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Justin corn

Ms. Martinez



Poverty problem or not

Poverty in the U.S is a problem. Others don’t agree but I have reason to believe that it is

an easier fix than previously thought.

Poverty is a problem in the U.S, there are over 10 million people in the U.S alone living

in poverty. This is only slightly dealt with by the U.S when it looks best for us. As well as we

spend billions on the military alone. This could be better spent on feeding even thousands. But

instead millions get there vary lives taken by the effects of poverty. Money is the thing that

makes the world go round but some people can’t make enough in this world to keep just theirs

spinning. Over all poverty is a problem the U.S is trying to avoid

Some people however think that poverty is a necessary part of the balance of power. Our own

government is based on one that allows people to lose it all and they won’t help but it has other

safety nets that people avoid. Others think if you fail you weren’t meant to succeed then you

shouldn’t receive help. For many people it is natural to have steady income but if that is taken

they just fall apart. This is one-way people find their way into poverty, they dig a hole and build

everything they have over it and if a crack appears they just crumble. All in all, if you put

yourself in their shoes you might fell different and even want to help more.

Billions of people have problems and millions have worse problems they have to deal

with, this problem is try to survive. Poverty hurts people every day and is near to impossible to

get out of by yourself and less possible with a family of children. The U.S focuses too much on

other countries than itself mostly by spending the most in the world in its military when we

insured our survival in war time about several trillion dollars ago. Even if funding dropped 70%

we would still have the best military as well as allied support. So why can’t we cut down on

military spending and feed people it is that simple. All in all, it is an easy fix with little to no risk.

With everything said there is probably a reason why this hasn’t happened yet despite

thousands of poverty related deaths. Poverty is and was a problem even if people say otherwise.