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Air conditioning (noun) The system used I wish my car had air conditioning.
for keeping the air in
a building or vehicle cool.
Someone whose job is The bus driver opened the door and
Bus driver (noun) to drive a bus. a stream of passengers got out

Culture shock (noun) A feeling of confusion felt by a feeling of confusion felt by

someone visiting a country or pl someone visiting a country or place that
ace that they do not know. they do not know
Cycle lane (noun) a part of a road that We campaign for local authorities to pro
is separated by a line from vide cycle lanes and bikeparking racks
the rest of the road, for the use
of people riding bicycles.
firefighter(noun) A person whose job is It took the firefighters
to stop fires from burning. several hours to extinguish the flames
forest fire (noun) A fire burning in The forest fires were caused by
an area of land with many trees, a combination of lightning strikes and
that is difficult to control and very dry conditions.
sometimes spreads quickly.
Rush hour (noun) The busy part of Take alternate routes during
the day when towns and cities ar the morning rush hour.
e crowded, either in the
morning when people are travell
ing to work, or in
the evening when people are
travelling home.
traffic jam (noun) A large number of vehicles clos The snow caused traffic jams all over
e together the city.
and unable to move or moving v
ery slowly.
traffic light (noun) One of a set of red, yellow, The police pulled him over
and green lights that control the for failing to stop at a red traffic light.
Movement of vehicles, usually
at a point where two or
more roads join.
Workplace (noun) A building or room where peop The survey asks workers about facilities
le perform their jobs, or in their workplace.
these places generally.
Headscarf (noun) The head covering that She
some Muslim women wear whe was wearing a traditional Muslim heads
n they are outside their home, or carf
with people that they do
not know well.
cash machine (noun) A machine, usually in This credit card allows you
a wall outside a bank, from to withdraw up to £200
which you can take money out a day from cash machines.
of your bank account using
a special card.
eat out (verb) To eat in a restaurant. When I lived in Spain, I used to eat out
all the time.
Go away (verb) To leave your home in order to s We usually go away for the summer.
pend time somewhere else,
usually for holiday
go back (verb) To return. We can always go
back to the original plan if necessary.
look around (verb) To visit a place and look at the She spent the afternoon looking around
things in it. the town.
Pick up (verb) Something that makes It is traditional around here
you feel better, often a drink or to drink brandy with coffee as
a tonic. a morning pick-me-up.
show someone around (verb) To lead someone through Phil had never seen Chicago, so
a place. I offered to show him around.
Turn up (verb) If a better situation or This job turned up just when I needed it.
an opportunity to do
something turns up, it
happens or becomes available u
nexpectedly or in a way that was
not planned.
Bitter (adjective) Someone who is bitter She'd suffered terribly over the years but
is angry and unhappy because it hadn't made her bitter.
they cannot forget bad things
that happened in the past.
Cooked (adjective) Cooked food has I
been prepared by heating. don't think the chicken is completely co
Creamy (adjective) Like cream or containing cream. The chocolate mousse was smooth and
a creamy sauce

Crunchy (adjective) Crunchy food is firm and makes Crunchy vegetables.

a loud noise when it is eaten.
dried (adjective) Past simple and past participle dried flowers
of dry.
Fresh (adjective) New or different. The original orders were cancelled and I
was given fresh instructions.
Heavy (adjective) Weighing a lot, This box is really heavy.
and needing effort to move or lif
Having a high temperature In hot weather,
Hot (adjective) we sell masses of cold drinks and ice cre
Light (adjective) The brightness that comes from The light was so bright that I had
the sun, fire, etc. and to cover my eyes.
from electrical devices, and
that allows things to be seen.
Raw (adjective) Of food not cooked. Discover
how eating raw food helps balance your
body and aids digestion.
Having a lot She came out of the divorce settlement a
Rich (adjective) of money or valuable possession rich woman.

Sour (adjective) Having a sharp, I used sour cream in the soup.

sometimes unpleasant, taste or s
mell, like a lemon, and not
Spicy (adjective) Containing strong flavors from I love Creole cooking, so hot and spicy.
Sweet (adjective) Especially of food or drink The pineapple was sweet and juicy.
having a taste similar to that
of sugar; not bitter or salty.
Tasty (adjective) Tasty food has a strong and This soup is very tasty.
very pleasant flavor.
Add (verb) To put two or If you add (= calculate the total of) three
more numbers or amounts toget and four you get seven.
her to get a total.
Chop (verb) To cut something He was chopping wood in the yard.
into pieces with an axe, knife, or
other sharp instrument.
Fry (verb) To cook food in hot oil or fat. Fry the mushrooms in a little butter.

Heat up (verb) To make Let's see what happens when I heat it up.
something warm or hot.
Mash (verb) To crush food, usually Mash the potatoes and then mix in
after cooking it, so that the butter and herbs.
it forms a soft mass.
Mix (verb) To Oil and water don't mix. Even if
(cause different substances to) c you shake them together
ombine, so that the result cannot they separate into two layers.
easily be separated into its parts.
Serve (verb) To provide food or drinks. We arrived at the hotel and were
served with champagne and canapés.

Squeeze (verb) To press something firmly, espe Once he had finished cleaning the floor,
cially from he squeezed the cloth out.
all sides in order to change its
shape, reduce its size,
or remove liquid from it.
Stir (verb) To mix a liquid or Stir the sauce gently until
other substance by moving an o it begins to boil.
bject such as a spooning
a circular pattern.
Episode (noun) A single event or group of relate This latest episode in
d events. the fraud scandal has shocked a lot
of people.
Vegetarian (noun) A person who does Of the four million people who
not eat meat for health or religio have become vegetarians in
us reasons or because this country, nearly two thirds are
they want to avoid being cruel t women.
o animals.
Ingredients (noun) A food that is used with The list of ingredients included 250 g
other foods in the preparation of of almonds.
a particular dish.
Dish (noun) A container, flatter than There's no butter left in the butter dish.
a bowl and sometimes with a lid,
from which food can
be served or which can be used
for cooking.
Noodles (noun) A food in Chicken noodle soup.
the form of long, thin strips mad
e from flour or rice, water, and
often egg, cooked in boiling
Pan (noun) A metal container that is round Heat the milk in a small pan.
and often has along handle and
a lid, used for cooking things
on top of cooker.
Tins (noun) A chemical element that is a The country's
silver-colored metal, often most valuable commodities include tin
combined with other metals or and diamonds.
to cover and protect other metals
Coriander (noun) A plant whose leaves or seeds ar The sauces are made of several
e added to food to give ingredients including chili, onion, red
special flavor. and green tomatoes, and coriander.
vending machines (noun) A machine from which you The vending machine in
can buy small things such the office dispenses really tasteless coffe
as cigarettes, drinks, and e.
sweets by putting coins into it.
Bakery (noun) A place where bread and cakes a A new oven has been added to the
re made and sometimes sold. bakery.
Jelly (noun) A sweet soft food made A peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
by cooking fruit with sugar to pr
eserve it. It is smooth, without
any pieces of fruit in it. Jelly
is eaten on bread.
Fancy (noun) Au want to have or do He could tell she fancied him.
Barbecued (adjective) A metal frame on Make sure you light the barbecue in
which meat, fish, plenty of time.
or vegetables are
cooked outdoors over a fire.
Sticks (noun) The sticks is a humorous way of My parents live out in the sticks.
referring to a place in
the country.
Jeweler (noun) Decorative objects worn on you The
r clothes or body that are usually jeweler showed exquisite craftsmanship.
made from valuable metals, such
as gold and silver,
and precious stones.
avenue (noun) A wide road with trees or tall bu This avenue of mature trees has
ildings on both sides, or a preservation order on it.
a wide country path or
road with trees on both sides.
Anniversary (noun) The day on which We
an important event happened in always celebrate our wedding anniversar
a previous year. y with dinner in an expensive restaurant.
Tasteless (adjective) Likely to upset someone. The meat was dry and tasteless.

If I were you, I´d…. Used when you give If I were you, I'd probably go.
someone advice.


Belong (verb) To be in the right place or a suitable place. This table belongs in the sit
ting room.
The areas that form the edge of The factory is on the outski
Outskirts (noun) a town or city. rts of New Delhi.

Whoever (pronoun) The person who. Whoever uprooted that tree

ought to be ashamed of
Block of flats (noun) A large building that
is divided into apartments.
Neighbor (noun) Someone who lives very near Take
you, especially in the next house. five minutes to discuss this
activity with your neighbo
Nearby (adverb) Not far away in distance. I stood near the window.
Views (noun) The things that you can see from a place. There was a lovely view of
the lake from
the bedroom window.
Locate (verb) To be in a particular place. Both schools are located in
the town.
Balcony (noun) an area with a wall or bars around it that is We sat in the balcony of
on the outside wall of building on the cinema.
an upper level.
Upstairs (noun) Towards or in a higher place. He ran up the stairs.
Advertising (adjective) the business of trying to persuade people t Fiona works in advertising.
o buy products or services.
Guest (noun) a person who is staying with you, or We have
a person you have invited to guests staying this weeken
a socialoccasion, such as a party or a meal. d.
Privately (adverb) In secret, or with only one or two She spoke privately with
other people present. the manager.
Host (noun) Hostess someone who has guests. We thanked our hosts for a
very enjoyable evening.
Owned (adjective) Belonging to or done by He wanted an apartment of
a particular person or thing. his own.
Browse (verb) to look through I don't like going
a book or magazine without reading everyt into clothes shops where
hing, or to walkaround a shop looking at they don't leave you
several things in peace to browse.
without intending to buy any of them.
Find out (verb) to discover, especially where a thing You'll find
or person is, either unexpectedly or the knives and forks in
bysearching, or to discover where to get or the left-hand drawer.
how to achieve something.
Accommodation (noun) A place to live, work, stay, etc. In. They paid for
his flights and hotel accom
Villa (noun) a house, usually in the countryside or near They have a villa in Spain.
the sea, especially in southern Europe, and
often one that people can rent for
a holiday.
End up (verb) to finally be in Much of
a particular place or situation this meat will probably end
up as dog food.
Property (noun) An object or objects that belong to Both books have
someone. "Government
property" stamped inside
Reservation (noun) an arrangement in which something such Please confirm your reserv
as a seat on an aircraft or atable at ation in writing by Friday.
a restaurant is kept for you.
Whole (adjective) Complete or not divided. I spent the
whole day cleaning.
Shopkeeper (noun) A person who owns and manages a small s Supermarkets
hop. have priced small shopkee
pers out of business.
Pleasure (noun) Enjoyment, happiness, or satisfaction, or His visits gave his grandpa
something that gives this. rents such pleasure.
Theft (noun) Dishonestly taking something Unfortunately, we have
that belongs to had several thefts in
someone else andkeeping it. the building recently.
Cottage (noun) A small house, usually in the countryside. We rented a
little beach cottage on
the North Caroline coast.
A line of people, usually standing or There was a long queue
Queue (noun) in cars, waiting for something. of traffic stretching down
the road.
Footprint (noun) The mark made by a person's or The new computer has
animal's foot. a smaller footprint.
Cycle lane (noun) a part of a road that is separated by We campaign for local aut
a line from the rest of the road, for the use horities to provide cycle la
of people riding bicycles. nes and bikeparking racks.
To deal successfully with It must be really hard to
Cope (verb) a difficult situation. cope with three young chil
dren and a job.
Depend (verb) To be decided by or Whether or not we go to
to change according to the stated thing. Mexico
for our holiday depends on
the cost.
Rely (verb) To depend on or trust someone or The system relies
something. too heavily on one person.
Rubbish (noun) Garbage, trash waste material or things I forgot to put the rubbish
that are no longer wanted or needed. out this morning.
Rate (noun) the speed at which I told
something happens or changes, or my assistants to work at th
the amount or number eir own rate.
of times it happens or changes in
a particular period.
Attic (noun) the space or room at the top of a building, I've
under the roof, often used for got boxes of old clothes in
storing things. the attic.
Basement (noun) a part of a building consisting Our kitchenware departme
of rooms that nt is in the basement.
are partly or completely below the level of
the ground.
Doorbell (noun) a bell, operated by a button on or next to He had scarcely picked up
the door of a house, that his brush before the
you push to tell the people inside that you doorbell rang once more.
are there.
Landing (noun) the fact of an aircraft arriving on The plane had to make
the ground or a boat reaching land a forced landing because
one of the engines cut out.

Attic the space or room at the top of a building, I've

under the roof, often used for got boxes of old clothes in
storing things. the attic.
Lock (verb) a device that prevents something such as Thieves got in
a door from being opened and can only by smashing the lock off
be opened with a key. the door.
Wander (verb) to walk around slowly in a relaxed way or We spent the morning wan
without any clear purpose or direction. dering around the old part
of the city.
In cash an amount of cash a company has availabl The deal leaves the compa
e after all its costs have been paid. ny with
£25m cash in hand to buy
new stock.
With credit card a small plastic card that can be used as The interest rate on
a method of payment, the money being my credit card is currently
taken from you at a later time. 25.5% APR.

Think about To remember or imagine someone or He was thinking about

something. the time he spent in
the army.


Advertisement (n) It is the set of strategies with I saw the shoes in an advertisement
which a company makes its and I bought them.
Products known to society.
targeted advertising This translates into the best The result can be more
(n) results for advertisers that Profitable customer response to
segmented to reach a certain type targeted advertising.
of target audience
Advertise (v) It is the set of strategies with The company advertised its
which a company makes its product online.
Products known to society.
Article (n.) It is a written text that has its own The journalist wrote the article
entity and is published in within an hour.
A newspaper, in a magazine or in
a book.
Current affairs (n.) It allows to refer to the present Beyond current affairs, film
time, to what is happening memory, the look
now across, reflection
Crew (n) It is the set of people who are The crew on the plane spoke
responsible for driving or several languages
operating a ship, an airplane or a
spaceship, or who provide service
in them
The news (n.) It is a communication or report They stick to TV, not to miss the
that is given about a recent news.
event or event, especially if it is
disclosed in a media outlet
Breaking news (n.) It is information that has never The show was interrupted by
been communicated before some breaking news
Celebrity All that person that is My trip to Los Angeles was great: I
recognized at a public level saw
either by his specific talent in Lots of celebrities.
some art order
Celebrity Gossip (n.) Is that murmuring, rumor, or I need a punchy headline for my
story that exists around any article.
issue or someone
Headline (n.) Statement that announces and Blogger Omid Memoria has spent
heads an information or news time in Iranian prisons for his
And succinctly summarizes the work.
content of it.
Presenter (n.) Person who presents a television The presenter of this show is very
program, radio or a show or dynamic
Public act, especially if it is
dedicated to it professionally.
Eyewitness (n) It refers to a person who saw eyewitness report
something happen, for
example, a crime or an accident:
Fakes (n) It is the action and effect of deceiving A good actor can easily fake sadness
(inducing someone to
have certain what is not, giving the
lie the appearance of truth, produce
Meteor (n) Fragment of a body from outer space that Many such meteor showers are seen
enters the throughout the year.
Atmosphere at high speed and falls
on Earth.
Passenger (n) Is the person who makes a trip in some The passengers on the train
kind of means of transport, without had a pleasant journey.
being the driver and without being part
The crew.
Reliable (adj.) It is reliable, inspires confidence or We obtained the information from a
security. reliable source

Earthquake (n) It is a seismic movement whose epicenter Luckily, the earthquake did not
is located on the cause major damage.
Reporter (n.) It is the one that elaborates reports or The reporter took notes during the
reports a news item interview
from the place where it is produced
Spread (v.) To extend or unfold or be extended or The spread of the condor's
unfolded to the fullest width wings is enormous.

Journalist (n.) Is that person who is more or less The journalist highlighted the
professionally engaged in journalism most important news of the
through any means, whether print, radio, day
television and / or digital media
security check (n) Is any enclosure delimited by detector My son always complains when he
arcs and / or by has to go to bed.
security agents to guarantee access to a
facility to people and for security
Complain (v) Claim or protest that is made to an There has never been a complaint
authority because of a about our service.
Disagreement or disagreement.
Complaint (n) Resentment or dislike for the The interior designer took care
performance or behavior of of the placement of the furniture.
Placement (n) Place or place action The crew on the plane spoke several
Post (v.) Make public or known one thing, There were hundreds of applications
especially something that should be kept for
private. The new post.
Gossip (v.) It is a rumor or a gossip that is often That tabloid is famous for the gossip
spread by word of it publishes.
Mouth, often with the aim of criticizing a
Browsing (v.) It is the art and science of driving a boat A good connection makes browsing
from the point of the
departure to the point of arrival Internet easier.
Bargain (n.) Valuable merchandise that is obtained Both parties must keep their side
for less money of its of the bargain.
Value or with little effort.
Afford (v.) Grant yourself the freedom to do I cannot afford that house, it is too
something that you either Expensive.
Would not normally do or it is not
feasible for the majority.
Refuse (v.) Show against something that is offered The company offered me a job
or proposed. but I refused.
Warn (v.) That is to say to someone something The driver sounded the horn to
from which a warn about his presence.
Consequence is derived, to be attentive,
to act with caution or not to be surprised.
Remind (v.) It is bringing to the memory something My colleague reminded me of our
perceived, learned or Meeting with the customer.
Known, or retaining something in the
Threaten (v.) Make someone understand the Pollution threatens the flora of
intention to cause you some the region.
harm, usually if a certain condition
is given
Crash (v) It is a violent encounter of two or We took a crash course in
more bodies, of which at least one German before going to Berlin.
is in movement
Naturally Indicates that something happens My sister has naturally curly hair.
or is as expected and that, given
certain circumstances that are
considered, no other
Possibility than this is conceived.
Amazingly That can cause fright, fear, fear or The singer impressed the
fright. audience with her amazing
Fortunately These are causes that supposedly Fortunately, this year there was
determine that unforeseen or no drop
unintentional facts and In sales.
circumstances develop in one way
Or another.
Apparently means 'with appearance' and does My aunt is happy because,
not equal probably apparently,
She found a job.


Passers-By (n) It is that individual who walks or A passer-by saw smoke and
transits through a certain place. called the fire department.
Film-Making (n) It can be the art and technique of My father went to the cinema to
cinematography. The one who watch the new film
Is dedicated to making movies is a
creator of films or films.
Drum ( n) It is an indeterminate sound percussion The tine rings are clipped into the inner
instrument belonging to drum.
the family of membranophones
Characters (n) They are the symbols or graphics that The password must contain at least
are used to compose the different one special character.
alphabets and that are necessary to
develop written
Scene (n) Part of a dramatic work during which The transitions from one scene to
the same characters remain. another were seamless
Studio (n) Action to study, exercise or effort of She spent three months in
the understanding or intelligence to the studio working on her
understand or learn something, latest album.
especially a
Science or an art.
Director (n) Is a person in charge of directing an She has become the director
activity or an electromechanical of the new information
instrument Centre.
Puppets (n) It is a figurine or rag doll, wood or any We took the children to a puppet show
other material, used to represent plays

Stop-Frame It is the action performed by an aircraft The driver stopped the taxi at the
Technique when it needs to refuel or intersection.
(n) Perform some other
Pin (n) Metal needle, small and thin, tipped at My brother is wearing a pin on his
one end and a small ball or head on the lapel.
other, used to join or hold light objects,
Frames( n) It is the piece that surrounds certain I gave my grandparents a silver frame
things and that allows to fit for their anniversary.
doors, windows and paintings
Audience ( n) Set of people who are present at a The audience was amazed by the show.
public show or who follow a
Radio or television program.
Choir ( n) Group of people who sing The choir sings the refrain of the song.
simultaneously the same piece of
music or part of it.
Orchestra ( n) Set of instrumentalists who perform My father conducts the orchestra with
musical, symphonic or a baton.
Chamber works, following the
instructions of a director, usually in
Perform (v) Take an action or carry out a thing. The scientist performed an experiment
in his laboratory.
Albums (n) Disk or set of long-playing discs The CD of the band's latest album
presented in the same folder. has ten tracks.
Tracks (n) It is a consecutive set on the disk a The racers had to be careful with the
session may contain one or wet track.
More tracks of the same or different
Playlists (n) They are the songs that were going to No need to rely on your
be played for being in that home PC to create playlists
and delete files.
Chat (v) Chatting or talking with some people. Chat lets me exchange messages online
in real time.
Download (v) Are those files that are transferred I clicked on the link to download the
from the Internet to a computer file.
or mobile device
Environment (n) Atmosphere or air that breathes or A good work environment
surrounds living beings boosts productivity.
Profits (n) It means giving or receiving some We decided to invest a bigger share of
good, that is, what satisfies our profits.
some need
Charity (n) Feeling or attitude that drives to be Charity means helping people in need.
interested in other people and
Want to help them, especially those
most in need.
Fit (Ad) It is the way in which two pieces of The phone fits perfectly into the case.
the same machine are
Coupled together, so that an axis
fits into a hole.
Fitness (n) It is the natural ability to acquire The headhunter assessed the
certain type of knowledge candidate's fitness for the job.
Able (Adj.) Have the ability or ability to do a He is able to run for hours without
certain thing. stopping.
Ability (n) It is the ability of a person or a thing The athlete had the ability to inspire
to adequately perform people.
Certain activity, function or service.
Relax (v) It is the action and effect of relaxing The countryside is a good place to
or relaxing relax.
Relaxation (n) It is the action and effect of relaxing The countryside is a good place to
or relaxing relax.
Hang (v) It is to put one thing attached or A swing hangs from the tree in the
suspended from another by the garden.
Upper part, without supporting it by
the lower part.
Develop (v) Make a thing or person go through a Pets develop strong bonds with their
series of successive states, owners.
So that it grows, increases or
Development (n) Make a thing or person go through a The development of video games
series of successive states, requires a lot of creativity.
So that it grows, increases or
Charitable (Ad) Feeling or attitude that drives to be Charity means helping people in need.
interested in other people and
Want to help them, especially those
most in need.
Performance (n) It is the action and the effect of The performance of each employee
acting is evaluated regularly.


Skiing(n) It is a sport that consists of sliding I like skiing on these slopes
with these skates on the snow
Extreme (Ad) It is a thing that is found in its most Acid should be treated with extreme
intense or elevated degree caution.
Workout (n) In a habit or habit acquired to do Your cool-down
something in a certain way, Routine can vary from workout to
Which does not require having to workout.
reflect or decide.
Misses (v) It is something rare or singular The player is happy despite his last
Training(n) Level of knowledge that a person The employee developed her skills
possesses about something thanks to the training.
Trainer (n) Is the person who is dedicated to the I joined the gym and hired a trainer
physical preparation and
technical direction of a sports team
Heights (n) It is a length or a distance of a Civil and military planes fly at
dimension different heights.
Unfit (Ad) That is not appropriate or timely She is unfit for work
Risks (N) It is the probability that a threat Treating high blood pressure can
becomes a disaster reduce the risk of stroke.
Handwriting (n) It is the action and the consequences We need to ensure that handwriting
of the verb write, which is properly taught in our primary
consists of expressing thoughts on a schools
Unsure (Ad) Refers to offering little or no As a new teacher I was very unsure
security of myself when I was in front of a
Date (n) It is the time, determined by the day, I'd like to fix a date for our next
the month and the year, meeting.
When something is done or
Scared (Ad) It is an unpleasant feeling that He's scared of spiders.
makes the person feel afraid,
scared and in danger
Accommodation (n) It is a place where a person is They paid for his flights and hotel
temporarily housed. accommodations.
Net (n) Set of establishments under the The goalkeeper made a valiant
same address, which are dive for the ball, but couldn't
Distributed by several places in a stop it going in the net.
locality or geographical area to
provide a service.
Beat (v) It is to give one or several blows to a Simon always beats me at tennis.
person, animal or thing
using his body, a part of him or an
Track (n) Indicator that allows to deduce Passengers are requested not to walk
something that does not have a across the tracks
Direct knowledge.
Pass (v) It refers to going through a place I passed him on the stairs this
without specifying where or in morning.
Which direction it goes.