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The Daily Mirror: Woman: Straight Outta Humans: Zoella: Late Night
Curran and Seaton- the Conglomerate- IPC Compton: Broadcasted on Income through Woman’s Hour:
Trinity Group have (International Publishing Co-produced by two Channel 4 adverts, Broadcast on Radio 4
maintained their Cooperation)- many members of NWA Co-production merchandise (books, Now available online
position in the UK titles, mainstream (Ice Cube and Dr between C4 and beauty, clothing) and free to consume
market despite falling Weekly, costs 7d Dre) Kudos Hesmondhalgh- uses at any time
sales, this diverse Advertising- revenue $50 million budget- Hesmondhalgh- horizontal Niche content
pattern of ownership (Breeze and Crème Puff) made over $200 use of stars and integration through BBC- conglomerate,
has allowed them to Presents typical societal million celebrities- Colin her multi-channel public service
create the conditions for norms (front cover) Established Morgan who network, also uses broadcaster, cannot
more varied and Curran and Seaton- the audience- biopic played Leo was vertical integration be controversial but
adventurous media IPC is profit searching films, fans of the also in ‘Merlin’ through her manager has some creativity
products Hesmondhalgh- group, etc and William Hurt Dom Smales who Curran and Seaton-
Hesmondhalgh- Trinity mainstream company, Hesmondhalgh- who plays George works at the the BBC is a major
Mirror group has many titles, minimised media is a well-known company Gleam deliverer of content,
become a horizontally risk with a maximised conglomerate, film American actor Attitude: they are also a public
integrated company profit was released Channel 4 and Money made service broadcaster
with a wide range of Adbusters: alongside music aMC- both have a through advertising offering more
titles in order to Non-profit, anti-capitalist albums, accessing reputation and Unique content/ not creative freedom as
maximise audiences magazine multiple platforms established mainstream they are free from
and minimise risks. Monthly subscription- and therefore audience, creating Very specific advertising pressure,
They have embraced £10.99 expanding the expectations but audience allowing them to
digital media and now No advertising- ‘culture audience. also reducing risks create niche content
offer digital marketing jamming’ Through the use of Use of genre- for example LNWH
as well as digital Small audience, does not stars and genre established Hesmondhalgh- The
classifieds to generate advertise, needs active (biopic films) the audience, presenter of LNWH
additional income searching to find film had an ‘Humans’ also is Lauren Laverne,
The Times: Curran and Seaton- non- established breaks some an established
Curran and Seaton- a profit and not for power, audience reducing conventions personality, the show
large conglomerate, goes against theory that risk and may have offering fresh also often includes
being part of a huge the companies seek these led to a larger content without guests and other
press organisation things, supports theory as budget. scaring avid sci-fi celebrities, the
could limit or inhibit they are not well known The film has a low watchers product is shaped via
creativity and suggesting that risk for the The Returned: these personalities
journalists’ freedom. conglomerates do control producers who are Broadcast by Assassin’s Creed
Murdoch is often the media Canal + III: Liberation:
accused of controlling already successful in Hesmondhalgh- Established audience
his newspaper content their own right horizontal and franchise
and editorial teams. I, Daniel Blake: integration- Core gamers likely to
Could also be suggested Funded by the BBC Canal+ purchased purchase
that by having a more and BFI TPS as they were a Now able to
diverse pattern of Established competitor to purchase video
ownership, a more audience- Ken them, re- games online
pluralistic approach Loach fans establishing their Hesmondhalgh- the
could create conditions Curran and Seaton- role in the market re-release of the
for more varied and the concept of the vertical game across different
adventurous media film is outside of integration- game consoles both
productions typical ideas created Canal+ is a minimised risk and
Hesmondhalgh- for profit and power vertically maximised potential
Vertically and and therefore goes integrated audiences who could
horizontally integrated against the theory. company not access the game
company with a wide The film was created previously
range of titles in order for social change,
to maximise the size of not profit
the audience and
minimise risks. The
company has embraced
digital media and
introduced paywalls to
allow for online content
to be viewed while still
generating income