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3 Online & Blended Learning

Candidates develop, model, and facilitate the use of online and blended learning, digital content,
and learning networks to support and extend student learning and expand opportunities and
choices for professional learning for teachers and administrators. (PSC 3.3/ISTE 3c)

ARTIFACT: Multimedia Design Project

The Multimedia Design Project (MDP) was completed in the ITEC 7445 Multimedia and Web
Design in Education course. This artifact was a HyperDoc for fifth grade students centered
around the science Georgia Standards of Excellence. In particular, the project focused on the
prioritized standard S5L3c, where students would explore animal and plant cells. In lieu of a
webquest, the HyperDoc was used as it incorporated a variety of digital mediums such as videos
and websites, provided a space for students to assess their learning along the way, and it featured
opportunities for them to create and share different projects. Google Slides was used as the
platform, as it provided the most flexibility for teachers and students to make appropriate uses of
their Google Classroom accounts. This artifact was developed independently, but I also
consulted with fifth grade science teachers for feedback throughout the building phase and
implementation of this artifact.

The MDP provided several opportunities to model and facilitate how to appropriately
implement it with fifth grade students. As an instructional technology coach without a class, I
solicited the support of fifth grade teachers who elected to use the resource with their students.
For those who were interested in the details of the HyperDoc, I was able to model and facilitate
the purpose of using HyperDocs for online learning, develop digital content to embed within it,
use Apple Apps such as Clips and Memoji to create engaging videos, and show how to support
students in completing its various components. The premise of HyperDocs is to create platforms
for students to digest content, explore resources, assess their learning, and showcase their
knowledge through various activities. Outside of the aforementioned academic standards, this
MDP was comprised of the following sections: engage, explore, explain, apply, reflect, and
extend. Using this structure for the HyperDoc incorporated research-based best practices that
supported the teacher in structuring and facilitating the learning process. HyperDocs are meant to
push students to be accountable for their learning, so this artifact also featured rubrics and
checklists so that students could keep themselves on track as they worked at their own pace.

Creating the HyperDoc used for the MDP was a very arduous and challenging task. I was
determined to implement it with classrooms to see if my efforts were beneficial and to support
teachers with using transformational resources with their students. Implementation of the MDP
was successful, because myself, teachers, and students were able to see this project through its
entirety. Although there were many tedious components within the development process, I was
able to incorporate exciting tools that most teachers would not consider, such as the Memojis and
Clips app for green screen effects. If there were opportunities to make changes with this artifact,
I would like to see teachers actually develop their own HyperDoc to the depths of this MDP. In
their monotonous day-to-day practices, teachers are not always as apt to try new things. I would
also like additional opportunities to showcase the appropriate uses of HyperDocs, perhaps at a
school-wide level. Overall, I was very pleased with the outcome and implementation of this
This artifact was impactful for the students and teachers that I support, as they were able to
experience a new way of covering science content. Actually being able to connect with teachers,
ask students for feedback as they worked, and make adjustments along the way provided a space
for me to model for teachers that developing and using transformational tools was a possibility
and did not have to be purchased or packaged. Student learning was impacted because they were
shown how to analyze and digest material on their own to support taking ownership of their
learning. Of course exposing these groups to digital technology tools such as Google Slides and
Google Drawing set the foundation for them to have an awareness of effectively using these
resources appropriately and meaningfully in the future.