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M&C August Main 2018

S1 W2 Media Literacy

Name: Fengwei Guo (Wayne) Tutorial Group: F

As you are about to delve deeper into your journey through Media and Communications, it
is important for you to become familiar with your approach and attitude towards media.

To assist you in the first leg of this adventure, please complete the following questionnaire
and record your results below.

The VARK Questionnaire for Younger People: How Do I Learn Best?

VARK Questionnaire version 7.1

Your scores were:45

Visual 15

Aural 9

Read/Write 11

Kinesthetic 10

You have a __multimodal____ learning preference.

These results are not meant to be strict guidelines for you to follow, but rather something
for you to reflect on and explore as you develop your media literacy this year.
PART A | Media and Me
(Adapted from Flack, J 2004 Nelson Media)

Now is it time for us to get to know you. Complete the questions below and be ready to
share some of the answers with the class.

1. Why did you choose to study M&C? Is this an area you would like to study at
university or work in?

Because it is very interesting for me, I also want to learn some high technology skills.
Maybe I also have influenced by my father, he is a programmer, so I want to learn
more about computer.

2. Which areas of the media are you most interested in? Choose from the following
list, and/or add your own suggestions: advertising, branding, film, radio (podcasts),
television, print (newspapers, news sites and magazines), journalism, public relations,
social media, media effects and media production.

I am interested in film, television, branding and social media, because I like

watching film and television. I like some branding like Apple, Microsoft, Ubisoft,
Nintendo, Sony, Nike and Adidas. I also like reading moments.

3. Which forms of media do you interact with regularly? What purpose do you use
them for?

I always use social media to connect with others like Weibo, WeChat, QQ,
Facebook. These Apps can show you what your friends did at moments; otherwise,
these Apps can connect many people in the same time as a group. These reasons
cause I use them almost all the time.
4. Could you spend a day without media devices?

I think I can spend a day without media devices, cause there’s lot of things to do.

PART B | Media Conversations

How well do you know your classmates at this point in the semester? For this activity, you
have 15 minutes to learn as much as possible about your partner by engaging in

These conversations will be timed by your tutor, so think quick!


1. Pick up a discussion card from the deck placed in front of you. Each card will have a
question focused on a different topic within Media and Communications.

2. You and your conversation partner have 5 minutes to read and respond to the same
question. Document your notes in the table below.

3. Once the five minutes are up, move onto the next person.

Conversation Notes

Aki A role you want be:

Red sparrow, a part of Jennifer Law

River A role you like

Emma Stone, Play very well on both the drama and musical film,
always a dynamic person, fits in every role well.
Sharon Social media habits:

Positive, because it gives her information and improve her

knowledge, she won’t to change every she do.