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Code No: C10035 MLR15


(Autonomous Institute)
II MBA I Sem Regular Examinations, December-2017
Note: 1. This question paper contains two parts A and B.
2. Part A is compulsory which carries 20 marks. Answer all Questions in part A.
3. Part B consists of 5 units. Answer any one full question from each unit. Each
question carries 10 marks and may have a, b, c as sub questions.

PART A (20 Marks)

1. Write a short Notes On

a) Functions of Retailing [4M]
b) Explain the term Merchandize [4M]
c) Elements in retailing Strategy. [4M]
d) Human resource in Retailing [4M]
e) Advantages & disadvantages of E- tailing [4M]

PART –B (50 Marks)

2. Explain different types of retailing formats with appropriate examples. [10M]

3. Explain how retailers manage their merchandise. Illustrate. [10M]

4. How price adjustments are resorted by the retailers? Analyze how pricing is used as a
trigger to simulate retail sale [10M]
5. Explain the merchandise presentation techniques and atmospherics. [10M]

6. What factors affect retailing in India? Write a note on retailing opportunities in India
7. What is index of Retail saturation? What factors affect the attractiveness for location
of retail outlet? [10M]

8. How do you design the organization structure for a retail firm? Discuss the concept of
centralization & decentralization. [10M]
9. Briefly explain about consumer information and consumer privacy? [10M]
10. What are the various business models of E-tailing? [10M]
11. What are the barriers to E-tailing? Discuss the future scenario of E-tailing. [10M]