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Name: Meriel Ramirez A Date: October,5 2018th

Group:12-1 Mr:Maldonado

Unit 12.2:

Assignment career note taking

Using Microsoft Word or Power Point record

information gathered while researching about the
different career. First, make a list or 5 occupations that
you may want the write about. Then, take notes or
each by filling in the space below. This information will
help you when writing your summary.

List of occupation’s
Name of first occupation Pediatrician
Description A medical practitioner
specializing in children and their
Educational 6 to 8 years
Necessary skills Good communication skills,
problems solving and critical
Extra level of understating when
working when children.
Patience and ability to
communicate effectively with
patients of all ages.
Other interesting details . It is interesting to be the first
about bout the job person to take in their arms a
baby that has just been born and
that is in you to check that all is
well in his little body
Name of first occupation Accounting
Description A practitioner that studies
measurement, disclosure or
provision of assurance about
financial information that
helps managers, investors,
tax authorities and others.
Educational Depends on what level of
education. For example,
- Associate’s degree =2 years
-Bachelor’s degree = 4 years
-Masters degree = 1-2 years
Necessary skills self-motivation, integrity,
ability to reflect on one's own
work as well as the wider
consequences of financial
decisions, business acumen
and interest, organizational
skills and ability to manage
deadlines, team working
ability, communication and
interpersonal skills, analytical
ability, a methodical approach
and problem-solving skills,
and a high level of numeracy
Other interesting details that if you have a business or
about the job several you can get
everything in order, have
good income and a good
Name of first occupation Psychologist
Description A psychologist studies normal
and abnormal mental states
from cognitive, emotional,
and social processes and
behavior by observing,
interpreting, and recording
how individuals relate to one
another and to their
Educational 8 to 10 years of higher
Necessary skills Good communication, good
abilities to do research,
patience, comprehensive,
problem solving.
Other interesting details it is interesting to talk to a
bout the job person who feels less than
others, who has a lot of
problems and does not know
the correct way to solve it
and they put their trust in you
to help them
Name of first occupation Pharmacist
Description Health professionals who
practices the field of health
sciences focusing on safe and
effective medication use.
Educational 4 years
Necessary skills Abilities in science and math,
very high standards
of accuracy and attention
to detail,
excellent customer care
and communication skills,
organizational skills and
ability to priorities work.

Other interesting details Coca Cola, Pepsi and

about the job Dr.pepper was made by
Name of first occupation Attorney
Description Also called lawyer, which is a
person who practices law.

Educational 7 years
Necessary skills Analytical ability, attention to
detail, logical reasoning,
persuasiveness, and sound
Other interesting details for me it is interesting
bout the job everything that a person as a
lawyer entrusts to you and all
the things that you discover
of that person in order to
help her