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The Grand Jamia Masjid is a proud identity of Bahria Town Lahore and will symbolize Pakistan

through out the Islamic World. Truly a masterpiece.

Interior of the mosque

Interior of the mosque is absolutely magnificent, with breathtaking views representing the fusion

of traditional Islamic architecture with Pakistani culture.

The carpet has been custom-made and imported from Turkey,

There are over 50 luminous Persian chandeliers, creating a vibrant Islamic ambiance.

The structure comprises of 4 minarets, each standing tall at 165 ft. and a Grand Dome in the

center, which is surrounded by 20 smaller domes.

The most fascinating feature about this masterpiece is that the exterior consists of 4 million, 2.5

inch handmade Multani tiles made from special Multanimitti and hand placed by the craftsmen.

Placing these tiles alone took 4 years to complete.

The total capacity of this magnificent piece of Islamic architecture is 70,000 making it the worlds

7th Largest mosque. It has an indoor capacity of 25,000, labeling it Pakistan’s Largest Mosque.

There are dedicated praying areas for women, a school and an Islamic Art Gallery.
The seventh largest mosque in the world and third largest mosque in Pakistan has marked a new

era of construction in the country. Designed by famous Nayyar Ali Dada & Associates. It was

inaugurated two years ago on Eid-ul-Adha (October 6, 2014).

The indoors of the mosque has a capacity to accommodate 25,000 worshipers, whilst the corridor

and courtyard together accommodates 70,000 people. The cost incurred on the construction is

estimated to be over 4 billion Pak rupees.

State of Grace

The magnanimous mosque has 6 arched shape woodendoors.the interior is inspired by Islamic
The square shaped courtyard is segregated into four sections, through 4 walkways and a splendid
fountain in the center. The garden is confined by corridors on all sides, constructed in arch
shaped aisles and columns forming endless rows of arches to give a mystic effect.

Extraordinary Oeuvre
The extraordinary geometric forms, floral decoration and amalgamation of calligraphy together
with extensive ‘Kashi Kari’ creates a feel like none other. Kashi-kari is an Iranian mosaic art that
entails dissimilar patterns, geometric shapes and ceramic assortments on tiles.
The base of the entire structure is elevated 20 feet above the ground, with the rooftop elevating to
80 feet and the Grand Dome placed in the center surrounded by 20 smaller domes. Marking the
extremities of the entire structure are the towering minarets standing 165 feet tall. The mosque
include's 6 arched shape wooden doors and then dazzles you with views of white chandeliers,
tile-mosaic and frescos of extraordinary beauty. The Center Dome is the crown jewel of this
magnificent piece of craftsmanship. Rising 40 ft. in height and spreading 50 ft.
The colossal mosque also houses an Islamic academy and museum. The state-of-the-art academy
is located in the basement of the mosque and offers religious courses and modern education.

The museum can be found on the first floor of the masjid, where rare Quranic collections are put
on display. The center also has an Islamic library and Islamic art gallery, showing several
interesting antique artifacts.


 The beauty of Islamic architecture is that it is the richest and most profound type of

architecture that has taken shape through a 1400-year fusion of the greatest civilizations

in the world such as Arabic, Turkish, Central Asian, Persian and incorporated their styles

with strong Islamic character.

 Seems like a simple yet elegant structure from the outside, transforms into a mystical

journey of Islamic art and tranquility that absorbs the beholder deep into its beauty &


 The magnificent interior is a treat in the daytime and an absolute delight to feast on

during the evening with a mood enhancing ambiance created by the hundreds of

luminous “Persian-Shamadan” style chandeliers imported from Turkey, reflecting crisp

white light.

 The extraordinary blend of calligraphy, geometrical forms and floral decoration along

with large-scale “Kashi Kari” creates an ambiance like none other. “Kashi Kari” is a

Persian mosaic art that involves ceramic assortments on tiles in geometrical shapes and

patterns. The finest craftsmen from Multan, Lahore and Hala were chosen for the tile-


 No proper lights on stairs.

 Lack of lights.

No proper cupboard for Holy Books.

Carpets are placed without proper order. No proper railing wooden railing can be dangerous.

Dim multi color tiles according to red brick walls.

Tiles colors merge in wall color. Overall dim ambiance.

Use of tiles on floor which is cold in winters. Switch boards are down n walls which are dangerous.

Namaz carpets are not placed according to direction.