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 : Let's find out what you know what about the history of video games!

1) When were the first video games invented ?

in the a) 1950s b) 1970s c) 1990s d) 2010s

2) What was the first video arcade game ever commercially produced?

a) Tetris b) Pong c) Galaxy Game d) Computer Space

3) What is the most popular paying app people have bought?

a) Angry Birds b) Candy Crush Saga c) Tiny Wings d) Words with Friends?
4) What is the hero's job in Super Mario ?

a) a carpenter b) a butcher c) a plumber d) a painter

5) Which film based on a videogame has made the most money?

a) Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within b) Mortal Kombat c) Super Mario Bros.
d) Lara Croft :Tomb Raider

 The US Game Industry by Numbers.

1) Listen to the recording and note down the numbers you hear.

2) Listen again and write what these numbers correspond to.

Numbers you hear What these numbers correspond to

 A leading Form of Entertainment

 Read the text and Answer the questions below.

1) What is the situation of the computer and video game industry.

2) What do people people usually think of video games. In your opinion, explain if that is true or not.
Give arguments.
3) Is it a good idea to say that video games are "good" or "bad" ? Why ?
4) What do major companies do to make money ?

NOUNS : gamer : joueur / growth : croissance / hardware : matériel informatique / household : foyer

VERB : to purchase : acheter

ADJECTIVE : average : moyen

ADVERB : once : une fois

 Vocabulary : Video game genre s
 Match the game genres with their definitions

A … simulation games  they closely simulate aspects of

B… action games  require careful thinking and planning
in order to achieve victory.

C… adventure games  They have gameplay with emphasis

on combat
D… strategy games  They require the player to interact
with people or the environment in
order to solve puzzles.
E… role-playing games  They involve up to hundreds of
players interacting with each other
over the internet.
F… massively multiplayer online role-playing They cast the player in the role of a
games, or MMORRPGs
character who must evolve in a world
full of monsters and acquire experience

Your Mini TASK !  Ask your friends about their gaming habits.

Work in pairs : Ask your friend what sort of games he/she enjoys playing and why . Ask
her/him how long and when he/she plays , what his/her parents think of this activity.
Change roles.