes to Action House' the most important ‘Prglerieddonny 10H of Karma. Thus, depending on the type of work we do ‘hide one,twooralll the4significatorsdominateinachart. Y Sexo