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Student Writing Reflection Sheet

Name: Hannah Joy Cruz Period: 2 Date: 1/24/2019

Class: Senior English Teacher: Ms. Figueroa

Assignment Title: Q2 End of Unit Chaucer Reflections Essay

Student Writing Goal: My writing goal is to get 4/4 on my statement of purpose and focus.

1) Re-read the paper (and teacher feedback).
2) Complete this reflection sheet.

What was the purpose of this writing assignment?

The purpose of this writing assignment was to show how Chaucer defines love throughout the story. In the
story, the knight had to go through many obstacles to find an answer to one question. He met many people,
but finally comes across a group of ladies and they helped him, if only if he returned a favor. In the end, that
favor was for him to marry the old crone and he had to get over that fact that she was old and ugly because its
what on the inside that counts.

How did you perform in relation to the expectations of the writing rubric?
I think that I performed pretty well to the expectations of the writing rubric because I followed every step that
was needed. I gave good examples to back up my sentences before. I was able to stay on topic and focused on
my clean and it was clear and maintained throughout the essay.

What aspect of this piece did you do well? (give example/quotes to support claims)
I think the piece in the essay that I did well was that is stayed focus throughout the essay. I focused on the
theme of love and did not go off topic. I found examples in the story to help me talk about how Chaucer
defines love. I was able to organize the paragraphs to make sure that they all make sense.

Why have you/haven’t you chosen to revise this writing assignment?

The thing that I chose to revise in my writing assignment was to shorten my summary of the story in my first
paragraph. I also had to reread and fix some contractions that I had and I also had to fix some sentences that
did not make sense to me. Besides all those, I didn’t have much that I needed to revise because I included
everything that I needed to have.

What will you do better in your next writing assignment, and how will I do it?
In my next writing assignment, I will make sure to paraphrase when asked to summarize the story. I am not
trying to write a book report, I am trying to give some details but not all, so I won’t give it away. I also want
to improve on my vocabulary skills so I can get my audience’s attention even more. Lastly, I want to improve
on not using contractions. I have a hard time remembering not to use contractions because I am use to using

To what degree of success did you achieve your previously stated goal(s)?
I succeeded in accomplishing my goal of getting a 4/4 on my statement of purpose and focus. I was able to
stay focus on my topic and did not go off topic. I was able to provide the right examples from the story that
followed my clear topic of love. I didn’t choose any examples that went with gender roles or honor.

3) Revise the paper accordingly and highlight any changes.

4) Submit the revision and this reflection sheet.